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The Batman

Season 1 Episode 4

The Man Who Would Be Bat

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 30, 2004 on The CW
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Episode Summary

A flock of bats lead Yin and Bennett to Wayne Industries, where Bruce has a scientist named Dr. Langstrom working on a project related to bats. In truth, Langstrom actually develops a serum that can turn him into the "Man-Bat", so people will fear him. Man-Bat goes out of control and flies out into the city, feeding on animal blood.moreless

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  • After being questioned by Ethan and Yin, Bruce learns that one of his scientists, Dr. Kirk Langstrom, is developing a serum for hearing loss. Upon further investigation however, he learns that it's really to transform Langstrom into a killer bat creature.moreless

    This episode is my least favorite to date. The show started well with Bat in the Belfry, went great in Traction, slowed down in the Penguin episode, and now drops way below expectations. I'm really hoping for a big turnaround next episode.

    This episode deals a lot with Ethan and Yin's continued investigation of Batman. They are desperate to find him under pressure from Chief Rojas (who is a tad annoying). Here, they confront Bruce on suspicions that he's Batman. However, how they connected him to Batman is just plain awful: They followed a group of bats right to Wayne Industries. Yes. The writer's block was that bad. C'mon people, let's see some intelligence in the storylines. Anyway, here Bruce uses some quick thinking to evade the questions of Ethan and Yin and hold an alibi. But this is where we are introduced to Dr. Kirk Langstrom, your average nutty, antisocial, albino scientist. We all know that something bad is going to happen to him, but it's the way it happens is just well, bad. He tells Bruce that he's trying to find a cure for hearing loss, motivated by his niece Carly who apparently suffers from this. This is actually a decent motivation for someone to become a villain. However, it turns out he's lying, and the serum is really just to transform him into a creature dubbed "Man-Bat" and he only wants to do it so he can fight Batman and he can prove he's the better bat.


    Hopefully now you can see why I disliked this episode.

    However, here I must comment that the Man-Bat design is actually very nice.

    Of course, Man-Bat escapes and Batman must pursue. Landing on top of his mutant doppleganger, Bruce goes for a wild ride throughout Gotham. This scene is actually pretty cool, and there's an actual sense of danger (provoked by a rather shocking scene where Man-Bat flies to a zoo and eats a creature off-screen.) But it just reverts back downhill when Langstrom transforms back, apparently needing two more doses of his serum. Why he didn't just take all three glasses at once is beyond me. Afterwords, he captures Ethan and holds him hostage, but this is for barely half a minute before Batman has him loose. The battle in the sewers is underwhelming and ultimately disappointing. Which is really what this episode is. Just plain disappointing.moreless
  • pitiful

    This episode needed alot of help. like when bennett said bruce your the batman and he was just kidding they already used that. Man bat was cool. but about the first 11 minutes were god but the rest down the drain. q q q q q q q q q q q q q q1 q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q qmoreless
  • Detectives Yin and Bennet think they have come close to discovering the Batman's identity, but it turns out that the person they're after is not the Batman...not exactly. Now Gotham City must survive the wrath of the Man-Bat!moreless

    We had the first two OK episodes, followed by the superb Call of the Cobblepot. The first three episodes were generally light-hearted, and now we get a Gothic chiller with a respectable reinvention of the Man-Bat character. The storyline is good, not spectacular, but good all the same. It's really a typical mad scientist theme. A weird doctor with a fascination for bats wants to perform a creepy genetic experiment that will make him like Batman. When Batman investigates he discovers that this doctor has invented a serum that transforms him into the Man-Bat, the evil equivalent of Batman. So we've had the Joker, Bane and Penguin, and now we get Man-Bat. I've got to say, this is a great new version of the character. Dr. Langstrom, the Man-Bat's human form, looks genuinely creepy and disorientated, not the typical eccentric look of a mad scientist, but of a scary, unbalanced man whose using his vast intellegence for the wrong cause, and once in his monstrous form, he does look pretty terrifying and much more scary than the other versions and his roar sounds truly beastly and horrific and really does send a chill up your spine, and there is the crazed look of a mad beast in its eye. As well as the villain, I also like the protagonists. Ethan Bennet and Ellen Yin are excellent in this segement, showing themselves to be truly determined cops who won't let anything get in the way of their duty, and Ethan is shown to be a loyal friend to Bruce, and once Ethan has been kidnapped by Man-Bat in the quite freaky seqence when he swoops down and flies into the night with Bennet in his grip, Batman is shown to be genuinely concerned, evidently showing that the two of them are great friends. Yin is shown to be pretty sharp and suspicious, beginning to realize that Bruce Wayne is not all that he seems and fighting well against the Man-Bat. The episode is not perfect, however. There are a few moments that don't have the intended effect, and at times the character reactions don't seem sufficiently done, but overall this is a great segement, not quite as spectacular as 'Call of the Cobblepot', but better than the first two all the same, and truly shows promise for the series, gaining it an 8.9.moreless
  • Those crazy doctors nowadays!

    While the two biggest Batman stalkers were following none other than The Batman himself, they follow a band of bats that lead to Wayne Industry. Detective Bennet and Yin make a visit to the industry, and find bats roaming freely within the top tower. They question Dr. Langstorm as they believe he's The Batman, but are unable to investigate further. Bruce decides to shut his project down, but pleads not to using his deaf niece as an excuse. However, Bruce finds out she isn't deaf, and when he makes another visit to the doctor, he finds himself drinking a potion that turns him into a bat! Bruce turns into The Batman, and fights him all the way down into a sewer after Man-Bat captured Detective Ethan Bennet. The Batman was able to defeat him, and Gotham City is able to rest.

    There seems to be an exclusive and unique charm to each of the episodes in this TV series. There really isn't much substance to these episodes other than a quick run through and introduction to the villains being introduced in their respective episodes, but the fighting alone manages to make each episode watchable and entertaining, and on top of it all, enjoyable. Some of the scenes in it are quite Hollywood like, such as the one when The Batman slides through a large pipe while falling down. That was an awesome scene by the way that left my jaw hanging. There really wasn't much martial arts type of action, but the action in general is still great. The dialogue is even more clever and amusing in this episode with many remarks being crossed between Manbat and Batman. A solid episode overall.moreless
  • WayneTech's head scientist, Dr. Kirk Langstrom, becomes the police's number one bat-suspect, but is he really as inncoent as he claims?

    A brilliant use of character driven plot in this episode, as Yin and Bennett yet again clash over what they think of the Batman. This episode is sinister in nature and key to the over-all plot of the series, as it takes Bennett's character to the next level. Top Episode!
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