The Beachcombers

CBC (ended 1990)




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The Beachcombers

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The Beachcombers holds the record for being the longest running television series in Canadian history - 19 years. It has appeared in 31 countries and 5 languages. A Special Note Concerning the Name of Relic's Boat:From time to time, I get emails from people inquiring about various aspects of the show - and I thank you folks for your interest. By far, the most common question is "What was the name of Relic's boat?" This question comes up so often, that I have decided to post the answer here. Relic's boat did not have a name. In the scripts for the show, it was only ever referred to as "the jet-boat" or simply "Relic's boat". Relic's dilapidated houseboat did have a name ("Chuck-Chee" - derived from a local BC native language. I am not sure what the "Chee" portion of it means...but "Chuck" means "water"). People often mistake the houseboat's name for that of the jet-boat. But, the truth is: Relic's boat never had a name.moreless