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  • A grimy, gripping, cop drama involving a veteran FBI agent (Patrick Swayze) and the challenges that face him as he is teamed up with a new rookie partner, trying to capture criminals while going deep undercover. Strong language and content.

    After the tragic end of the Shield, it's good to have a gripping, grimy, hardcore cop drama that keeps you on your toes and makes you ask for more. I really enjoyed the premiere...Patrick Swayze's character is as hard as it gets...tough, mean, and yet, he's trying to show his new patner what it takes to be a fed. Obviously, he's the not the cleanest law enforcer, so I am very interested in how the relationship between Swayze and his partner will turn out. Since the passing of the Shield, I've waited for a series that breaks from regular television, breaks the language barrier, and the typical "good cop" trend. This may be it...
  • I'm going to go against the grain and say that I'm really enjoying "The Beast" so far. Instead of a run of the mill formulaic effort I found a great show built on a solid premise which, given time & effort, could easily grow into something special.

    I will admit that a lot of my enjoyment of "The Beast" stems from Travis Fimmel although I hasten to add that I'm not being totally shallow and, although he is very nice to look at (!), I was ultimately won over by his portrayal of Ellis. He's got that bratty, rebellious but ultimately charming approach off to a tee and it works very well against the gruffness of Patrick Swayze's Barker. I really like the idea of Ellis being approached by those investigating Barker right at the beginning of their relationship, it gives both Ellis and the audience a level of distrust towards Barker from the outset which, in turn, makes it more interesting to closely watch and second guess his actions and motives. There's a great on-screen chemistry between the two leads and I look forward to seeing it played and worked with more in the future :)

    I'm hoping this show gets a good shot at life. It has just been bought by a channel over here in the UK and for a premiering US series to be bought so early on its life is very unusual. I'm hoping a bit of trans-atlantic interest will help it along a little!
  • A very interesting mix of"Old Fashioned Policing" with a hint of "New Age" psychology thrown in. This mix of the old and new almost seems incongruous within the character, but that can easily be explained away by the age of the lead, played by Swayze.

    Patrick Swayze is a 50 something FBI agent (Barker) "breaking in" a new partner (Dove). From the onset their varying "undercover" skills causes friction within the developing partnership. The difference between new and old FBI tactics and directives becomes even more apparent during the final scenes of this pilot episode, when Dove realises he is not alone on the subway train - He is there with about five internal affairs agents. There is some great action in this first episode. We get to see an RPG, blow up what looks to be a LandCruiser 4WD. And did I mention Barker only borrowed that from evidence "lock up"? And he was going to return it!

    There is the question of Barker's sister and just who did she marry and why? Plus what were those documents Barker was soooo keen to get his paws on?

    Also, the new neighbour that Dove just "happened" to bump into coming out of the building - who is she? And why did we see him looking at her through the rain in the internet cafe and then walk away? And why did she not seem so worried about it? And what was with her facial expression?

    And of course the blindly obvious - Is Barker a bent cop or just one who doesn't like to play by the rules?

    This first episode set up many stories inside the main plot of the show, and as long as they are allowed to develop well, the show should become very popular. All in all well worth a watch.
  • Its not great but it isn't that bad either.

    I saw one preview for this show but never found the time to watch it when The Pilot or the 2nd episode aired. I watched both episodes online. The moment I saw the other undercover or internal affairs agent pick up the John Le Carre book that this was a show I would like. If you haven't read any of Le Carre's book and are interested, I recommend starting with Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Alot of reviews that are the bad ones say that this is half of what The Shield was. Which is another reason for me considering to watch this show. I didn't really enjoy the Shield. Overall this series is gritty and realistic. It also has a mix of Spooks or MI5 mixed into it.
  • Have the faith

    Okay after a promising start to the series and a really well shot and edited pilot it looked promising for "The Beast" but with the health off Swayze the future doesnt look too good for the show but i thin kthe show can only get better, a decent 1st series could be a good foundation for a 2nd with un answered questions to be answered.

    The rookie as it would be of Ellis Dove (Fimmel) and the experienced cop of Barker (Swayze) does seem like it has been done before but in the concept of ludacris FBI agents solving the most obsured crimes it seems just right.

    If a second season does get comisioned it would be the right choice as the show can only get better in my opinion. A great young talent in Fimmel and the old head of Swayze can really take this show foward and get a nice little run going for it, and here is hoping it does
  • Keep The Beast Going. The guys are both great, Don't want to miss an episode!!!!

    I personally love this show. I've been hooked ever since I watched the pilot episode. My hubby and I look foward to watching The Beast each week. It keeps you guessing. Is Barker bad or good? We wish him the best. I like the bad boy image of Travis Fimmel. He also has us guessing, Will he turn against Barker? Does he really have his back? We can see their partnership developing but they still have trust issues. We hope that Patrick Swayze will be able to over come and beat the cancer and have a very long run trying to tame The Beast.
  • amazing

    this show is absolutely amazing the storyline and plot keep you content till the end it brings you in with the suspense as well,its really one of the best shows ive seen in a while,i really cant count how many times during the premiere it blew my mind,and it all was completely original although patrick swayze may be sick this show is really great he obviously put his all into this show because it just really is amazing its a beast and if you dont watch it itll eat away at you xD its really an amazing show. no matter what this show must go on !
  • Thrilling and intriguing. It shouldn't have been canceled. I hate to see it go.

    I know it's been said that the cancellation is due to ratings and not Patrick's illness, but I wish it had continued and been given a chance to flourish. Perhaps a better time slot too. This show had action, suspense, and intrigue. While most of the cop shows out there try to put a lot of science filler, this one took plot twists and secrecy and packaged them into an exciting hour. Patrick excellently played an agent, where in the beginning you couldn't really tell if he was the bad guy or the good guy. Travis pulled off the new partner with his sexy, bad-boy routine and the two of them made an excellent team. I truly hope they reconsider and bring it back for another season. Wishful thinking ;p
  • If only this show gets a fair chance

    Highly under-rated drama, with very few negatives. The unfortunate situation with Mr. Swayze's illness is one of the main things working against it's success, as he is so frail and thin from his treatments that it's hard for him to look convincing in this role. That said, if more people would give this show a chance I really think they would all see what dedicated fans like me have : there's some really good writing and action to be seen here.

    Also, I enjoy their music choices. In last night's episode they pulled an old under the radar classic out of their hats, using The Promise Ring's "Raspberry Rush" during the bar scene...this made me smile.
  • A promising sounding show turns out to be a flop.

    This review is based on an early impression (episodes 1 and a small part of 2) and so i realize there is the possibility of improvement down the road.

    Whereas the synopsis of the show sounded interesting, the execution of it is quite dire. A couple of FBI-agents, one experienced and shifty (Patrick Swayze) and a rookie (Travis Fimmel) are teamed up to work together on cases. The first two cases involved sales of weapons and drugs. There is no real point going into the plots of the episodes as they play out pretty much exactly as you would expect. There is a subplot involving internal affairs wanting the rookie, Dove to cooperate with them in keeping tabs on the experienced agent, called Barker. It is implied that Barker might be involved in some dirty business even outside of bending or even breaking the rules.

    This show comes across as being as mediocre as you could imagine. The camera-work is horrible. Aside from being a bad student of the "NYPD Blue" school of shaky-cam, the picture often looks blurry, and depressingly under-lit or dark altogether. It is as if the producers hired an amateur and told him "give it your best shot" with a digital camera.

    The show, from what i've seen, is horribly clichéd and the music score is utterly predictable in what mood it wants to set a scene in as well as when it swells up to give a scene or shot fake tension or emotional resonance. The acting ranges from mediocre (Swayze) to downright awful (Fimmel) with both of them channeling performances that have been done millions of times before by much better actors. Fimmel in particular is a twitchy, constipated-looking hybrid of Matthew McConaughey and Leonard DiCaprio, and seems selected to play the part for no other reason than to give the female audience a "hunk" to root for. The guy twitches and smirks his way through the show and we are supposed to think it is "acting".

    The characters they play are as hackneyed as they get, without almost an ounce of originality in behavior. The experienced guy knows all and makes the rookie do his bidding and the rookie apparently has no problem putting his career on the line by defying internal affairs in favor of loyalty to a guy he hardly knows, except that he in fact DOES break a large number of rules and laws. There is no reason whatsoever for him to potentially sacrifice his career for this man and yet he does. Why? Because the plot requires that internal affairs be "wrong" or mistrusted by default, and the rookie to show "loyalty" to his fellow agent as if it somehow more honorable than remaining honest as a law enforcement agent. Dove inexplicably thinks that not the bureau but his partner has given him his job and puts food on his table, otherwise there is no logical explanation why a rookie would put his job on the line for a near-total stranger. To make a long story short: the writing, much like almost everything else, stinks to high heaven and offers neither anything fresh and original, nor anything of quality even in redundancy.

    The only positive thing that could be said is that at least the action on display is adequate and if mediocrity is no hindrance in wasting some time i guess you could do even worse than this show. With "Flashpoint" for instance.
  • The hype and previews didn't live up to my expectations.

    The hype and previews didn't live up to my expectations. Some parts were set at night and very difficult to follow. The whole show was confusing. So far as the show's name "The Beast," it seems completely alien to the show's content. Patrick Swayze is out of sorts with his typical acting choices historically, so it seems odd to see him in the role of "rogue cop." He was "okay", but I can think of a dozen actors that would have been better suited to the part.

    Travis Fimmel is unfamiliar to me. I found his acting forced and other than as eye-candy, I didn't feel he really added anything to the show.