The Batman

Season 4 Episode 4

The Everywhere Man

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 04, 2006 on The CW
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When evidence from a series of art thefts by the Everywhere Man, a new costumed villain with the power to replicate, implicates Bruce's close friend John Marlowe, Batman believes there must be another explanation. Now, Batman must unmask the identity of the "Everywhere Man" and prove his friend's innocence.moreless

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  • I had never loved Batman more then I had when I watched this episode.

    The Everywhere Man is my fave Batman episode, EVER! I remember when I was younger, young enough to get up at seven to watch cartoons, and along with Yu-gi-oh and Legion of Superheroes, Batman was one of my favorite shows. Even now I still remember the scene when Robin burst in to find the orignal Marlowe even now. This was the first time in my young life that I learned about friendship, betrayl, mistaken identies, redempion... The list goes on. I forgot the name of this episode, and the name of the villian, but even now just thinking about this episode make me smile and fills my heart with glee.moreless
  • Written by Greg Weisman.

    It was alright but there are a few things that could have made a lot better.

    They could have made the suit that the Everywhere Man a bit! I have to be honest it was pretty dumb.

    Next they could have given Clea a bit more screen time, but other then that it was a nice and enjoyable episode.

    Brandon Routh was better then I thought he was going to be.I have never hared of John Marlowe (I did they make him up; Please MP me if you know) and he was a realizable villain and the way Batman beat Everywhere Man was really the only way he could have done it but I feel like it was been done before but that is not really fare because it's still a good episode.moreless
  • A close friend of Bruce Wayne's is being blamed for crimes committed by a masked man called The Everywhere Man.

    Just plain and simple, I did not like this episode. The intention was good and when I first heard about it I thought it might be okay but boy was I wrong. It showed Batman and Robin working together and that was cool and Brandon Ruth as The Everywhere Man was a nice touch too, but the story just wans't there. This has been the only episode of season 4 that I have disliked. Luckily there have been more good episodes then bad and this is the only one that sticks out. Like any season you are bound to have an episode that stinks...2/5moreless
  • Brandon Routh as the Everywhere Man! Excited? You should be!

    First of all, Brandon Routh was an excellent choice for the new villain because he fit the design and had great power. The episode itself was really good as well. It kept us hanging in a little mystery until Batman and Robin went to solve it together. I liked how Marlowe actually told Batman all he was planning to do. Batman shows a way more serious side than he used to, when back in seasons 1 and 3 he would tell witty puns back at the villains. The fight scenes were great, althought I thought the pellets were overused a bit.moreless
  • I found this episode one of The Batman\'s best for the season.

    The episode started off smoothly with the introduction of Routh\'s Marlowe and Mack\'s Clea which set up the mystery for the week. Batman figuring out and then defeating The Everywhere man was classic Batman. The addition of Routh and Mack to this episode really made the episode shine. Routh was wonderful in his portrayal of both Marlowe and the Everywhere Man. I would have prefered to see more of Allison Mack\'s Clea, but what we did see of her was amazing.

    All and all a great episode with spectacular Superman-universe actors as guest stars.moreless
Alastair Duncan

Alastair Duncan

Alfred Pennyworth

Evan Sabara

Evan Sabara

Dick Grayson / Robin

Rino Romano

Rino Romano

Bruce Wayne / Batman

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Robin's prototype Quantex creates duplicates that are similar to the "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" (aka "Shadow Clone Jutsu") from Naruto. Like "Shadow Clones," they dissipate when receiving a hard impact.

    • Allison Mack, who voices Clea the museum curator, also plays the part of Chloe Sullivan in Smallville, based on the DC Universe. Not only is the character modeled after Mack, but "Clea" sounds quite similar to "Chloe".

      Also, John dresses very similar to Jimmy Olsen, Superman's pal, on Superman: TAS (brown jacket and trousers, dark-colored shirt, red hair). At the end, Clea and John become an item; on Smallville, Chloe and Jimmy are currently lovers.

    • Brandon Routh (who voices Everywhere Man) is no stranger to the DC universe. He played Superman in the latest film Superman Returns.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Marlowe: It's dead. We're on our own.
      Robin: Suits me. Never was much good at long division.

    • Fake Marlowe/Everywhere Marlowe: You haven't won yet, Batman.
      Robin: Two against one? Piece of cake.
      Fake Marlowe/Everywhere Man: I'll create another army of Everywhere Men.
      Batman: With the same result.
      Fake Marlowe/Everywhere Man: Then, I'll recall it and start over. As many times as I have to. Eventually, you'll fall!
      John Marlowe: Will you please shut up? (presses the button of the Quantex that the clone disappears, then speaks to Batman and Robin) I thought I could help people everywhere. But all I am is Nowhere Man.

    • Robin: You checked the walls? Floor? Ceiling?
      Batman: And the blueprints. There was no way out of that closet, Robin.
      Robin: Maybe he was posing as one of the brooms?

    • Everywhere Man: The Batman. Here for another glimpse of my disappearing act?
      Robin: Ooh ooh ooh. And then we want to see you saw a lady in half.

    • Marlowe: It's fine. Truth is, I have been a little all over the place lately.

    • Marlowe Copy #1: Enjoying the ride?
      Batman: Beats the company.

    • Marlowe Copy #1: Penthouse level. Nefarious plots, brilliant schemes, doomed heroes.

    • Robin: Okay, so my broom theory was way off.

    • Marlowe Copy #1: Oh, come now, Batman. How long do you really think you can last? It hardly matters how many of me you break. I'll just make more.
      Robin: (attacking Marlowe with his bo-staff) And will they all smell as bad as you?

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