The Beast Player Erin

Season 1 Episode 3

The Fighting Beast

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Jan 24, 2009 on Nippon Television Network Corporation
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The Fighting Beast
The village is going to be having a Tohda drill and the Grand Duke and another important person are coming. Who is this person and what does Erin learn to make her passionate about learning about the Tohdas?

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      • Erin: Mom, why do Tohdas fight? Is that the real nature of Tohda? I...want to know their language...Then I can understand how they feel.

      • Hah-Sohn: Welcome. Thank you for coming.
        Dahmiyah: So this is the Tohda Handler's's like a fortress.
        Hah-Sohn: Yes. The secret to raising Tohda is our treasure. We are careful about that.

      • Dahmiyah: I wanted to talk to you.
        Nugan: With me? Why?
        Dahmiyah: Woman or warrior, they are both the same. I am good at finding raw gemstones. You have a very wise brother. But you too, are as intelligent as your brother...with such pure will. You are similar to the first Grand Duke, Yaman Hasaru, who has saved this country from peril. Please continue to maintain your purity.

      • (Dahmiyah finds Nugan outside practicing his swordsmanship)
        Dahmiyah: Practicing this late, I'm impressed. That is why I have chosen you.
        Nugan: I was just trying to answer your faith in me.
        Dahmiyah: You are just like your father.

      • Dahmiyah: So, Grand Duke, why don't you let Nugan on the Tohda tomorrow also?
        Grand Duke: You want Nugan to? But...
        Dahmiyah: The son of the Grand Duke only becomes an adult on the back of a Tohda. I'm sure he is qualified enough, Grand Duke.
        Grand Duke: Well... I will arrange so, then.

      • Grand Duke: Master Dahmiyah, the first son, Shunan, will be riding for the first time at tomorrow's drill.
        Dahmiyah: Oh, that is great news. How old is he?
        Shunan: Yes. I am 16, sir.
        Dahmiyah: If I can show you to Shin-Oh and Master Seimiyah, they will be so delighted. As Shin-Oh, and the to-be-successor, my aunt and Master Seimiyah cannot travel as freely. Your news would be such a souvenir for them.

      • Narrator: The Grand Duke is the most reknowned warrior. His duty is to protect the king of this country, Shin-Oh.

      • Erin: Why doesn't the whistle work on Lulu?
        Soyon: Take a look at Lulu's ears.
        Erin: There's something on a cap!
        Soyon: That membrane prevents the sound of the whistle, when it's covering itself with it.
        Erin: Does the membrane go away when it becomes an adult?
        Soyon: We cut them off before it matures...before the talons and fangs become hard.
        Erin: You will cut Lulu's too?
        Soyon: Eventually...
        Erin: Please don't! It will hurt...
        Soyon: That's true...but unless we do so, Tohda canot coexist with humans. We need to follow the law.

      • Choku's Mother: I'm amazed that the chief gave permission to let Erin enter the Cove.
        Choku's Father: That's right. There are people who think because she's a People of the Mist, but she's Soyon's daughter. No need to worry.

      • Narrator: Tomorrow, a Tohda drill will be held at the Akeh Village. However, everyone was busy more than ever today. This is because the Grand Duke and an important person from the Capital City will be visiting to watch the Tohda drill.

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