The Beatles

Season 3 Episode 1

Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 16, 1967 on ABC
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Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields
Penny Lane: While taking a tour of Scotland Yard, the Beatles discover that James Blonde (England's greatest detective) has taken all the affections of their adoring fans. That night they over hear some thieves' talk of going to Liverpool and robbing Penny Lane. The Beatles try to upstage James Blonde by foiling the robbery on their own. They arrive at the famous street and run around the buildings trying to find the robbers. SINGALONGS: Good Day Sunshine & Rain Strawberry Fields: The Beatles are being driven around by when the car stops at an orphanage. They decide to go pay the kids a visit, but the children see them and run away. The orphans pelt the lads with rocks and mud until they notice their driver, Old Jim, who is a friend of the children. The Beatles are disheartened to learn that the children live there in such a dump and decide to do something about it.moreless

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  • Its exciting

    The Beatles try to get the Prince of Krapotkin back to the castle before his Princess can marry someone else. SINGALONGS: Penny Lane & Eleanor Rigby I\'m Only Sleeping: John falls asleep while reading a story about the King Arthur legend to some children. He dreams that he helps Merlin slay a dragon

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    • (After being trampled by a horde of girls at Scotland Yard)
      John:(dazed): Ah, the glorious price of popularity!
      Paul: Where did our fans go?
      Tour Guide: Over to England's greatest detective... James Blonde!
      (James Blonde signing autographs, fans screaming)
      Tour Guide:(hearts surrounding her): Number 00.
      George: 00 what?
      Tour Guide: That's all. When the girls see him, they say "Oh, oh heaven!".

    • (From Penny Lane)
      Paul:I hope you appreciate this boys, it took a lot of doing for me to arrange this special tour of Scotland Yard.
      Officer: And now gentlemen, over to England's greatest detective James Blond.

    • (From Penny Lane)
      Paul: It's not fair, we do all the records and films and some dimpled detective gets all the glory.

    • (From Strawberry Fields)
      James: It's an orphanage, Sir.
      George: Yeah, our friend James used to be one.
      John: Be one what?
      Ringo: An orphan until we adopted him.

    • Old Jim: Don't be too hard on the children. You see, they're scared.
      Paul: They're scared?!

  • NOTES (5)

    • John's line at the end of Strawberry Fields, "It's all in the mind, y'know," would be the tagline on print ads for the 1968 movie Yellow Submarine (in which George would use the phrase "It's all in the mind" twice).

    • The episode title is abbreviated from the song on which it is based, "Strawberry Fields Forever." (TRIVIA: The line in the song "Nothing to get hung about" comes from when John played in Strawberry Fields as a child against his aunt Mimi's concerns. John was quoted as saying at the time that he "can't be hung for it.")

    • Strawberry Fields: As the boys are getting pelted with mudballs and rocks from the orphanage children, the image of Private Gripweed--John Lennon's character in the movie How I Won The War--appears briefly.

    • Supposedly the last pair of episodes produced, but aired as the third-season premiere (the last season of originals) on ABC's Saturday AM lineup.

    • James the chauffeur also appears in ELEANOR RIGBY, which was made before STRAWBERRY FIELDS (reportedly the last episode made) but originally aired on ABC several weeks later. In STRAWBERRY FIELDS, it's stated that the Beatles "adopted" him.