The Batman

Season 4 Episode 10

Two of a Kind

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 24, 2007 on The CW
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When Daytime TV host Harleen Quinzell is canceled from her television program for ambushing Bruce Wayne, Joker takes an interest and decides to groom her as his new partner in crime, Harley Quinn.

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  • Stealing a character from B:TAS...

    Harley Quinn was created by Timm and Dini for TAS and moved into the comics from there. One of the few thing I liked about The Batman, was the reimagining of the villians. B:TAS is still a better series, but at least we got to see different takes on certain characters...But guess what, Harley looks the same. At least Dini wrote this episode so it wasn't stolen outright. And it was a decent episode, but no real new take on the Harley character. But at least it was a good episode...and makes fun of the Dr. Phil loser. So decent episode, no real reimagining, no new take.moreless
  • After Punchy and Judy (Joker's hench men) are sent to jail, Joker picks a vonerable adult television star to be his new partner. He finds Dr. Harleen Quinnzell and minipulates her to become Harley Quinn perminately driving her into his insane armsmoreless

    I am a Harley Quinn nut. I luv her most of all as a villain in any Batman series or comic. This episode may not have been loyal to the origonal story line Mad Love but it is the best episode in the series that I can think of. I hated the ending when Joker abandoned Harley but was re envigorated when she saw the not that Joker had left her. It read: "Keep Smiling Harley Love, Mista J." Now there is opertunity for Harley to return in future episodes. Though I hope in future episodes that Joker decides to keep her as a henchman rather than leave her to die. Out of all: THIS EPISODE ROX!!!!!

    Review #2 = This epsiode also had me tearing a bit. The legacy of Joker and Harley was finally continued. The moment she put on that costume I knew it had begun. Then when they started committing crimes and Joker started singing: "Settin' the woods on fire!" I knew it wqas coming close but when Harley jumped into singing the song I knew she was in forever.

    To hear "Settin' the Woods on Fire" go to this link:
  • O...M...G! Harley!!

    Sorry for the fanboy gushing... but I just love the Harley Quinn character! Well should say that they did make her less a sane person in this series (In the last she was a straight-laced psychologist who formed an insane affection towards the her patient, The Joker...) in this series, however, she's a goofy, nutty host of a television program... of course it's about her psychology. As Harley's show is about to be canceled The Joker gives a little hint that he's taken an interest in her, calling her on the show as a "Mr. J." Well, anyway once Harley's show is canned The Joker takes her under his wing and the two of them hit it off! Either way... hilarity ensues...moreless
  • Harley Quinn enters The Batman's world as The Bat takes down Joker's goons Punch and Judy. From there Joker takes interest in a tv "shrink" called Harley Quinn, who he plans to make is partner in crime....moreless

    The best episode of all! When I first heard that Harley was coming to The Batman's world I was pumped and when I heard that Paul Dini was writing it I was even more pumped. Harley Quinn has always been a great character and she kind of compeltes the Joker and that is what made this episode great.

    Paul delivers one of his best scripts to date. This episode just has his name written all over it. From "Setting THe Woods on Fire" to the big showdown this episode just plained ROCKED! Overall a great episode 10/10!! ! Great show and hope to see Harley back in Season 5~!~moreless
  • You did it Dini

    You did it Dini, you made me watch.

    I'm a long time Harley fan, so when I heard she had showen up onm The Batman I had to watch. I haven't care much for the show, and I hate the design changes (the Joker make me cry), but has season had been better. I am, with this episode, impressed. I liked the new sotry, and how Harley was still hitting all the point that make her great and just make Harley, Harely. You did it Dini, you made me watch. You made me like it. Good job, man, good job.moreless
Danielle Judovits

Danielle Judovits

Barbara Gordon / Batgirl

Evan Sabara

Evan Sabara

Dick Grayson / Robin

Rino Romano

Rino Romano

Bruce Wayne / Batman

Hynden Walch

Hynden Walch

Harley Quinn

Guest Star

Sean Donnellan

Sean Donnellan

Mr. Herbert

Guest Star

Christie Mellor

Christie Mellor

Female Caller

Guest Star

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

the Joker

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Harley's persona before joining The Joker is different than her persona from Batman: TAS. In this episode, she's a TV psychiatrist, while in Batman: TAS, she was a psychiatrist at Arkham who fell in love with The Joker.

    • When Harley detonates a bomb to threaten the studio audience, a young man is seen with the Superman logo on his shirt.

    • Harley's costume, while based on the Batman: TAS original, has some noticeable differences. Both the clownish headdress and white color are much larger, the inverted diamond pattern scheme (seen on the original's thighs and shoulders) is nonexistent, and instead of a red and black motif, the checkered suit is more red and dark-red.

    • The song that Joker and Harley sing, "Setting the Woods on Fire," was originally sung by Hank Williams.

    • A hint of the abusive relationship between the Joker and Harley is shown in this episode.

    • When Batman tosses Harley towards Robin, we see she is almost a head taller than him, a 12 year old boy, but in the close up they are eye to eye. Funny because she doesn't seem specially short for a young adult woman nowhere else in the episode.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Joker: I don't know why, but this painting always makes me laugh. Punch, Judy, wrap it up. It'll look nice in the bathroom.

    • Harley: It's bad enough the network executives said I wasn't a real psychiatrist. They said I was a joke.
      Joker: I happen to like jokes.

    • Harley: Has anyone ever survived a night out with you?
      Joker: There's a first time for everything.

    • Robin: The neighbors say they saw the doctor leave freely with Mr. J. I wonder what he could want with her.
      Batman: He saw a vulnerable person he could manipulate. Someone good for a few laughs until he got bored.
      Batgirl: (picking up a banana peel) ... And join us again next week when Batman analyzes the Freudian implications of Penguin's umbrella!

    • Joker: Oh. So, you're stringing old Mr. J along just to write some tell old book?
      Harley: I'll split the profits with you fifty-fifty.
      Joker: (laughs) You've got moxie! ... I feed moxie to the hyenas.

    • Harley Quinn: (to the network executives) So, you didn't like my show? Well, try this one! (calls the hyenas) When animals attack people I hate! It's a comedy!

    • The Joker: Pop psychology at its worst! That girl's theories are unfounded, her professional manner's a joke and her training, if any, is shoddy at best. I love this show! The girl is more screwloose than me!

    • Harley: You bats aren't gonna take down my show!

    • Robin: Don't move.
      Batgirl: (while trapped under debris) Very funny.

    • Batgirl: (to Harley) You're canceled. Again.

    • (Watching Harley Quinn attacking Dr. Blaine's show)
      Bruce Wayne: Let's go.
      Dick Grayson: What, we can't wait for the commercial?

    • Harley Quinn: That's what I want! To get back at those jerks! I was trying to help people, and now I'm a bad guy?
      The Joker: More of an accomplice, actually.

    • Joker: I don't know why, but this painting always makes me laugh. Punch, Judy, wrap it up. It'll look nice in the bathroom.
      Batgirl: Bathroom? (attacks Punch) I consider the bathroom to be more of a library than art gallery.

    • Batgirl: He's faced some pretty nasty sneak attacks, but nothing like this.
      Robin: We have to save him.
      Batgirl: It's too late, Robin. There's nothing we can do.

  • NOTES (9)