The Beatles

Season 3 Episode 2

And Your Bird Can Sing/Got To Get You Into My Life

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 23, 1967 on ABC



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    • (From "And Your Bird Can Sing")

      Ms. Twitter: Don't you dare shoot! That bird can sing anything and is worth a fortune.
      Ringo: So can I... and I'm hungry.
      (Bird does a Tarzan call)
      Ms. Twitter: That's Tarzan's cry of Jane for calling.
      (Dr. Mild screams and falls out of tree)
      Ringo: And that's Dr. Mild's cry of pain from falling. (laughs)

    • (From "Got to get You Into My Life")

      Ringo: (Reading book cover) "How to Escape From Your Body".
      John: If I had your body, I'd want to escape from it, too.

    • Paul: (to Beatles when their spirits float up and walk away from their bodies) Where are they going? I mean, where are we going? I mean...

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