The Beany and Cecil Show

ABC (ended 1967)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Oil's Well That Ends Well / No Such Thing / D.J. The Dee Jay
      "Oil's Well That Ends Well": The Leakin' Lena crew seeks to make a fortune selling a weight-reducing formula extracted from bean oils. D.J. tries to muscle in.

      "D.J. The D.J.": Cecil writes a song, "Rag Mop," and is looking for a disc jockey to play it. Dishonest John becomes a proxy disc jockey and pairs Cecil up with two dogs as back-up vocals.

      "There's No Such Thing as a Sea Serpent": The tale of Snorky, a young creature born to a dinosaur couple in prehistoric times. Snorky's first word was a burp from eating a mudpie, and he became notorious for mudpie flinging through history, right up to contemporary Loch Ness.moreless
    • There Goes A Good Squid / Ben Hare / Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow
      "There Goes A Good Squid": D.J. returns in his Billy The Squid vehicle, still not learning that crime doesn't pay. "Ben Hare": Ben's egghead prodigy, Hare-cules Hare, competes in the old Tortoise & The Hare fable race, only here the Tortoise is depicted as the shifty one. "Hare Today": The Tortoise has the race in hand but is thwarted by Harecules' Guided Muscle.moreless
    • Cheery Cheery Beany / Nya-Ha Ha! / Swingin' Singin' Sea Serpent
      "Cheery Cheery Beany": The Leakin' Lena traverses shark-infested waters in their attempt to deliver beans to the starving people of Hungry I-land.

      "Nya-Ha-Ha!": D.J.'s attempts to win a Granny Award are thwarted by the Robot Ants.

      "Swingin' Singin' Sea Serpent": Cecil creates a baseball game in an effort to protect the world's largest diamond from D.J.moreless
    • Mad Isle Of Mad-hatten / Hammy Awards / Hare-cules & The Golden Fleecing
      "The Hammy Awards": A send-up of the Emmy Awards has members of the show's animated cast vying for an award. Dishonest John is banking on one for his "Nyah-Ha-Ha" bit but he loses to Cecil for his role in "Cecil Meets Cecilia." "Mad Isle:" The crew travels to the Mad Isle of Madhatten's Mad-Madison Ad-venue, populated by TV hucksters and legal eagles, to sell a TV show. Dishonest John steals their idea and tries to pawn it off himself but gets caught up (literally) in the agency's red tape. "Harecules Hare & The Golden Fleecing": William Shakespeare Wolf's plans to have Harecules for dinner is thwarted by the Guided Muscle.moreless
    • Beany Blows His Top / Beany Flips His Lid / Fleastone Kop Caper
      "Beany Blows His Top": While Beany visits his girl friend Baby Ruthy, Cecil's date with Cecilia is scuttled by Dishonest John, disguised as a serpent beefcake, Sexy Rexy.

      "Beany Flips His Lid": Beany and Baby Ruthy uncover D.J.'s disguise and are held captive by the villain. Cecil comes to Beany's and Ruthy's rescue, thanks to their cap propellors.

      "Fleastone Kop Kaper": Beany and Cecil sit back to watch an all-canine spoof of old time police TV shows starring Fido Vance. D.J. crashes the party rooting for the villain.moreless
    • Thumb Fun / Living Doll / Beanyland
      "Thumb Fun": Illusionist episode that Beany and Cecil are tiny. "Living Doll": D.J. causes confusion with a Cecil puppet. "Beanyland": The crew journeys to the moon to open Beanyland, a theme amusement park. But Dishonest John has other plans.
    • Dragon Train / 10-Foot Tall And Wet / Dirty Pool
      "Dragon Train": Pop Gunn drives a dragon train across the west and tells us about western wild life.

      "10-Foot Tall And Wet": D.J. overhears the Captain's plans to build a pool.

      "Dirty Pool": As the crew builds their pool, Careless the Mexican Hairless keeps knocking on the gate to see if it's ready, and it isn't because Dishonest John is sabotaging the project.moreless
    • Cecil's Comical Strip / Beany's Resid-jewels / Wot The Heck
      "Cecil's Comical Strip": Cecil tries to sell a comic strip to a newspaper syndicate.

      "Beany's Resid-Jewels": The crew has Careless the Mexican Hairless guarding Beany's chest of Resid-jewels. D.J. has Chinese cat Peking Tom think Careless is a rat in an attempt to steal the jewels.

      "Wot The Heck?": Tom and Careless' confrontation culminates in a bullfight aboard the Leakin' Lena.moreless
    • Ain't That A Cork In The Snorkel? / Makes A Sea-Serpent Sore / So What & 7 Whatnots
      "Ain't That A Cork In The Snorkel?": The crew is in search of a creature that blows bubbles out of its head. "Makes A Sea Serpent Sore": The double-bubble trouble maker leads Cecil on a merry chase. "So What & The 7 WhatNots": The crew in on shore leave in Lost Wages, Nevada. Cecil takes in the nightclub featuring the musical act So What And The Seven Whatnots. Angered that Cecil didn't take in his show, Dishonest John serves up a poison cocktail to So What.moreless
    • Ain't I A Little Stinger / Warring 20's / B & C Meet Invisible Man
      "Ain't I A Little Stinger": D.J. in his Billious Beetle costume goes after Beepin' Tom again. .
      "The Warring 20s": A spoof of the ABC series "The Untouchables," with an assortment of ursine characters. .
      "Beany & Cecil Meet The Invisible Man": The crew journeys to the mansion of Edgar Allen Po' which Captain Huffenpuff wants to lease.moreless
    • Here Comes The Schmoeboat / T'ain't Cricket, Crickett / Cecil Always Saves The Day
      "Schmoeboat": On a showboat below the Mason-Dixon line, D.J. stirs up trouble dressed as a Southern Colonel.

      "T'aint Cricket, Crickett": D.J., Davey Crickett and a bear battle for a stockade.

      "Cecil Always Saves The Day": Aboard his Billy the Squid craft, Dishonest John tries to sabotage Beany and Cecil's Fourth of July celebration.moreless
    • Rin Tin Can / Vild Vast Vasteland / Invisible Man Has Butterfingers
      Rin Tin Can: Beany, Cecil and Huffenpuff watch as Willy the Wolf appears on a human interest show, The Plight of the Weak, and explains how he was shoved from the spotlight by an aluminum German shepherd named Rin Tin Can.
      Vild Vast Vasteland: Cecil goes down to an undersea "wild west" type town and squares off with Black Jack, the "Loan Arranger".
      The Invisible Man Has Butter Fingers: Dishonest John schemes to steal a secret potion, "Flab-Off", from the "Invisible Man", but the Invisible Man has some tricks up his sleeve...or, in this case, in his hand.moreless
    • Dirty Birdy / Man Eater Skeeters / Leading Lady Bug
      "Dirty Birdy" A mudpie flinging bird plays pranks on Captain Huffenpuff. "Man Eater Skeeters": The skeeters, led by Cyrano De Bugs-R-Back, leads an attack on the Leakin' Lena. "Davey Crickett's Leading Lady Bug": Davey Crickett and his leading lady bug are feature in a movie filmed in Eight-Nine, Tennessee.
    • 20,000 Little Leaguers / Malice In Blunderland / Buffalo Billy
      "20,000 Little Leaguers Under The Sea": A young, baseball playing octopus, Li'l Homer, plays all positions against D.J. "Malice In Blunderland": Cecil goes to Hollywood in hopes of being a star. "Buffalo Billy": A little buffalo kid and his frog pal Slopalong Catskills disrupts D.J.'s vacation.
    • Beany's Beany Cap Copter / Indiscreet Squeet / Phantom of the Horse Opera
      "Beany's Beany Cap Copter": D.J. tries to exploit Beany's deal with the government.

      "The Indiscreet Squeet": An oil hog goes wild drinking all the oil available.

      "Phantom Of The Horse Opera": An invisible man on an invisible horse takes Beany captive and leads Cecil on a chase.
    • Sleeping Beauty & The Beast / Quackers in Bed / D.J. Meets Cowboy Starr
      "Sleeping Beauty & the Beast": Cecil becomes Prince Chow Mein and enters the world of Mother Goose so he can awaken Sleeping Beauty with one of his patented slurps. But Dishonest John, as the wicked queen (?!) guards the castle and plays pranks on all the story characters. "Never Eat Quackers In Bed": William Shakespeare Wolf seeks a meal in the duck person of Graham Quacker, but Graham has his own ideas. "D.J. Meets Cowboy Starr": Aboard his octopus autobot Billy the Squid, Dishonest John has his way with Cecil and his pals Little Homer and Twinkle Twinkle the Starry-Eyed Starfish. The three pals join up and impersonate movie hero Cowboy Starr to turn the tide on D.J.moreless
    • Hero By Trade / Illegal Eagle Egg / Cecil Gets Careless
      "Hero By Trade": Private eye-ball Cecil is given a treasure map with which he uses to track down a fortune in gold--goldfish, that is. "The Illegal Eagle Egg": The crew scales Eagle Beak Peak in search of a bald eagle (a caricature of Phil Silvers). "Cecil Gets Careless": The crew receives a gift in the form of a Chihuahua puppy named Careless the Mexican Hairless. As Cecil takes Careless to get a dog license, dogcatcher Dishonest John is on the prowl for him and replaces him on Cecil's leash with a mechanical substitute.moreless
    • Beany & The Jackstalk / Humbug / Custard's Last Stand
      "Beany & The Jackstalk": The crew in a satire of the fairy story with the Giant and the Yen Hen. "Humbug": Captain Huffenpuff arrives on an island in search of a humming humbug. "Custard's Last Stand": The crew helps Gen. Custard defeat invading Indians, culminating in a pie fight.
    • Greatest Schmoe On Earth / B & C Meet Billy The Squid / Capture of the 3--Headed Threep
      1. The crew transports a monstrous thingie to Col. Cornpone's circus, where it steals their money. Cecil is run ragged chasing the Schmoe through the big top.

      2. Billy The Squid is actually an automaton operated by Dishonest John. He kidnaps Beany and has some fun with Cecil.

      3. Beany and Cecil look for the mysterious Three-Headed Threep so they can put him in showbiz.moreless
    • Rat Race For Space / Beany & The Boo Birds / B & C Meet Ping Pong
      1. Little Ace's space capsule lands in the ocean and he thinks he's on the moon. He wants his mommy, so Cecil conducts a search for her.

      2. Cecil is at the haunted Hotel Fountain-boo for a bucket of ice (the Leakin' Lena's source of travelling on land--Cecil sits in the bucket and his sneezes provide wind for the sails) and is made sport by the feathered poltergeists the Boo Birds.

      3. The crew is traversing the jungle in search of the gorilla Ping Pong.moreless
    • 7th Voyage of Singood/Cecil Meets Cecilia/Thunderbolt the Wondercolt
      "The 7th Voyage Of Singood": Cecil gets help from Greeny, a tipsy genie, in thwarting D.J. in his Singood suit.

      "Cecil Meets Cecilia": Our armless harmless hero finds love in the form of a she-serpent. Dishonest John tries to sabotage the romance.

      "The Capture Of Thunderbolt The Wondercolt": D.J. competes with the crew to nab a flying horse.moreless
    • Monstrous Monster / Tommy Hawk/Yo Ho Ho & Bubble Of Gum /
      "Monstrous Monster": The crew is on the lookout for a monster that eats "ships-kabobs." Cecil gets some help from his sea friends Jack the Knife, Snapsie Maxie and Staring Herring. "Tommy Hawk": The title character stirs up trouble in Indian territory. "Yo Ho Ho": The crew is involved in a pirate adventure with the world's jolliest Jolly Roger.moreless
    • Trip To The Schmoon / Grime Doesn't Pay / Beany's Buffalo Hunt
      "Trip To The Schmoon": The Leakin' Lena crew takes a rocket trip to the Schmoon (their term for the moon) where the mischievous blob the Schmoon Goon takes Beany captive. "Grime Doesn't Pay": Prison inmate Dishonest John tries to break out. "Beany's Buffalo Hunt": In the old west, Buffalo Bull stirs up mischief.moreless
    • Davey Crickett / Strange Objects / Tearalong The Dotted Lion
      "Davey Crickett": An insect version of Davey Crockett upsets Dishonest John's plans. "Strange Objects": Beepin' Tom, a creature who speaks in rebuses, leads D.J. on a merry chase. "The Capture Of Tearalong The Dotted Lion": The crew journeys to Vitamin Pill Hill in search of a health nut lion.
    • Little Ace From Outer Space / Super Cecil / Wildman From Wildsville
      "Little Ace From Outer Space": Astro-mouse Little Ace's capsule plunges into the sea where it is rescued by Cecil. "Super Cecil": Cecil gets his Super Serpent diploma and superhero costume. Dishonest John pulls Cecil's chain by leading him on a wild goose chase with a Beany puppet. "Wildman From Wildsville": The crew tavels to the Hungry I-land in search of Go Man Van Gogh, the Wildman of Wildsville.moreless
    • Spots Off A Leopard / Invasion Of Earth By Robots / Singing Dinosaur
      "Spots": The crew is out to obtain the spots off Ol' Spot the spotted leopard. Spot jokes run amuck. "Invasion": A family of aliens from Venus arrives on Earth for a picnic. "Cecil Meets The Singing Dinosaur": The crew is in a prehistoric land looking for the Singing Dinosaur (a caricature of Dinah Shore).moreless
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