The Beatles

ABC (ended 1969)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Wait / I'm Only Sleeping
      Wait: The Beatles try to get the Prince of Krapotkin back to the castle before his Princess can marry someone else. SINGALONGS: Penny Lane & Eleanor Rigby I'm Only Sleeping: John falls asleep while reading a story about the King Arthur legend to some children. He dreams that he helps Merlin slay a dragon.moreless
    • Tomorrow Never Knows/I've Just Seen A Face
      Tomorrow Never Knows: The Beatles are strolling around Salisbury Plain when they all fall into a well. The well leads to the "Inner World" and the natives take a liking to the lads. SINGALONGS: She Said She Said & Long Tall Sally I've Just Seen A Face: While in the recording studio, Ringo loses his voice. The Beatles take him to a haunted house to try to "scare" his voice back.moreless
    • Taxman/Eleanor Rigby
      Taxman: The Beatles have to pay taxes. As they pass around money bags to cover what they owe the government, they accidentally hit each other on the top of the head. When they come to, they think they are in the times of Robin Hood and try to fight against the Sheriff of Nottingham. SINGALONGS: Got To Get You Into My Life & Here, There and Everywhere Eleanor Rigby: The Beatles hear a bunch of neighborhood children call old Mother Rigby a witch. They come to her defense and try to convince the children otherwise.moreless
    • Good Day Sunshine/Ticket To Ride
      Good Day Sunshine: The Beatles go to Coney Island to try to cheer Ringo up because he thinks he has been jinxed. It rains and he thinks the rain is a direct result of the jinx. SINGALONGS: Strawberry Fields Forever & And Your Bird Can Sing Ticket To Ride: The Beatles work on their hobbies. John, Paul and George aren't very pleased when they discover that Ringo's bird collection isn't of the feathered kind.moreless
    • And Your Bird Can Sing/Got To Get You Into My Life
      And Your Bird Can Sing: The Beatles go off on a wild hunt for a rare bird that has the ability to sing anything. SINGALONGS: Penny Lane & Eleanor Rigby Got To Get You Into My Life: The Beatles head off to India for some much needed relaxation, but too much relaxation causes their spirits to float out of their bodies and walk away.moreless
    • Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields
      Penny Lane: While taking a tour of Scotland Yard, the Beatles discover that James Blonde (England's greatest detective) has taken all the affections of their adoring fans. That night they over hear some thieves' talk of going to Liverpool and robbing Penny Lane. The Beatles try to upstage James Blonde by foiling the robbery on their own. They arrive at the famous street and run around the buildings trying to find the robbers. SINGALONGS: Good Day Sunshine & Rain Strawberry Fields: The Beatles are being driven around by when the car stops at an orphanage. They decide to go pay the kids a visit, but the children see them and run away. The orphans pelt the lads with rocks and mud until they notice their driver, Old Jim, who is a friend of the children. The Beatles are disheartened to learn that the children live there in such a dump and decide to do something about it.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1