The Batman

Season 5 Episode 10

The End of the Batman

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 09, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

The Penguin is trying to escape across town with an ailing penguin-umbrella when Batman and Robin come after him. However, someone cuts their lines and they drop to a rooftop to see two figures on a nearby rooftop: Wrath and Scorn. The two newcomers fire at them, distracting the heroes long enough for the Penguin to make his escape.

Batman goes over city traffic camera footage and determines that Wrath and Scorn have been getting increasingly bold and helping other villains escape from them. They're interrupted for a meeting with the Mallories, Will and Andy. They go rock-climbing with the brothers and Batman demonstrates new WayneTech climbing gear. Andy starts picking on Dick and they end up suspended over a chasm with Will and Bruce having to rescue them. Later, Will keeps the climbing gear… and reveals the Wrath and Scorn costumes in the trunk of their car.

That night, Gotham is having a new lottery while Batman and Robin patrol the area. The Joker shows up to rob the lottery money and the heroes move to intercept him. They're interrupted when Wrath and Scorn come in on motorcycles and tell the Joker to escape while they handle the Dynamic Duo. The Joker isn't thrilled with the interference, while the heroes knock their opponents off their cycles. The Joker and Harley make their escape while Wrath drops the stage scaffolding on the crowd. Batman has the Batmobile on remote intercept it, but Wrath and Scorn escape during the distraction.

Bruce calls Will to apologize for missing their next meeting, and Will notes he was busy as well. Bruce suspects something is up since their schedules correspond. Will notes that they're going after Batman as revenge for their parents, even though Andy doesn't remember them. He also wonders why Batman seems so familiar.

The Penguin, Killer Croc, and Scarface & the Ventriloquist are summoned to a meet with the Joker, courtesy of Wrath. Wrath offers them a big prize as long as they work with him. Meanwhile, Batman has figured out that a shipment of engraving plates will be Wrath's next target and he and Robin head for the freighter bringing them in. The villains sneak on board and dispose of the security, with the Joker delegated to hauling crates. When the police arrive, Wrath drops oil cans on them and Batman and Robin arrive to rescue them. Boarding the freighter, they take on Wrath and Scorn. Batman notices Wrath's climbing equipment and Wrath recognizes Bruce as the Batman.

While Robin taunts Scorn into coming after him, Wrath boasts that he will dispose of the Batman once and for all. The villains escape except for the Joker, who is forced to barely make his way past the cops. Wrath and Scorn also manage to escape, then call up the villains to apologize and promise he'll turn Batman over to them.

In the Batcave, Batman determines that Will and Andy's parents were jewel thieves who went to prison the same time that Bruce's parents died. They're interrupted when Wrath and Scorn break into the Batcave. The two duos fight while Wrath launches explosives charges destroying the Batcave equipment as he goes. Batman triggers a sonic device causing the bats in the cave to swarm, knocking Scorn off his perch and overwhelming Scorn long enough for Robin to trigger a suit of armor, knocking Scorn out.

As he's taken to jail, Wrath threatens to tell the world who Batman is unless he lets them go. Batman refuses to yield to the criminals and Robin wonders if they're done for good. However, as Wrath and Scorn are taken away, it turns out that the vengeful Joker is their guard in disguise. He gasses them with Joker gas, leaving the two as uncontrollably laughing maniacs, and he makes his escape.