The Beast

Season 1 Episode 11

My Brother's Keeper

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 09, 2009 on A&E

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  • Tensions are high....

    I liked watching the tables turned on Barker within this episode. Usually he's the hunter, but Dove has turned into the hunter and Barker's the prey as Dove attempts to get to the bottom line of where Barker stands. He is forces the issue when he draws a line in the sand with Barker, who still as always isn't giving Dove enough credit. What we learn is that Barker is indeed still working on "red gaundlet" to exert his own form of revenge. The script was pretty intriguing but as a whole tonight's episode itself was pretty predictable but I loved the twist that Tony Sr. was indeed alive. Some questions were indeed raised within the episode such as exactly how trustworthy is Dove's friend Tony?