The Batman

Season 3 Episode 12

The Icy Depths

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM May 06, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

The Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and Alfred's old school chum are all on the trail of a sunken treasure in Gotham Harbor.

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  • In this episode Freeze and Penguin return and some background is given on alfred

    This episode would probably gotten if it didn't have a plot that foccused on Alfred. I've always thought that he was one of the best members of the batman family since he is just a normal human who always manages to save the day. In this episode you meet one of his friends from his past who is a little more of a rival than a friend. Although that part of the plot was a tad cliche it was still brilliant. However Mr. Freeze returns and nothing is really revealed about him. However I liked the Penguin plot and its probably the best plot with him in it this season. Even with some weak spots this episode is definetly worth watching!moreless
  • A Penguin/Mr.Frezze rival blooms over a cane that reveals the location to an ancient treasure. The race is on!!!!

    I Loved this episode! It featured two villans i always wanted in one cool adventure and this episode was cool in so many ways. Also Alfred actually plays a huge role for the first time. From this episode I learned somthing (Aparently so did Penguin and Joker) A treasure isn\'t worth you life. The Cons are theres no Batgirl.
  • Hmm...The penguin finally in a good ep since Call of the cobblepot and "Dark Night to Remember" Also a good Return for Freeze who badly needed it.

    Hmm...The penguin finally in a good ep since Call of the cobblepot and "Dark Night to Remember" Also a good Return for Freeze who badly needed it. this episode me me more interested in Mr. Freeze a lot more than that crap episode with firefly. It was very interesting to see how Penguin's family has tied to the treasure. Very Creative, not being some random episode in which penguin just randomly steals away something precious just because it was there. This was a strong Freeze episode, showing that he has true potential to become a great villain to the Batman gallery.moreless
  • Freeze's best episode, but then again, he's only had three. An above average episode with a remarkable fight scene three minutes to the end of the episode.

    This episode, considering some of the recent Batman episodes, is slightly above par and deserves as much respect as Thunder or Fleurs Du Mal. As for Batgirl not being in it, I am fine with that because when you've got Alfred in on the action, who needs Batgirl? What could have made this episode more likeable would be to make Ewan really Clayface and have him steal all of the fortune and bizzounce, but instead Alfred and Ewan make happy and go off to have some tea back at Wayne Manor. Batman took the back seat for this episode and let Alfred drive along with more of the Pennyworth/Cobblepot discrepancy. Like I said, not the best, but somewhere in the middle.moreless
  • A Penguin and Mr.Freeze team-up. Penguin and Mr. Freeze race to find a hidden treasure somewhere in Gotham Harbor,with Batman on their trail.

    Another good episode with Penguin making this his third and final appearance of the season. The whole plot about the treasure being linked to Penguin\'s family was very cool. Mr.Freeze also makes a good return, making his only appearance since Fire and Ice. Putting Alfred into the story was very clever and having him and his friend Ewan go look for the treasure. A good role for Alfred since this has been his only big role of the season. When I first heard about this episode I was excited and was interested. If The Ultimate Criminal Mastermind was not the season\'s final this would have made a good one.moreless

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