The Beat (2000)

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  • Season 1
    • Come As You Are
      Come As You Are
      Episode 13
    • Tangled Up in Blue
      Tangled Up in Blue
      Episode 12
    • Gimme Shelter
      Gimme Shelter
      Episode 11
    • Dark End of the Street
    • Call on Me
      Call on Me
      Episode 9
    • Get It On (Bang the Gong)
    • Every Beat of My Heart
    • Someone To Watch Over Me
      At Beatrice's urging, Jansen drops the assault charge against Zane. He loses 10 vacation days and returns to active duty. Pressure to stop the pigeon serial killer mounts. Beatrice asks Mike to intervene so she can get back with Zane. He suggests that she get a job and a life. Mike tells Zane about Steve's lead in the arson case. Newell remains in hospital, his attacker still at large. Elizabeth's mother and stepmother take her shopping for a wedding gown. Mike is reluctant to tell Steve that he wants Zane to be his best man. Zane offers a number of possibilities for Mike's bachelor party, including a 4-day porno yacht trip, shark hunting, dog sledding, shooting the rapids, snowmobiling in the Rockies, ice climbing, the world barbecue championships, and the Montana Testicle Festival. After a cook and headwaiter assault each other with a carving fork, Zane and Mike accompany them to the hospital and take the opportunity to visit Newell. Newell tells them that he was the one who put the chokehold on Jamal Jones, not Ulrich. Mike tells Zane that, if anyone asks him about it, he'll repeat what Newell said. Protests against Ulrich and the police in general, continue outside the precinct. Zane and Sharp visit Vince in prison. Vince tells his story about the night of his wife's murder. Sharp decides to take his case. Mike invites Steve out for a drink and tells him that Zane's going to be the best man. Kilmer and Morales arrest a man for killing pigeons. He claims he's doing a public service. Stressed about the wedding and his frequent appearances before IAB, Mike falls asleep during his Sergeant Exam class and loses his memo book just before he needs to turn it in at month-end. He refuses Zane's offer to replace it through unofficial channels. Beatrice, with monochrome hair, waits for Zane outside the precinct. She tells him that she has adjusted to her new medication and has enrolled in mortician school to prove her love for him. Steve corners Zane at Uncle Connie's bar and questions him about the arson. Zane won't turn Beatrice in and asks Steve to drop it. With help from Mike, Elizabeth chooses her wedding dress. Morales and Kilmer learn that the pigeon killer they caught is a copycat. The original pigeon killer is still at large. Skloff finds Mike's memo book. While off-duty, Ulrich shoots a homeless man, claiming the man came at him with a power drill. (UPN)moreless
    • Cueca Solo
      Cueca Solo
      Episode 5
      Zane appears before IAB on Jansen's assault charge. He flirts with the IAB detective, confident that, given Ulrich's slap on the wrist, he'll get off easy. While he remains on desk duty, Mike is partnered with the fossilized Officer Skloff. At roll call, Taylor confronts Ulrich about the Livingston incident. Mike makes out his guest list for the wedding and talks about studying for the Sergeant's Exam. Zane's desk duty proves hazardous when Ryan's collar, an irate working girl, kicks him in a sensitive spot. Mike and Skloff handle a call at a library where the librarian smacked a corner boy with an atlas. Skloff refuses to take anyone in, then tries to ticket a dog for public urination. Zane continues to duck calls from Steve Dorigan at the Fire Marshall's office, and uses his office time to discuss his father's case with Vanessa Sharp. Elizabeth stops by the 12th to pick up Mike's guest list and agrees to join Zane for lunch. Beatrice photographs them together. Mike stops by Steve's office to discuss the guest list. Steve weeds dead relatives off the guest list and tells Mike that someone matching Beatrice's description was seen leaving Zane's apartment when the fire started. Newell gets jumped by someone with a baseball bat and ends up in hospital. A dozen witnesses say they didn't see a thing. Upset, Ulrich gets into a physical confrontation with Taylor in the squad room. Zane ends up with a bloody lip. Beatrice appears in the locker room while he's cleaning up and apologizes for burning his apartment. Mike appears before IAB on Zane's assault charge and obfuscates with Detective Harris. Zane tells Sharp about some new evidence in his father's case and convinces her to interview him. Elizabeth isn't happy about the size of Mike's guest list, but concedes, and encourages him to ask Zane to be the best man, instead of Steve. No leads on the pigeon killer. (UPN)moreless
    • Can I Get A Witness?
      Despite family opposition, Mike's cousin Brendan wants to join the police force. Elizabeth announces that she wants to have a big wedding, after all -- at the Plaza Hotel. Mike's working-class ethics make him uncomfortable with the idea. Zane tells his Nana that he plans to re-open his father's case once more. Mike and Zane take a call about an apparent hate crime at a Jewish-owned store, but it turns out that the son of the storeowner was responsible. At court with the son, Zane meets up with a defense attorney and interests her in his father's case. Captain Schmidt tells Mike not to let things "get complicated" when he appears before IAB on Chris Livingston's complaint against Brad Ulrich. Ulrich pressures Mike to cover for him. Livingston is upset about Mike's talk with Schmidt and urges him to do the right thing at the hearing. The Jamal Jones protesters get wind of the Livingston situation and are outraged when Ulrich gets another slap on the wrist. Mike spots Beatrice on the street with her new boyfriend, Rick Jensen. Rick calls Zane a "pig moron" and a fight, in front of witnesses, ensues. Zane borrows Elizabeth's make-up to hide the damage from the Captain, but Jenson presses charges, landing Zane on a desk pending an IAB hearing. When Elizabeth works late, Mike and Zane finish a bottle of Wild Turkey and talk about Mike's reservations over Elizabeth's money and his own ambitions. Elizabeth and Mike fight over the wedding when he shows up drunk at the hospital, but end up agreeing to go ahead with the extravaganza at the Plaza. (UPN)moreless
    • Three Little Words
      Zane insists that Beatrice is "gone for good" and wants Mike to drop the idea of arresting her for arson. Mike's brother, Steve, gives Elizabeth a pep talk about life as a cop's wife, and plans to throw an engagement party for the couple. On a robbery call with Ulrich and Newell, Mike witnesses Ulrich using excessive force on a suspect. The suspect turns out to be Mike's former partner, Chris Livingston, now a narcotics detective on an undercover job. Mike's earlier doubts about Ulrich's role in Jamal Jones' death are heightened when Ulrich asks him to find out if Livingston is taking the incident to internal affairs. Zane has dinner with his Nana and re-opens his investigation into his father's murder conviction. In prison, Zane's father tells him to leave the case alone. Beatrice shows up at Mike and Elizabeth's place looking for her camera. A man shoots his 5-year old son because he's "defective". Zane steps in when Officer Ryan seems tempted to comply with the man's request that she shoot him. Elizabeth and Mike argue about wedding plans and her concerns over Mike's job. At Uncle Connie's bar, Zane over-indulges and Mike is called to take him home. Beatrice snaps photos from across the street. (UPN)moreless
    • They Say It's Your Birthday
      On his 29th birthday, Zane is plagued by thoughts of his father. Mike's brother Steve, a fire investigator, attends the scene of Zane's torched apartment. Mike and Zane argue about whether Beatrice should be a collar for arson. Elizabeth expresses apprehension about the idea of having a big wedding. Zane finds Beatrice, but spends the night with her, instead of taking her in. On duty, Mike and Zane handle a man who thinks he's talking to Bob Marley, Mike inadvertently talks a jumper down by heeding the call of nature, and a domestic nearly turns deadly when the wife changes her mind about having her husband arrested. Detective Munch from the Special Victims Unit shows up at the scene of a DOA because he's 'nostalgic for a good homicide'. At a traffic stop, Mike is accused of racial bias. Tensions over the Jamal Jones killing rise when Officers Ulrich and Newell are cleared by the review board. The pigeon killer remains at large. Beatrice disappears. (UPN)moreless
    • The Beat Goes On
      The Beat Goes On
      Episode 1
      Beat cops Mike Dorigan and Zane Marinelli are partners in New York's 12th precinct. Mike and his med student girlfriend Elizabeth announce their engagement while Zane's latest fling, Beatrice, wears her pyjamas out to the bar. Her new meds make her "fuzzy". Jamal Jones, a black suspect, dies in custody in the 12th's holding cell creating tensions on the street and in the stationhouse. On duty, Mike and Zane handle a motorcycle vs. taxicab incident, a shotgun-toting peeping tom, a teenage girl's suicide, a pigeon serial killer, and a suspected child molester. Off duty, Mike and Elizabeth quarrel about his drinking and Elizabeth leaves. Zane arrives with his luggage after Beatrice trashes his apartment. Beatrice reveals that Zane's father murdered his mother, then sets fire to Zane's apartment. (UPN)moreless