The Batman

Season 4 Episode 12

The Joining (1)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Apr 28, 2007 on The CW
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The Joining (1)
Bruce discovers that Wayne Industries is distributing alien technology across the world and gains the aid of a mysterious ally, who warns him of an alien race threatening to conquer Earth. Meanwhile, Batman begins to wonder whether he'd be better off without Batgirl and Robin.

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  • The Batman's first Super-Hero team up! (Other than Dick or Babs)

    Dick Grayson finds out that there is someone else that knows Bruce's secret. Lucious Fox. But something happens to Lucious Fox. Who's attacked him? We have yet to find out.

    Babs and Dick end up in danger and Bruce starts to rethink his partnership with the two. He's afraid he puts them in too much danger.

    As Bruce is considering going back to being a solo crime fighter someone else seems to know his secret. A new detective to the GCPD makes a comment on Wayne Enterprise shipments being his to Batman. Who is this new detective? Well, he introduces himself as Detective John Jones.

    Having not read the spoilers for this episode I about passed out at this point. I screamed! It was a complete and total shock that it was John Jones, I'd freaked out enough when I saw him on Smallville, but to see him on The Batman. It was amazing!

    Batman decides to ask Detective John Jones some questions when he discovers that he has no idea what's going on. And what Bruce discovers is shocking.

    In John Jones' appartment there is someone sitting in front of the tv shape shifting as he flips channels. Now personally I loved this scene. I don't know if anyone has ever read The New Frontier from DC Comics but this is a perfect depiction of what J'onn J'onz does in that. I really enjoyed that they did that seen.

    Of course a quick little chaise seen follows as Batman chases Martian Manhunter around trying to figure out if he's friend or foe.

    Finally they end up together in a coffee shop where they discuss the coming threat. There's an alien race out to destroy Earth and J'onn has come to Gotham to stop it.

    Bruce and J'onn go to Lucious when J'onn suddenly kicks off his head revealing he's been replaced by a robot.

    Bruce takes J'onn to the Batcave where they try and figure out what's happened to Lucious. Robin is jealous that there's someone new being brought into the fold.

    As Batman and Martian Manhunter go off to save the world from the alien invasion there is a funny scene between Dick, Babs, and Alfred. Dick and Babs are seen eating cookies together discussing what a robot would be like. They wonder if Alfred is a robot and they say they should kick his head off. Alfred says that if either of them attempts anything they won't be getting sweets for a year. This leads them to conclude that it most definitely is Alfred.

    I liked this scene because it clearly showed that Robin and Batgirl are definitely still kids. I know there's been talk with people about how they should start dating but it's way too early for that! Maybe if the show goes on for another 10 seasons and they actually age them it would be ok for them to start dating, but they are way too young now.

    Rumor has it that Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Aquaman may be in the next episode with Superman, Flash, and other members of the Justice League appearing in Season 5 after Martian Manhunter creates the group.moreless
  • When a new detective named John Jones reveals that he's a shapeshifter named Martian Manhunter and knows Bruce's secret, the two become allies. Now they must stop an alien invasion by the name of The Joining.moreless

    Yet another sweet episode of "The Batman". Martian Manhunter comes in, Batman is acting unnatural to his sidekicks, and Batgirl and Robin are Batgirl and Robin.

    The episode was cool all the way, with a perfect mix of humor and suspense, which is just what any episode needs. The scene at the diner had both, especially when the waitress came by and asked for more, but was unanswered as Bruce and John were staring at each other.

    Another fun part was in the Batcave, when Batgirl and Robin were talking while eating cookies and spotted Alfred. "You kick his head off." "No, YOU kick his head off!" You'll have to see the episode to understand it.

    The Joining Part 1 is a really solid episode that will leave anyone eager for part two!moreless
  • One of the better of this season.

    The build up in this episode was surprisingly well done and Martian Manhunter was a nice addition to the deck.

    I have one or two problems though; I felt the sets ups that are placed obviously for the final episode were not that well written and the scene in Martian Manhunter home-by the TV-was kind of weird.

    But the pace was good and the next episode looks like it could beat this one.

    I'm not sure if I've said this already, but I find the character designs annoying.

    Lastly, I really liked the scene with Bruce and John in the diner, it was nicely written and played out well.moreless
  • The Joining part 1 introduces Luscius Fox and Martian Manhunter and sets up for a season finale.

    The Joining part one is a pretty good episode and begins a saga i believe is a remake of secret origins from justice league for this show. I thought it was done pretty well although i think that much better could have happened. I thought that it was good that Luscius Fox was finally introduced. The Martian Manhunter scenes were done pretty well although i thought they should have elaborated on his origin story more but i liked the interpretation on him and John Jones that was used. I appreciated the dry humor although I thought Batman or bruce wayne joking was unnecesary and out of character. Still ths episode was a good build up to the next.moreless
  • Batman meets a detective who is more than meets the eye.

    Although this is the first part of the season finale, "The Joining" has already become one of my favorite episode, and is already one of the best so far.

    After an incident that almost put Batgirl and Robin in harm, Batman begins to wonder whether he should have partners or not. At the same time, he is confronted by a detective name John Jones, who's detective work seems too perfect. Upon learning who the detective really is, Batman tries to find out whether he's friend or foe, only to learn something big is going on in Gotham, something even the Dark Knight couldn't stop.

    Great action sequence, smooth animation and a great plot, the first part of "The Joining" is worth the wait.moreless
Rino Romano

Rino Romano

Bruce Wayne / Batman

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Alastair Duncan

Alfred Pennyworth

Danielle Judovits

Danielle Judovits

Barbara Gordon / Batgirl

Evan Sabara

Evan Sabara

Dick Grayson / Robin

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Dick: (to Bruce after finding out Lucius knows Bruce is Batman) So, who else knows? Is there a list or something? Is it on the Internet?!

    • Robin: And this guy, just some guy, walking into the Batcave! Didn't have a blindfold on or anything!
      Batgirl: Robin, I think we should be focused on the robot head.

    • Robin: I can't believe this!
      Batgirl: Really? Because robot heads, that's totally what I'm expecting on a Wednesday.

    • Martian Manhunter: Humans. You act like you've never seen a shapeshifter before.
      Batman: Tell that to Clayface.

    • J'onn: I knew it was a replicant because I didn't get a reading off him. No emotions.
      Batman: So, you kicked his head off.
      J'onn: Yes. Perhaps I should of mentioned I was going to do that.

    • (Thinking Alfred is a robot)
      Batgirl: Kick his head off.
      Robin: You kick his head off!
      Alfred: Attempt to do any such thing, and I assure you, there will be no hot buttered raisin scones for either of you for a year.
      Robin: Only Alfred sounds that much like Alfred.
      Batgirl: Yup.

    • J'onn: You know, Batman, most humans would be pretty thrown by this.
      Batman: I'm not most humans.

    • Bruce: I could teach a college course on Martians, except I always file them away under "Urban Legends."
      J'onzz: Like alligators in the sewers.
      Bruce: I've fought them too.

    • J'onzz: Anyone ever tell you you're paranoid?
      Bruce: My partners. All the time.

    • J'onn: Ready?
      Batman: Find Lucius. Stop alien invasion. Save world. Sounds easy enough.

  • NOTES (3)


    • n/a: Lucius Fox
      Though the character has been in the Batman mythos for a long time, this particular incarnation is apparently gleaned from Morgan Freeman's portrayal in Batman Begins. Aside from the grayed hair, other similarities include a previous friendship with Bruce's father, knowledge of his double life as the Batman (though that was more hinted at in the film), and helping in the construction of many of the Dark Knight's tools.

    • The scene in which J'onn is shape shifting while watching television is an allusion to "DC: The New Frontier." In the graphic novel, there is a very similar sequence in witch J'onn shape shifts in his Gotham apartment while watching TV. In the graphic novel, he transforms into Bugs Bunny at one point rather than a cartoon dog as in this episode.

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