The Batman

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 25, 2004 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Bane's mouth doesn't move when he says "You cannot beat Bane!"

    • After the battle with Bane, Bruce lies in bed with a band-aid on his nose. When Alfred catches him working on the Batbot, he doesn't have the band-aid. After Alfred tells him that he may be on his own, they show Bruce with the band-aid back on his nose.

    • When they first fight, Bane wore long sleeves, but before he grows, his sleeves become arm bracelets.

  • Quotes

    • Batman: Talk to me. You can start with name and motive.
      Bane: I am Bane, the last opponent you will ever face.

    • Crime Boss #3: Gentleman, meet Bane.
      (Bane walks in)
      Crime Boss #1: Meh. Are you sure this guy can take down the Batman?
      Crime Boss #2: Just because he wears a mask doesn't make him some kind of super man.
      Bane: There is much more to me than meets the eye.

    • Ellen: Bane takes whatever he wants.
      Ethan: And never cleans up after himself.

    • Bane: The Batman, I presume?
      Batman: The masked look must really be catching on.
      Bane: Defeat me, and I will allow you to remove it.
      Batman: Hate to disappoint, but I don't fight for sport.
      Bane: Then, fight for your life!

    • Alfred: Being summoned to pick you up has never been a good omen, Master Bruce.

  • Notes

    • This episode along with "The Bat in the Belfry" and "Call of the Cobblepot" was released on DVD as The Batman: Training For Power.

    • UK airdate: July 13, 2005.

    • Bane's appearance is more similar to the Batman Gotham Knights Bane look than the Batman: TAS look. In B: TAS, he had a wrestler look, whereas in BGK, he had a metal flat face. Here, his face can only be seen in the transformation.

    • Cartoon Network airdate: April 9, 2005.

    • The Batbot seems to be a reference to the Batsentry from "Kingdom Come."

    • The drug Bane uses was introduced in an early story arc from Legends of The Dark Knight comic book series, (issues 16-20) in which Batman fails to save a young girl from drowning due to not being strong enough, and ends up taking an experimental strength enhancing designer drug developed by the military that they call Venom. The same venom Bane uses, but not as refined as when Bane uses it. It makes Batman rather unhinged.

    • Bat-gadget debut: The Batbot.

    • In Batman #497, Batman's back was broken in battle with Bane, similar to what happened here. Bane is also beaten by a bat-armor in Batman #500, but in the comic it is more of an armor than a machine. Also, it's piloted by Bruce's stand-in, Jean Paul Valley.

    • Bane is introduced. Both in a normal state, and after a while, in his venom state.

  • Allusions

    • Batman Begins

      In another similarity to Batman Begins, Batman calls Alfred to pick him up after being badly defeated and injured by a foe. Just like in the movie, Batman is lying down in the backseat of the car that Alfred is driving away from the scene.

    • Batman Begins: While young Bruce Wayne cries for his parents on the GCPD, an unknown cop ducks and talks to him. A similar scene can be founded in Batman Begins, while rookie cop James Gordon talks to young Bruce Wayne.

    • Crime Boss #2: Just because he wears a mask doesn't make him some kind of superman.
      Ironic reference to "Superman", another famous DC Comics superhero. Batman does wear a mask and is a kind of "Superman". Ironically, Superman doesn't wear a mask.

    • n/a: Bane
      In comic books, other cartoons, and in one movie, Bane was always a powerhouse possessed of unbelievable strength and merciless cruelty. He was also a cunning criminal and brilliant military strategist (except in the movie Batman and Robin), the one deadly enemy who was ever able to literally "break the Bat".

    • Dispatcher: All units, disturbance at 437 Adams.
      Another homage to Neal Adams, the artist credited with reinventing Batman, working with Denny O'Neil.

    • Bennett: Dispatch, requesting all-points bulletin on masked suspect in vicinity of Rogers and Englehart.
      A homage to Marshall Rogers and Steve Englehart, who worked together on the Batman "Detective" series.

    • Ellen: So, the Batman returns.
      Batman Returns is the title of the second Batman film of the 90's, but it featured Penguin and Catwoman as villains instead of Bane. In an odd coincidence, Batman fought Penguin last episode and will be fighting Catwoman in the next.

    • n/a: Spider-Man
      Batman hides from Yin by hanging directly above her. But as she walks away, a bead of sweat falls from Batman's head and drips onto the floor, causing Ellen to look up, but Batman is already gone. This is taken from a scene in the 2002 Spider-Man movie, with Spider-Man hiding instead of Batman, and Norman Osborn istead of Ellen. Also, a drop of blood falls instead of sweat.