The Batman

Season 1 Episode 12

The Rubberface of Comedy (1)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Apr 30, 2005 on The CW
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Joker's back in town and has a new invention, Joker putty, that can morph anything and everything into rubber or putty. Meanwhile, Chief Rojas tells his Detectives to stop both Joker and the Batman once and for all, saying both of them have no place in Gotham.moreless

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  • With The Joker wrecking havoc with his all-new Joker-Putty, Bruce is faced with a dilemma over whether to reveal his secret to Ethan Bennett, while the good Detective goes after the crazed clown alone...moreless

    Here we are...

    Part 1 of the season finale of what has turned out to be a cracking piece of Batman mythology.

    We've had our ups ("The Bat In The Belfry", "Big Dummy" and "Topsy Turvey") and we've had ours downs ("Traction", "The Big Heat" and "Q & A"), but here we are now at the end of the series.

    This episode was amazing, easily beating all other away from the top spot, as Ethan Bennett faces the Joker, and is driven insane.

    We also get a brief glimpse at the Joker's origin.

    But what this episode all came down to was he closing moments, as Ethan is gassed by the Joker, suspended from duty, and finally turned into...

    Ah, but you'll have to wait and see.

    This episode was brilliant.

    Best in show!moreless
  • Very good!

    How this episode went is eerily similar to Batman: The Dark Knight with some huge differences here and there. This episode was more than just taking down the Joker; it presents a pretty good theme in that the police department are just merely the clean up guys for The Batman, and the chief wants to rid them of that image. It forces Bennett and Yin to fight against both the Joker and Batman at the same time. What truly captured this episode though was the Joker's acting. His drugged up out of line behaviour is really the pinnacle of where psycho villains come from, and this episode really portrays it perfectly. It ends on a suspenseful note too with Bennett showing clear effects from the Joker's pudding.moreless
Alastair Duncan

Alastair Duncan

Alfred Pennyworth

Steve Harris

Steve Harris

Detective Ethan Bennett (Season 1; guest otherwise)

Rino Romano

Rino Romano

Bruce Wayne / Batman



Detective Ellen Yin

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Joker didn't have nearly enough time to put his face onto the statue.

    • Joker said that he didn't know what contact with the "Joker putty" would do, but he'd been handling it with his bare hands to mold the statue. (Reply: Joker never actually handles "Joker Putty" (by-products, yes, but never the original). Also, recall that he is a metahuman, and the stuff might not affect him because of his altered DNA, as we see when he inhales the fumes.)

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Yin: Freeze, Batman. There's no escape. (after a standoff, Yin lowers her gun and sighs) Go. You saved my partner's life. This is the repayment of that debt. The next time we meet, Batman, the mask comes off.

    • Joker: Such an award-winning smile, Monfraire. (looks to other face) Ashamed about your ugly stepsister? (putties the face) Turn that frown upside down. (laughs) Oops.
      Ethan: Yeah, oops.
      Joker: I hope this means that your chief finally considers me more of a menace than the Batman. By the way, detective, have you met my colleagues, Judy, and ... Punch? (Punch punches Ethan, knocking him out)

    • Joker: Have a rotten day, detective.
      Rojas: Kudos to my department for capturing Joker without the Batman's help I might add.
      Ethan: You gotta be kidding. We were playing clean-up like always. The Batman saved my butt tonight.
      Reporter: Chief, did the Batman catch Joker?
      Rojas: There will be no further comment. No comment!

    • Ethan: The Chief has a zero tolerance policy just for creeps like you, Joker. He'll never pay ransom for me.
      Joker: I don't need ransom, handsome. Gotham is putty in my hands. I take what I want, when I want. I'm simply out to prove to your beefy Chiefy, once and for all, that Joker is the master of menace by breaking one of Gotham's finest. I won't break your bones, detective. I'm going to ... snap your twig. (spins the dizzy wheel) When Joker's done clowning with you ... you won't know where to find your mind.

    • Ethan: Yin!
      Joker: The Yin to his Yang!

    • (As Ellen Yin holds the Joker at gunpoint)
      Joker: (points putty gun at Ethan) Drop it, or laughing boy gets it. You don't know what this stuff does to humans. (Ellen lowers her gun) For that matter, neither do I. Let's find out!

    • Joker: Ha ha! The circus is in town!

    • Joker: When Joker's through clowning with you, you won't know where to find your mind!

    • Joker: A very thin line separates normality from insanity!

    • Joker: Ah, so we have issues with ze boss, eh? Well, who doesn't? Bosses make terrific tormentors. "Tote that barge, lift that bale, rewrite that script, sort that mail!" All it takes is one too many orders to make the cuckoo call.

    • Joker: Hold the mayo! I'm the vandal here! You mean to tell me the Chief of Police considers this ... vigilante (Batman) a greater menace than the Clown Prince of Crime?! Why, that's an outrage! An insult! In fact, detective, I resemble that remark!

    • Joker: (to Bennett) I won't break your bones, Detective. (points to head) I'm going to snap your twig!

    • Joker: All it takes is one rotten day to transform a normal man into a monster! Well, in my case, a rotten day and a chemical bath!

    • Joker: Through the looking glass, Batsy. Where comedy is tragedy, down is up, black is white. You're outta luck!

  • NOTES (14)


    • Many elements of this episode seem to refer to the famous Batman graphic novel 'The Killing Joke', such as the Joker psychologically torturing Ethan Bennett in an amusement park and the showdown with Batman in the hall of mirrors. Other elements that seem to support this are the Joker lines "A very thin line separates normality from insanity!" and "all it takes is one rotten day to turn a man into a monster". Not to mention the brief flashback to Joker's origin.

    • Joker The Yin to his Yang.
      Joker compares Yin and Bennett to the Asian concept of Yin and Yang, which represents many complementary characteristics including male and female.

    • Joker: Tote that barge! Lift that bale! Rewrite that script! Sort that mail!
      Joker parodies lines from Cole Porter's song Old Man River to reinforce to Bennett that he is being slave-driven.

    • Joker: Ah, so ve haf issues vis ze boss, eh?
      Joker parodies the Austrian psychotherapist Sigmund Freud, as he programs Detective Bennett.

    • Joker: You're in the looking glass!

      A reference to an Alice in Wonderland book, "Through the Looking Glass".

    • n/a: Punch and Judy
      "Punch and Judy" was an old vaudeville-era act consisting of two puppets, one of which would beat the other over the head with a baseball bat of sorts. This parallels what the Joker's henchmen are doing here.