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  • A very interesting mix of"Old Fashioned Policing" with a hint of "New Age" psychology thrown in. This mix of the old and new almost seems incongruous within the character, but that can easily be explained away by the age of the lead, played by Swayze.

    Patrick Swayze is a 50 something FBI agent (Barker) "breaking in" a new partner (Dove). From the onset their varying "undercover" skills causes friction within the developing partnership. The difference between new and old FBI tactics and directives becomes even more apparent during the final scenes of this pilot episode, when Dove realises he is not alone on the subway train - He is there with about five internal affairs agents. There is some great action in this first episode. We get to see an RPG, blow up what looks to be a LandCruiser 4WD. And did I mention Barker only borrowed that from evidence "lock up"? And he was going to return it!

    There is the question of Barker's sister and just who did she marry and why? Plus what were those documents Barker was soooo keen to get his paws on?

    Also, the new neighbour that Dove just "happened" to bump into coming out of the building - who is she? And why did we see him looking at her through the rain in the internet cafe and then walk away? And why did she not seem so worried about it? And what was with her facial expression?

    And of course the blindly obvious - Is Barker a bent cop or just one who doesn't like to play by the rules?

    This first episode set up many stories inside the main plot of the show, and as long as they are allowed to develop well, the show should become very popular. All in all well worth a watch.