The Batman

Season 5 Episode 10

The End of the Batman

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 09, 2008 on The CW

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  • Bats and Robin meet their evil counterparts. Clones? Robots? Or alternate universe doubles?

    First I off, I like how the writers of 'The Batman' tried to to be different from the Animated series that everyone loved. It was a great choice to pick Wrath, a character used in a annual issue and pretty much forgotten by almost everyone, as this week's villain, when they could have gone with the better known evil Batman 'counterparts' like Owlman or Catman.

    Wrath is like the polar opposite to Bruce. While Bats was raised by Gotham's elite, Wrath was raised by the scum. Both lost their parents. Bruce to a mugger, Wrath by a cop (although here, they said that they went to the slammer). Scorn was made for the show, but was just as good as Wrath. Great character back for the both of them.

    I also like how Joker got the short end of everything in this episode, which lead the great ending. The only problem I had with this episode was that Babara so far, doesn't have a decent episode to herself this season, while Dick is having fun with the League. But overall, a great episode.
  • The Anti-Batman Wrath comes to Gotham and discovers Batman's secret identity

    It was an excellent episode! Great from everywhere you look at it. The episode have fun, action, and great characters. I loved to see Joker, Penguin, Scarface & Croc all together. The intruduction was cool, but Robin shoudn't appear in this episode, because a Anti-Robin was created, and I hate him. God, he thinks he's 18. This episode would have been much better without Robin and Scorn. But anyway the Joker with a fish in his hair...was very funny, but then was ironic at the end, the one who has to destroy Batman, saves him from everybody learning his secret identity."Destroying you is my game, and I won't have anyone stealin' my fun" So much Joker. Anyway, Excelent!