The Beast

Season 1 Episode 2

Two Choices

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2009 on A&E
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Episode Summary

Barker and Ellis have to bust a major drug trafficker, Jimmy Casserly, out of Chicago Police Department's custody. They need him free so they can make a drug deal with him, then arrest him. Things seem to be going Barker and Ellis' way until they discover that someone else is after Casserly.moreless

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  • A father's revenge.

    Barker and Dove are working on a drug trafficking case. Problem is, the main way in is in Chicago Police Department custody. As they focus on Casserly, Barker deals with the carnage left behind. They are met with roadblocks in getting not only the information they need but also the people they are after. Barker methods are definitely questionable but we'll have to see if there is a method to his madness. Ellis is still being pulled and is still learning, but he's at least trying to find his needed answers on his own and not depending on what he's been told all the while he's finding his own way of doing things.moreless
  • Another UC operation leads Ellis and Barker to a drug dealer and a heartbroken cop. Meanwhile, Ellis's new pal from IA gives him evidence to prove that Barker IS a little dirty…but will Ellis take a look at the evidence?moreless

    Another UC operation leads Ellis and Barker to a drug dealer and a heartbroken cop. Meanwhile, Ellis's new pal from IA gives him evidence to prove that Barker IS a little dirty. By episodes end Ellis discovers that Barker does have the DIA device, and decides not to tell him about the IA investigation or the dvd of evidence. Instead he decides to watch it. Of course we don't get to see what's on it, and that bums me out because I think they're being far too vague about what Barker's dirty dealings may be. More Thoughts on 'Two Choices': - I like Larry Gilliard Jr. as the man trying to flip Ellis.

    - Pretty decent story line even though I would like to see longer arc-like undercover operations

    Bottom Line: Not a bad second episode, although I do find the show a tad slow at times. There's a difference between deliberate and slow, and this one walks a fine line.

    Next week: Barker and Ellis take on one of the nastiest and sleaziest rackets in the world--human trafficking. More at www.theplurp.commoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Barker and Dove are confronting the drug seller in front of the semi-truck, the shot cuts away to Casserly lying on the ground, allegedly dead. Because the gun is lying on Casserly's chest, you can clearly see that he is still breathing.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Charles: So, what it's killin' you to lie to her? Get rid of her. No excess baggage. Nothin' that you can't leave behind.

    • Ellis: I met a girl. Um, that's happened to you, right? You ask yourself...
      Charles: Bra clasp is usually in the back, press in, push forward.
      Ellis: Very funny.

    • Ellis: I saw the same shit that you did, Barker. Guy tryin' to get right by his daughter. But is it really our call?
      Barker: I'm not gonna sit here and teach you the difference between right and wrong. But, bottom line-- You don't make it your call, you'll wake up 20 years from now wonderin' why you did any of it. And your life is nothin' but a big joke.

    • Charles: (about Lt. Plank) Cut him lose.
      Ellis: He just shot someone in front of us.
      Charles: Jimmy got shot in the crossfire, cut him loose.
      Ellis: If you want to cut him loose, cut him loose yourself.

    • Charles: (to Ellis) You're too damn worried about impressing me, that you're not focused on the job.

    • Rose: So, where are you from?
      Ellis: Missouri. That's where I went to high school.
      Rose: Are your parents still in Missouri?
      Ellis: No parents.
      Rose: So you were hatched?
      Ellis: (sighs) My mom died when I was five. My dad, well, he went out for a pack of cigarettes...
      Rose: That's tough.
      Ellis: I only wished he started smokin' sooner.
      Rose: It all kinda sounds like a country western song. You know that joke, when you play a country song backwards? You get your wife back, you get your truck back, you get your job back, and then your dog comes home.
      Ellis: I hadn't heard that one, but it's funny though.

    • Ellis: Where are we goin' now?
      Charles: You are gonna go get me a coffee. Black, no sugar.

    • Charles: So you ever heard of Jimmy Casserly?
      Ellis: Is this another test?
      Charles: Not if you know the answer.

    • Ellis: (coming home and seeing Raymond sitting in his apartment) What does everyone have a key to my apartment now?

    • Raymond: Do you really think that if I just leave now that it'll all just go away? There's a job the bureau wants you to do.
      Ellis: Not interested.
      Raymond: Not interested in what? The job or the truth?
      Ellis: My loyalty is to Barker. You know, I thought I made myself pretty clear on the train, to you and your friend. Whatever happened to her anyway, your iceberg girlfriend?
      Raymond: She didn't get you to take the gig. That's what happened to her.
      Ellis: Well, then I guess you'll be joining her. 'Cause you didn't either.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: February 25, 2009 on Five
      Slovakia: January 25, 2010 on Markiza
      Czech Republic: March 14, 2010 on TV Nova