The Batman

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 25, 2004 on The CW

Episode Recap

Bane shows up in Gotham at the request of several crime bosses whose organizations have been dismantled by the Batman. But he hasn't come all this way to play lackey. He wants to rule Gotham City and he knows that he must eliminate the Batman in order to do so. Bane captures an armored car and uses it to bait Batman. Batman shows up, brimming with confidence as usual, only to find that nothing works against Bane. His punches, which usually send the common thug flying, don't faze him. Batarangs bounce off him. Even a barrage of Batbombs fail to bring him to his knees. And then, before Batman can react, Bane sends a devastating blow to the Batman's body, which sends him flying through a brick wall.

Batman is severly hurt, physyically and mentally, but when Detectives Bennett and Yin arrive on the scene, Batman manages a close escape with the help of Alfred. Bruce is forced into a hospital bed for weeks, while Bane continues his rampage on the city. It's a pivotal moment for Bruce's alter ego; with the police thinking Batman's dead, Alfred suggests that it's best to retire the cape and cowl. But Bruce refuses. As long as he can move a single bone in his body, Bruce won't give in. With Alfred's help, Bruce emerges into the night as the Batman once again, this time encased in a super-powered suit dubbed the Batbot.

Batman meets up with Bane once again, in his Venom state. Batman struggles to defeat Bane. Not even the Batbot can defeat the monster; Bane nearly tears the invention to shreds. But with quick-wit, Batman electrifies Bane's Venom supply, leaving him in his normal state. Bane is finally handcuffed and Batman's spirit is restored.
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