The Batman

Season 1 Episode 7

The Big Heat

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 13, 2004 on The CW
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Batman meets Firefly, a man who dresses in a heavily-armored fly ensemble and has a turbo-enhanced jetpack. Firefly breaks into numerous Gotham companies, destroying their technology, and takes to the skies when Batman arrives. As the Bat finds out, he's no easy foe to bring down. Meanwhile, Bruce meets up with Mayor Grange, who tells him that he's going to have to give his father's charity work to GothCorp instead of Wayne Enterprises due to his lifestyle.moreless

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  • Bruce Wayne is challenged on both ends of his life, with a new villain named Firefly attacking various corporations, as well as GothCorp attempting to take several of Wayne Industries' contracts. Now Bruce must battle as himself as well as the Batman.moreless

    It's great to see that the show has revived from it's rather weak outing last episode. It also introduces a new villain to the scene, one a lot more likable than the first appearance of Catwoman. Firefly, a futuristic arsonist who attacks major technological companies. I liked the idea of the guy as a flying mercenary who used laser technology, and it made for some incredible visuals during the action scenes. However, the element of mystery surrounding him should have been kept, with all the effort being put into concealing his identity is thrashed away so casually at the end. it would have been nice to see such a capable villain actually escape Batman, but I guess the writers picked to have him get his butt kicked. This was another problem. When it comes time for Firefly to go toe to toe with Batman, he doesn't even land a hit! He gets owned so easily. This is incredibly idiotic, seeing that the horrible version of Penguin nearly whacked Batman, and this new awesome villain got humiliated in a physical battle. It blows my mind. Another good vibe is the GothCorp plotline. While it is a little bit predictable (of course Bruce isn't going to make it at 8 o'clock sharp to the council meeting. This actually feels like a Spiderman story.) it is a well written insight into Bruce's challenges and stress while maintaining a double life, which hasn't been touched upon all that much until now. While the final battle left a lot to be desired, this was a nice deviation from such terrible outings such as those of Penguin and Man-Bat. I hope to see Firefly again, as he's one of my favs so far, and hopefully he'll go get some martial arts training while he's at it.moreless
  • Firefly has appeared wherein he commits arson all over Gotham's companies. Can Batman be able to stop this heat-theme villain? Meanwhile, Bruce has to convience Grange into give the contract of the hospital to him due to his own lifestyle of a partyboy.moreless

    This episode of the show appears as one of my favorites. The main reason of this saying is because of The Big Chill appears of fighting a chill-theme villain while The Big Heat shows Batman fighting on a heat-theme villain. I like the idea of Firefly using a heat ray to shoot laser beams at Batman who always dodge his attacks. Besides of Firefly's weapons, I also liked of Batman's jetpack to fight off against Firefly. Also, Bruce didn't put on a tie due from the Batmobile driving away while Alfred was getting the tie. However, Bruce has the contract.moreless
  • I like the concept of Firefly very much. But why is Firefly so powerful?.

    I like this episode I watch it all the time I buy the seasons because I don't get the channel: WB. I have the complete first season and I love the Batman's missions and mystery's he has to solve. On a scale of 1 to 100 I rate this episode 99.8%.
  • There have been several mysterious arsons in Gotham City, and the Batman must stop the Firefly and discover who he is working for.

    We've had a lot of the major villains reinvented for The Batman, and this time a less common villain is featured, the Firefly, who is not very well-known like the Joker or the Penguin. This is probably because he didn't appear in the original Animated Series, and in his first animated appearance, this is certainly an improvement. The Firefly appears as an arsonist in the payroll for Goth-Corp, the rival company for Wayne Enterprises, using his advanced suit that can fly and shoot out fire, to his advantage. So the Firefly is not really insane, and has no proper backstory, not horribly burnt like in the comics, and I think that the Firefly is amongst the villains who The Batman show actually improved. The storyline is probably the best yet and more complex than the others, not the typical themed storylines and more realistic, less surreal than the others. The excellent plot blended with the entertaining action sequences and liberal doses of humour make this a great episode, perhaps not quite as good as 'Call of the Cobblepot' but excellent all the same, and so this underrated masterpiece will get a score of 8.8.moreless
  • Fireflies are not cool at all.

    Both Bruce Wayne and Batman are busy, with Bruce battling GothKorp, and Batman battling a new villain named Firefly. Though due to his double duties, both Bruce and Batman apparently failed. However, Bruce was able to unveil a discovery that'll allow him to battle both adversaries. It seems that GothKorp has been using Firefly to cause companies to go bankrupt which run in their favour. He was defeated by Batman, and Bruce Wayne benefits in the process.

    Pretty cleverly plotted, a bit expected though. What makes the episodes in The Batman exciting are the villains it presents. Firefly is actually not a cool villain, so the episode by default, suffers, a lot. The chase scenes were pretty entertaining though, but not as cool as previous fight scenes. The story though is the best so far with the little plot twist taking control in the middle.moreless

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