The Beast

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2009 on A&E



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    • Ellis: (to Rose) I'm having the proverbial day from hell, and the only thing that's gotten me this far, was the thought of seeing you.

    • ASAC Agent Stellan Maguire: I need you to listen carefully to what I'm about to stay, and understand that it was done ultimately to protect you. Your weapons trafficking case was a mock up to help us study the case.
      Ellis: What case?
      ASAC Agent Stellan Maguire: Charles Barker. We fear that Barker's strayed. We're concerned how far. That's why we teamed you up with him, to see how you'd gel.
      Ellis: Barker handpicked me.
      ASAC Agent Stellan Maguire: We did, as well. We need you, Ellis. We need you to help us find the truth, wherever that leads.
      Ellis: What about Nikolai?
      ASAC Agent Stellan Maguire: He a genuine arms dealer, who thanks to you is off the streets.
      Ellis: Do you have any proof?
      ASAC Agent Stellan Maguire: It's not that simple.
      Ellis: Do you have any proof?!
      ASAC Agent Stellan Maguire: Some.
      Ellis: That's bullshit. See, Barker, he treats people like they're disposable, right? He cheats the rules when they don't fit the program. You know, the man has a God complex. And he's a first-class asshole to work with. But he's not crooked. He's the best agent I've ever been around. Bottom line is, he gets the job done.
      ASAC Agent Stellan Maguire: No one on this train would question Barker's abilities. You're right, they're unmatched. However, that's exactly what makes this situation volatile. What you are is confused.
      Ellis: You think so? (grabs her and points a gun at her head, all of her team point a gun at Ellis) I had a gun jammed in my face. I smoked meth in a trailer park with this idiot. And my own partner, broke my nose. So, yeah. I'm a little confused. (lets her go)
      Agent: I think we made a mistake.
      Ellis: Oh, you see that? That's the first rational thing I've heard since I got on this train.
      ASAC Agent Stellan Maguire: We'll be in touch.
      Ellis: Oh, don't bother. See, I got a job. I'm Barker's partner.

    • Charles: (to Ellis) When you work for who we work for, and do what we do, you'll find that there are things in life that you have to protect. 'Cause the beast eats away at you. And if you're not careful, the beast will eat it all, and you have nothing. And you are nothing.

    • (After they just finished their undercover gig)
      Ellis: We presented ourselves as amateurs. To behave like true professionals would've seemed sketchy. You fighting with me, made things messy, but it reinforced who we were.
      Charles: You felt it, didn't you? Now you just have to learn to control it.

    • (Ellis is chasing Nikolai, and Charles comes around the corner and shoots Nikolai in the leg)
      Charles: (to Ellis) Were you gonna shoot 'em or slow dance with 'em?

    • Nikoli: (after Charles pulls a gun on him) See, I hate it when these meetings take this kind of a turn. 'Cause it makes it uncomfortable for everyone.

    • Charles: (to Ellis) You may feel like you're drowning, but you're not. Now, who can you trust? You can trust your damn case file and you can trust me.

    • Conrad: So how's your new partner treating you?
      Ellis: He's a real prick.
      Conrad: Yeah, he is. Eh, it's 3:00, you're still alive, that's a good thing.
      Ellis: You know him long?
      Conrad: I know him well-- As well as anyone can.
      Ellis: He said he handpicked me. Honestly, I don't have the first damn clue why.
      Conrad: He looks at you and he sees himself 20 years ago. Does that scare you? Huh? 'Cause it should.

    • (After Charles pulls a gun on a C.I)
      Ellis: Not exactly bureau protocol.
      Charles: Screw bureau protocol.
      Ellis: So, uh, what? We're self-governed? Is that it?
      Charles: Ungoverned. Either way, there's a fine line between who we are and what we're goin' after.
      Ellis: There's a line though, right?
      Charles: Yeah, there's a line. So we know where to cross.

    • Ellis: (looking at the new case file) Oh. We're brothers.
      Charles: Obviously a mistake. You're adopted.

    • Ellis: You walked a surface-to-air launcher out of the FBI building?
      Charles: The real trick is gonna be you getting it back in.

    • Charles: (talking about the surface to air launcher) Without the launch cards, it's nothing but a vibrator without batteries.

    • Ellis: (as they are 'shopping) The field office?
      Charles: Can you think of a place that has a better stash than the FBI?

    • Charles: (as his phone is ringing) Look, I gotta take this. Could you wait in the hall?
      Ellis: It's my apartment. (next shot is of Ellis standing outside his apartment)

    • Charles: I need you to deliver this envelope to that exact address at 1400 sharp.
      Ellis: What is it?
      Charles: It's an envelope.

    • (Ellis comes home to find Charles there)
      Charles: What no coffee for me?
      Ellis: If I would've known that you would be breaking and entering, I would've gotten you your little nonfat latte.

    • Conrad: The whole world doesn't revolve around you my friend.
      Charles: Yeah? Then who does it revolve around?

    • Charles: (to Ellis after he almost pulled out his badge in a bar) Never present in the real world... Ever! You measure, you think, then you react! (takes Ellis' badge out) When having this thing feels like it burning a hole in you pocket, then maybe you're beginning to know the job of an undercover FBI agent! (throws Ellis' badge at him) Get your shit together!

    • Charles: You seriously compromised us back there. Our lives depends on our ability to convince people that we are who we say we are.
      Ellis: I did all those exercises at Quantico.
      Charles: And that's the difference between training and tradecraft.

    • (After Charles shoots Ellis while undercover, during a bust)
      Ellis: You shot me!
      Charles: Yeah, I shot you.
      Ellis: (groans) Twice!
      Charles: 'Come on, Hickey, it's only 50,000 short.' Hickey did the count. You were outside, how the hell could you know much we were light, unless you were FBI? I shot you in the vest, son, to keep you from getting killed. Maybe next time I don't. Breathe shallow and it won't hurt so bad, now get in the car.

    • (Charles is exiting a building after a bust, a lot SWAT guys are rushing in)
      Charles: What the hell? Did you bring the whole office?

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: February 18, 2009 on Five
      Slovakia: January 18, 2010 on Markiza
      Czech Republic: March 7, 2010 on TV Nova

    • The show is set and filmed on location in Chicago.

    • "Take hope from the heart of man, and you make him a beast of prey." - Marie Louise De La Ramee

      This appears as the opening title card for the episode.

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