The Batman

Season 3 Episode 0

The Batman vs. Dracula

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 18, 2005 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • When Batman first found out about the vampires, his gloves were torn at his knuckles. However, when he zips to the train, his gloves are mended.

    • Dracula is wrongly believed to have lived in Hungary (Budapest is mentioned) when the legend is derived from a vicious Romanian warlord, Vlad Tepes or 'Dracul', who ruled Muntenia, the lower region of Romania. The name Dracula was derived from the nickname 'Dracul' which means "The Devil". This is the name that the Turks used to refer to Vlad.

    • When Batman cured vampire Joker by giving him his own blood which contained the antidote, vampire Joker kicked and screamed in agony. In contrast, when Batman injected the other vampires with the cure, they did not roll and scream on the ground like the Joker. Why? Since the Joker consumed the cure orally, it took longer for the cure to reach the bloodstream and cure him completely, thus the intensive pain. When the cure was injected through the blood stream, the cure didn't have to wait to reach the blood; it was already in the bloodstream, thus it restored the civilians back to normal.

    • Vampires don't have reflections, but Joker's reflection can be seen on the glass vials in the blood bank. (Reply: Vampires do not produce a reflection. However, vampires can see their own image over a reflected surface. It is proven (throughout vampire folklore) that vampires can't stand their own reflection. We were able to see vampire Joker's image reflected on the glass vials in the blood bank because we experienced a first person view (POV). Vampire Joker may not have seen his own rover the vials, since his attention was focused on Batman. That's probably why vampire Joker could continue with "the hunt".)

  • Quotes

    • Batman: Where's Dracula?
      Joker: I'm looking at him.

    • Penguin: Nice jugulars.

    • Penguin: (getting arrested) It was Vampires I tell ya! Vampries! With big honkin' fangs!!

    • Joker: (to Batman, after being bitten by Dracula) You're the second bat-man I've met tonight, and you're both a pain in the neck.

    • Joker: Joker's back from the grave!
      Penguin: Yeah, a lot of that going around.

    • Alfred: (to Bruce) Sir, you're brooding ... more so than usual.

    • Penguin: (to Vicky) Soon, Master will drink your, uh, blood and stuff, and ... (hypnotic spell is broken) What am I talking about?

    • Alfred: (about Dracula's skull) I shall sweep that into the dustbin, straightaway.

    • Alfred: (about Dracula and his bride) It seems they were ...
      Bruce: Meant for each other?
      Alfred: If Cupid's arrow could penetrate a heart so black, there may be hope for you yet, Master Bruce.

    • Joker: Ooh. That is one fat-looking vault.
      Penguin: No, Joker!
      Joker: (opens Dracula's coffin; sees Dracula) That's one good-looking corpse. (gets dragged inside by Dracula; starts screaming)
      Penguin: Breakfast in bed. Fresh-squeezed.

    • Penguin: I am a Cobblepot, and Cobblepots do not serve. (Dracula hypnotizes him) Hi, I'm Penguin, I'll be your server.

    • Dracula: You are... Bruce Wayne.
      Batman: I'm the Batman. And you're dust.

    • Dracula: The night is young, and still I thirst.

    • Penguin: (after seeing one of Dracula's victims rise from his death) Dead people don't do that!
      Dracula: Not dead. Undead.
      Penguin: I think I need to unwet my pants!

    • Joker: (after cutting through a part of Batman's costume with one of his cards) This time, I'm out for blood, Batsy.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • 'The Lost Ones' may be a reference to the 80's movie "Lost Boys" both referring to the gang of vampires lead by David (the Peter Pan reference of Lost Boys needing a mother) and for the victims of the vampire gang.

    • The movie may have been inspired by the Elseworlds story titled Batman & Dracula: Red Rain; where Batman encounters Dracula and becomes a vampire.

    • Joker: Got Ketchup?
      An altered version of the "Got Milk?" ads and commercials.

    • Bruce: (falls in a deep hole)
      The scene when young Bruce falls in a deep hole after his parents death, is the same as Batman Forever the movie, in which the exact thing happens.

    • Joker: Batsy, you complete me!
      This is taken from the famous line from the movie Jerry Maguire.

    • Penguin & Joker: Reinfield
      These two escaped lunatics take on the role that the lunatic Reinfield did in the original novel Dracula, and, to a lesser extent, the movies. Penguin fills in for Reinfield as Dracula's human agent, while the vampirized Joker displayed several of the eccentricities Reinfield was noted for (such as eating bugs).

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