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An FBI agent with uncouth yet effective tactics is played by Patrick Swayze on A&E's The Beast. Charles Barker (Swayze) trains new partner Ellis Dove (Travis Fimmel). Baker imparts his hard-driving and slick methods even while an internal affairs squad is investigating him.

The troublemaker veteran makes his new partner sweat as they work undercover, using clever manipulation to continually test Dove and drive him deeper into the "roles" they play on each case.

Dove struggles to do the job the way he's being taught while facing pressure to spy on his veteran partner to support the internal affairs investigation.


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    • Thrilling and intriguing. It shouldn't have been canceled. I hate to see it go.

      I know it's been said that the cancellation is due to ratings and not Patrick's illness, but I wish it had continued and been given a chance to flourish. Perhaps a better time slot too. This show had action, suspense, and intrigue. While most of the cop shows out there try to put a lot of science filler, this one took plot twists and secrecy and packaged them into an exciting hour. Patrick excellently played an agent, where in the beginning you couldn't really tell if he was the bad guy or the good guy. Travis pulled off the new partner with his sexy, bad-boy routine and the two of them made an excellent team. I truly hope they reconsider and bring it back for another season. Wishful thinking ;pmoreless
    • Have the faith

      Okay after a promising start to the series and a really well shot and edited pilot it looked promising for "The Beast" but with the health off Swayze the future doesnt look too good for the show but i thin kthe show can only get better, a decent 1st series could be a good foundation for a 2nd with un answered questions to be answered.

      The rookie as it would be of Ellis Dove (Fimmel) and the experienced cop of Barker (Swayze) does seem like it has been done before but in the concept of ludacris FBI agents solving the most obsured crimes it seems just right.

      If a second season does get comisioned it would be the right choice as the show can only get better in my opinion. A great young talent in Fimmel and the old head of Swayze can really take this show foward and get a nice little run going for it, and here is hoping it doesmoreless
    • If only this show gets a fair chance

      Highly under-rated drama, with very few negatives. The unfortunate situation with Mr. Swayze's illness is one of the main things working against it's success, as he is so frail and thin from his treatments that it's hard for him to look convincing in this role. That said, if more people would give this show a chance I really think they would all see what dedicated fans like me have : there's some really good writing and action to be seen here.

      Also, I enjoy their music choices. In last night's episode they pulled an old under the radar classic out of their hats, using The Promise Ring's "Raspberry Rush" during the bar scene...this made me smile.moreless
    • Keep The Beast Going. The guys are both great, Don't want to miss an episode!!!!

      I personally love this show. I've been hooked ever since I watched the pilot episode. My hubby and I look foward to watching The Beast each week. It keeps you guessing. Is Barker bad or good? We wish him the best. I like the bad boy image of Travis Fimmel. He also has us guessing, Will he turn against Barker? Does he really have his back? We can see their partnership developing but they still have trust issues. We hope that Patrick Swayze will be able to over come and beat the cancer and have a very long run trying to tame The Beast.moreless
    • I'm going to go against the grain and say that I'm really enjoying "The Beast" so far. Instead of a run of the mill formulaic effort I found a great show built on a solid premise which, given time & effort, could easily grow into something special.moreless

      I will admit that a lot of my enjoyment of "The Beast" stems from Travis Fimmel although I hasten to add that I'm not being totally shallow and, although he is very nice to look at (!), I was ultimately won over by his portrayal of Ellis. He's got that bratty, rebellious but ultimately charming approach off to a tee and it works very well against the gruffness of Patrick Swayze's Barker. I really like the idea of Ellis being approached by those investigating Barker right at the beginning of their relationship, it gives both Ellis and the audience a level of distrust towards Barker from the outset which, in turn, makes it more interesting to closely watch and second guess his actions and motives. There's a great on-screen chemistry between the two leads and I look forward to seeing it played and worked with more in the future :)

      I'm hoping this show gets a good shot at life. It has just been bought by a channel over here in the UK and for a premiering US series to be bought so early on its life is very unusual. I'm hoping a bit of trans-atlantic interest will help it along a little!moreless

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