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The Batman

Season 2 Episode 4

The Laughing Bat

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jun 04, 2005 on The CW
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Episode Summary

The Joker decides to take on the role of "Batman" and doses Bruce with Joker venom to create an arch-rival of his own.

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  • Perhaps the best episode thus far.

    The story was pretty averagely executed, just like every other Batman episode before this one, but the three way action between the Penguin, Batman, and the Joker was just fabulous to watch. The choreography of it was just beautifully executed, in fact it resembled quite a bit like Jackie Chan Adventures. Also, because it was an episode based off of the Joker, some humour was involved, and the jokes at the end that Batman and Joker told were actually pretty funny, along with some other smaller minor quotes and moments. Adam West doing the voice of the mayor was also a nice surprise. Although the idea of Joker and Batman could have been expanded on more, the fight scenes were awesome to watch.moreless
  • The Batman and the Joker trade places!

    This is one of my favorite episodes! The climax of the episode is astounding, with the setting and music fitting perfectly with the action. As The Penguin and the Joker are getting ready to fight, Batman jumps down to meet them, laughing hysterically. Batman and The Joker team up and stop The Penguin, and then fight it out for the toy snake. After swapping jokes, Batman beats The Joker. It's awesome how The Joker starts laughing at Batman's joke and the episode fades out with both Penguin and Joker laughing. I really like the background throughout the episode, red sky with darker red buildings.moreless
  • Oh man, this show IS HILARIOUS!!!

    Wow! Of all the other episodes I have watched, this one made me laugh til I dropped and IS completely different. The Joker copy-cating Batman and turned Bruce into a laughing maniac, this was a really laughing scene. I never thought Joker would arrest Penguin, but for a laugh maybe ...... It was a completely new angle of things .... Well Joker did stop laughing and I don't think anyone has seen Bruce laugh like that. My fave. part was when Penguin was commenting batman and joker(whoever you think is which). I never actually dreamed that tha joker and batman would be able to switch identities like that!moreless
  • The Joker decides to take the role of The Batman, so he must fight crime but he decides to punish low level infractions to the law with all the force of justice, well the Joker's Justice!moreless

    It's my favorite The Batman episode so far! In this episode you can see how crazy they can make the Joker. And how an insane mind can use logic in its own way to see things. The Joker decides to become The Batman, so since he is the Batman now, he must fight crime but since he is crazy, he decides to punish with extreme force people that comits petty ofenses like throwing trash to the floor and on.

    My favorite scene is when The Joker is on his own "batcave", on regular clothes like Bruce Wayne and even using some glasses and later to watch how The Jokes changes his clothes to the his own version of the batsuit and even he has a "batmobile"! It's hilarious. And I love when he watches The Batman and since he is convinced that he is the Batman, so the Batman must be the Joker and he refers to him with that name!moreless
  • The Joker is back and dons the guise of his enemy The Batman. So with Joker as Batman who will be Joker? Well that is easy....The Batman himself!!!

    A great episode that caps. on the Joker. Like always The Clown Prince of Crime delivers. A great episode. One of the season's best and one of the series best. The whole plot about Batman being infected by Joker's new laughing gas, was great!! This episode could have been a season final had Night and The City not been there. Over all a great episode, one of the best. Tres Bon!!! I wish Batman Gotham Knights, could have done episodes like these. Great episode!!moreless

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    • Joker: I must say, Mayor, of all the scum I've taken down so far, it was your wife who disappointed me the most.
      Mayor Grange: My wife? Sheila? What have you done to Sheila?!
      Joker: Eleven items at a ten items grocery check out -- she had it coming.

    • Batman: The costume party is over, Joker.
      Joker: Joker? Didn't you hear? The Clown Prince of Crime has checked out. He just couldn't take it anymore. Couldn't take the Batman. Always there to foil his greatest schemes, and it's starting to drive him mad. (Batman grabs Joker) Then, the Joker thought, if he couldn't beat the Bat, he'd be the Bat.

    • Batman: Stop me if you heard this one before, Joker. A man walks into a bar ... (Throws Joker against a street lamp) ... and said "Ow".
      Joker: (starts to laugh) Good one, Batman. Said "Ow". (Laughs even harder) Who knew you had it in you? (Laughs some more)
      Batman: That's the Joker I know.

    • Alfred: You should at least wait for Batwave to finish examining your blood for dangerous substances.
      Bruce: I think the only dangerous things you'll find in there, are my cholesterol levels.

    • Alfred: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but why do you suppose the tribute act, master Bruce?
      Bruce: Cheap knock-off is more like it.

    • Joker: Sorry, Pengy, but bringing in Gotham's second biggest criminal will fetch my largest bounty yet.
      Penguin: "Second biggest"? Says who?!

    • Joker: New improved Batman beats original recipe!

    • Joker: I must say, Mayor, of all the scum I've taken down, your wife was the most disappointing.
      Mayor Grange: My wife? Sheila? What have you done to Sheila?
      Joker: Eleven items in a ten item grocery lane. She had it coming.

    • Penguin: (seeing Joker as the Batman) Joker?
      Joker: I'm the Batman!
      Penguin: You see, the thing is ... you're NOT!
      Joker: The eggs, Penguin, or I scramble you!
      Penguin: Are you out of your gourd? I'm in the middle of a heist! You don't see me barging in on your "Gas all of Gotham" schemes, do you? It is called professional courtesy!

    • Batman: Tell me if you heard this one before - a man walks into a bar and says ... (kicks Joker to a street lamp) Ow.

    • Penguin: Batman?
      Joker: Joker.
      Batman: If it isn't dumb, and dumber! (Laughs uncontrollably)
      Penguin: Okay - now you two are starting to creep me out!

  • NOTES (8)


    • Joker: This looks like a job for ... Batman!
      An obvious reference to Clark Kent's line before changing into his Superman get-up. Joker was even dressed in glasses and a casual suit instead of his tux-straight-jacket ensemble.