The Beast Player Erin

Season 1 Episode 2

Soyon the Healer

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Jan 17, 2009 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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Soyon the Healer
A warrior brings in his Tohda that is sick and will not eat. Can Soyon heal the Tohda and what does Erin find out about what is causing it not to eat?

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      • Soyon: Erin, if you really want to become a Beast Healer... I will teach you properly.
        Erin: Yes.
        Soyon: Tohdas are fierce, but...they are living creatures creatures also.

      • (Tairan is leaving the village with his Tohda which is doing much better)
        Tairan: It's good to see that it has recovered. Thank you so much. I will not forget this.
        Hah-Sohn: We do not need anything. We are grateful that you fight for the people of the country.

      • Hah-Sohn: Tell us your opinion.
        Soyon: I think it's a poisoning from the alimentary water that we give to the Tohda.
        Hah-Sohn: Poisoning?
        Soyon: If we give the alimentary water to a healthy Tohda, it will strengthen them, but...I think it was too much for a weakened Tohda.
        Hah-Sohn: The effects of the alimentary water was too strong for it?
        Soyon: I am not certain until I investigate further.
        Hah-Sohn: We will investigate further then. But, if that Tohda should die...don't forget that you will be taking the blame. That is the law of the Tohda handlers.
        Soyon: Yes.

      • Tairan: Only the most excellent of the Tohda Handlers can take care of the Tohda. If your mother is looking after it, my Tohda might get better. Thank you so much.
        Erin: Oh, no. Thank you so much, too.
        Tairan: I see...looking at you, I have a good idea of your mother's personality too.
        Erin: By looking at me, you know how my mom is?
        Tairan: Yes. A child is a mirror of the parents. Seeing that you have manners, she must be stringent on herself.

      • (Erin and Sah-Ju have just witnessed Tairan spear three fish at one time)
        Tairan: When we go out on battle, I must procure fresh food for me and the Tohda. When I realized, I have learned such skill.
        Erin: You were riding on that Tohda at the battlefield right? Are Tohdas strong?
        Tairan: "Tohda eats a hundred horses." It is true what they say.
        Erin: That much?
        Tairan: The reason why this country remains peaceful is because of the protection from the Tohda

      • Erin: If I grow up, I can take care of Tohdas too.
        Soyon: Are you scared of Tohdas?
        Erin: N-No, I'm not scared.
        Soyon: If you find the Tohdas to be scary, you will become a good veterinarian.

      • (Tairan sees Soyon for the first time)
        Tairan: Oh, you...
        Hah-Sohn: That woman is not with the People of the Mist anymore. She's a wife to my son who passed away... And she is amongst one of us. She is the most skilled in Beast Healing.

      • Hah-Sohn: Mr. Tairan. Tohda is an assest to each village that it belongs to. When it dies, it will either be at the village it belongs to or at the battlefield. Have you forgotten that?
        Tairan: I have permission from the Grand Duke.
        Wah-Dan: The Grand Duke?
        Hah-Sohn: As long as you have the Grand Duke's permission...
        Tairan: Oh, thank you very much.

      • Tairan: This Tohda has fought many battles with me. As soon as we returned to the village, it will not eat anything.
        Hah-Sohn: ...does not feed on anything?
        Tairan: Please, it will starve to death. Something needs to be done.
        Wah-Dan: What do you feed it?
        Tairan: Goat meat.
        Wah-Dan: Same as here.
        Hah-Sohn: Quiet.
        Wah-Dan: O, oh, I am sorry. The commandments of the village prohibits me from telling you further details.

      • Sah-Ju: Who is that?
        Choku: He's a warrior from the territory next to us.
        Erin: How do you know that?
        Choku: The pattern engraved in the strong scale of the Tohda is different from our's, right?
        Sah-Ju: That's right.
        Choku: My dad told me to look at that and make the distinction.

      • (Erin runs up a hill to a group of plants)
        Erin: Goat Killer...
        Sah-Ju: What's going on?
        Erin: Goat Killer...we need to take them all out before the goats eat it. Or else they will get poisoned and die.

      • Narrator: In the ancient times, across the Afon-Noa... when the ancestor of Shin-Oh descended on to Tahai-Azeh... Tall, with golden eyes was The First King Jeh. People saw a divine countenance. Today, after so many thousand days and nights since then... Shin-Oh's capital city, with no army to protect it's own was protected by the Grand Duke's army, who possessed the Tohda. The valorous Grand Duke's army harnessed the power of Tohda to protect from it's enemies. The Tohda that they use were raised at the Akeh Village.

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