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The Batman

Season 4 Episode 5

The Breakout

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 11, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

The Breakout
After Batman apprehends Black Mask, his henchmen plan to spring him from Gotham P.D. so that Black Mask can activate his doomsday device. When Batman is captured, Batgirl and Robin must stop the villain and save the city on their own.

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  • In this episode Black Mask comes to Gotham with a master plot to destroy the city. Batman manages to foil his plot but after he is captured Batman is sidelined and now with Black Mask getting sprun it is up to Batgirl and Robin to save the day!moreless

    I found this episode much, much better then "The Everywhere Man". A dark, exciting episode that introduced this character for the first time in any media besides the comics! The team work and the releationship between Batgirl and Robin was key. They have grown much "closer" since "Team Penguin" From Black Mask killing his number one guy to the final fight in the helicopter, this episodes tops my top ten for the season and for the series. Season 4 has been great and I can't wait to see how the rest of the it unfolds, I am sure it will be great!!! 10/10moreless
  • Couldn't stand this....

    Was excited to see Black Mask finally used. Great portrayal of him. Was menacing and one of the more dark villains (also like how the cops couldn't figure out how to remove his mask). That said, this great portrayal made it all the more disappointing to see how he was captured. They made the Batgirl/Robin combo far too potent. Batman needs the keys to escape his cell but Batgirl can use a file from her shoe. Batman gets captured by the goons right away while Robin beats them silly. To see such a vile sinister villain and his army get whooped on by children irritated me more than any episode of any animated Batman series ever has hence the putrid rating.moreless
  • The Black Mask makes his debut in ANY DC animated episode and with the Batman held captured its up to the younger crime fighting duo Batgirl and Robin to save the day. Can they do it.moreless

    A bold move to put Batman to the side lines and let the boy wonder and Batgirl go alone, but guess what it works. I found myself with a whole new respect for the crime fighting sidekicks I had previousy despised. Yup you guessed it I am a sidekick hater in secret. I liked Batman without the Robin or Batgirl. But following this I challenged my own prejudice and won. Great chracterisations, mixed in with good plot and humour they work. Without doubt if this episode had been attempted in season 2 or three it may not have worked. However the creative team pull of a good not great episode. Worth watching.moreless
  • I was really surprised how much I liked this episode.

    The black mask's attempts to set off his DOOMS day device,but is foiled by Batman and taken to the Gotham PD holding cells to await his trial.But with his Dooms day device armed and ready to be detonated Batman leaves Robin and Batgirl in charge of escorting Black mask to his cell and keeping him there while he goes after device.And of chore things never go as planed.

    The plot is not really that original to say the lest,but the writers keep it from getting boring and it was nice to see Robin and Batgirl getting along (the washing the Batmobile joke was really funny)

    Number 1's voice annoyed me though and the way batman escaped was kind of lame and also when Robin and Batgirl were defeated by Black mask's henchmen-They gave up to easily.

    Anyway still one of the best episodes so far in season 4.moreless

    For the first time in DC animation, Blackmask gets his chance to be animated into a Batman TV show. Hopefully they wont screw him up. Good thing this was Season 4, because if it was any other season, it probably would have. James Remar was excellent as the va for Black Mask and had great dialogue, especially when trying to verbally abuse Robin. Robin and Batgirl take the spotlight here because Batman is captured. It's a bit of a mix-up. Black Mask's Organization has Batman; Robin and Batgirl have Blackmask. And whoever gets whom first decides whether Gotham will be blown apart.moreless
Danielle Judovits

Danielle Judovits

Barbara Gordon / Batgirl

Evan Sabara

Evan Sabara

Dick Grayson / Robin

Mitch Pileggi

Mitch Pileggi

Commissioner Gordon (Episode 35-present; guest otherwise)

Rino Romano

Rino Romano

Bruce Wayne / Batman

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Batgirl and Robin were captured, their utility belts were taken. However, when they escape and go outside the police department, they are wearing them.

    • It's known that Batman's been accepted by the police, but Batgirl and Robin just walk into the police station and no one raises an eyebrow?

    • Nitpick: Batman throws one of his batarangs into Black Mask's laptop screen to disable it. However, a laptop will still function without its screen. Also, since Black Mask was in the middle of typing in the code, all he would probably have to do is finish the code and hit enter. His computer has far fewer keys than a normal laptop, but that is a usual thing for cartoons.

    • Nitpick: How is it that Batgirl and Robin are following a motorized convoy on foot, jumping roof to roof, and keeping up?

    • A "Wilhelm Scream" can be heard in the elevator scene when Robin lands on one of Black Mask's henchmen and later falls.

    • Goof: In the end credits, Danielle Judovits is listed as the voice of Alfred, not Batgirl/Barbara Gordon.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Black Mask: We can make this hard or easy. But I am walking out that door.
      Batgirl and Robin: Hard!

    • Minion: Batgirl and Robin are causing delays.
      Number 1: Children? I was beginning to think we had a real problem.

    • Batgirl: If it's so important, you can do escort and we'll save the city.
      Batman: Then you know how to deactivate an electro magnetic shockwave generator?

    • Gordon: If you don't tell us the location of the shockwave generator, it's gonna be thirty to forty years before you walk out of this building.
      Black Mask: But Gordon ... I plan to walk out of this building in thirty to forty seconds.

    • Batgirl: Suggest a 2102: procurement of snacks from police lobby.
      Robin: Roger that!

    • Robin: I'd be snoozing too if you hadn't given me my own rebreather.
      Batgirl: Rookie mistake. I've had my share.

    • Black Mask: The Batman was the only road block to my freedom.
      Robin: Yeah? What are we then?
      Black Mask: Speed bumps.
      Robin: Ask Joker and Penguin if we're just speed bumps.
      Black Mask: Take credit for Batman's work. But that doesn't change the fact that without him, all you two are are scared, little children.

    • (Deducing why Black Mask wears the mask)
      Batgirl: So, Robin, what do you think? A unibrow and bad perm?
      Robin: Hmm. I'll go with delicate cheek bones and a 13 year-old's mustache.
      Black Mask: What are you talking about?!

    • (Deducing why the man has an eyepatch)
      Batgirl: Eaten by a crow.
      Robin: I think he fell on a spoon.
      Batgirl: Nah. I bet he's not even missing an eye. He just thinks eyepatches are cool.

    • Number 1: As soon as the laptop was compromised, we relocated the device.
      Batman: That just means a little more work for me, and a lot more pain for you.

    • Batman: I want you two on the police escort.
      Robin: Escort? Does that involve helping Gordon pin a corsage on Black Mask?

    • (Trying to cheer Robin up while pointing to the picture of the man with the eyepatch)
      Batgirl: Tried to pick his nose and missed. Huh, huh?

    • (Batman reunites with Batgirl and Robin)
      Batgirl: Batman. Figures.
      Robin: No wonder you always take point. You're good.
      Batman: And you guys are pretty good at grunt work. Now, who wants to wash the Batmobile?

    • Robin: Do you ever get ... scared?
      Batgirl: What, you're scared?
      Robin: a) No. And b) Let's not redirect the question.
      Batgirl: Do I get scared? Yeah. Sometimes, I guess.

    • (Regarding Black Mask's henchmen attempting to get inside the police station through the elevator compartment)
      Batgirl: Not if we can plug the hole. Keep 'em busy.
      Robin: Hey! Who made me the Keep-'Em-Busy guy?!

    • (Mocking missions Batman provides them, in a Batman-like tone of voice)
      Robin: I wonder what Batman will have us on next. I have an important mission for you two: the Batmobile must be washed! Two coats of wax this time.
      Batgirl: And don't forget to hang one of those tree-shaped air fresheners. The fate of Gotham depends on it!

    • Black Mask: I'm not one of those Arkham-loners you're used to, Batman. I have a vast organization to deal with you.
      Batgirl: Memo to Black Mask...
      Robin: You're not the only one with an organization.

  • NOTES (5)


    • LOST: When Black Mask starts to enter the firing codes in the beginning of the episode, he enters the numbers "4815162" before Batman destroys the computer. This is the start of the infamous "Numbers" from the TV show LOST, the full code being 4 8 15 16 23 42.

    • Robin and Batgirl trapped in a precinct while a group of thugs try to get in is similar to the movie Assault on Precinct 13, which is about a group of cops and crooks that are trapped in a precinct while being attacked by a bunch of crooked cops trying to get in.

    • Batgirl: These boots aren't just made for walking.
      Batgirl makes a reference to the song "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" by countering it with "These boots aren't just made for walking" in regards to her own boots.