The Beast

A&E (ended 2009)


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  • Have the faith

    Okay after a promising start to the series and a really well shot and edited pilot it looked promising for "The Beast" but with the health off Swayze the future doesnt look too good for the show but i thin kthe show can only get better, a decent 1st series could be a good foundation for a 2nd with un answered questions to be answered.

    The rookie as it would be of Ellis Dove (Fimmel) and the experienced cop of Barker (Swayze) does seem like it has been done before but in the concept of ludacris FBI agents solving the most obsured crimes it seems just right.

    If a second season does get comisioned it would be the right choice as the show can only get better in my opinion. A great young talent in Fimmel and the old head of Swayze can really take this show foward and get a nice little run going for it, and here is hoping it does