The Beast

Season 1 Episode 5

Bitsy Big-Boy

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2009 on A&E

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  • The Beast

    A bodyguard kind of episode. I liked it.
    I wish I knew what the "anti" Barker guys really wanted with Ellis besides trying to make him a double agent or something.
    And I don't remember exactly what Ellis saw on that CD he got from the black guy.

    Anyways, the scene where Barker finds the chinese woman's handler.. wow.. the exchange was impressive! A lot of emotion going on but it was obivous the gun was empty.. lol

    Hmm, the blonde girl near the end who just gave Ellis a lap dance.. I failed to see the point of having her there besides supplying the young agent with some interesting and fun hours of sex..

    It was a little weird the Todd guy babling about non stop.. a couple minutes of comical relief in a drama show, I guess.. lol
  • Gotta love politics.

    I loved how this epsiode juggled. We had the case of a whistleblower of nuclear secrets, or supposed, secrets needing the get those secrets to the right people. Then you have Dove walking a very thin line. He is insisting to Beaumont that he's wrong about Barker but Ellis in turn isn't coming clean to Barker about Beaumont and actually lies to Barker. I loved how they showed Dove's frustration at the system or in this case two political parties viaing for the upperhand. What I did find interesting that Beaumont planted a bug in Dove's head about those secrets that they worked so hard to get to the right sources, may possibly be lies. Which got me thinking, yeah they maybe lies but did Barker know it?