The Beast

A&E (ended 2009)


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  • A grimy, gripping, cop drama involving a veteran FBI agent (Patrick Swayze) and the challenges that face him as he is teamed up with a new rookie partner, trying to capture criminals while going deep undercover. Strong language and content.

    After the tragic end of the Shield, it's good to have a gripping, grimy, hardcore cop drama that keeps you on your toes and makes you ask for more. I really enjoyed the premiere...Patrick Swayze's character is as hard as it gets...tough, mean, and yet, he's trying to show his new patner what it takes to be a fed. Obviously, he's the not the cleanest law enforcer, so I am very interested in how the relationship between Swayze and his partner will turn out. Since the passing of the Shield, I've waited for a series that breaks from regular television, breaks the language barrier, and the typical "good cop" trend. This may be it...