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  • YEAH! The Beatles?

    This show is bad, besides the music. Why would they make this I know it was The Beatles, but come on. This was just bad, i watched these on youtube a couple years ago when I was addicted to listening to The Beatles and ha ha well pretty much nothing else. I don't know what else i should say, um im watching wife swap right now (there is nothing else on, because its like 2 o'clock in the morning), and I swear to god British people are really ugly, well the ones they are showing on TV at the moment.
  • Are you a Beatles fan! I saw Rain the Tribute to The Beatles. Now you buy new Beatles on CD's.

    I watch ABC when The Beatles as a cartoon. I see the DVD in USA. I found out of copyrights by Apple Records who have the rights won't let avyone the make copys. They will sue anyone who does it. Only way to buy them is in UK. I like to buy one.
    I wonder anyonse see the tribute to the Beatles. Rain is good at it.

    Now you can sing like the Beattles.

    My middle name is Paul.

    The Fab Four.

    I didn't seen them yet.

    The Beatles

    Pete Best was a Beatle before Ringo.

    He played the drums.

    Ringo & Paul still alive.

    The Beatles 1 CD.

  • Standard 1960s Saturday morning fare, rising above the norm with the Beatles' brilliant music.

    The Beatles weren't the first music group to get a cartoon show; that distinction belongs to Ross Bagdasarian's "The Alvin Show" four years earlier.

    However, where the UPA-esque designs, scripts and animation were perfectly fit to Alvin, et al, the Beatles' cartoon show is saved from being a taciturn excursion into the atypical by the group's timeless music. The show was aired on ABC, and even given that the first season was bankrolled by toymaker A.C. Gilmer, this was Saturday morning so quality control was going to be a big issue, animation-wise. At least three first season episodes--"I'm Happy Just To Dance With You," "Mr. Moonlight" and "I Saw Her Standing There" had horrible animation. There is spelling and syntax issues with the sing-along lyrics (in "I Should Have Known Better," the words "You're gonna say you love me too" is printed as "Your gonna say you love me to"). Many harped about the choice of voices as well, Paul Frees and Lance Percival.

    Then again, the show, when it hits a stride of knowing Beatle idiosyncracies, can be a treat to watch. "Anytime At All" has John wiggling his eyebrows at us and doing his "gi'e us a kiss" bit which is hilarious. "Strawberry Fields" (the word "Forever" curiously left out) was presumably the last first-run episode made but was part of the first show of season three and has some terrific graphics (Private Gripweed, Lennon's character in the movie "How I Won The War" appears) some atypical Beatle banter, and the song itself, making this episode a gem. It is to the show's credit that the now-departed John and George watched the show ("it's so bad or silly that it's good and the passing of time may make it even more fun today," says George). The Beatles cartoon may be an obscurity by today's standards--your average Hannah Montana fangirl would probably squirm during any half hour of it--but it's a throwback to the time when we kids nurtured through the 60s waited for Saturday morning anxiously for 10:30 AM.
  • Who else but the Fab Four could have their own animated cartoon series? If I had a dollar for everytime I've heard the this or that group is going to be bigger than the Beatles, I could retire. They were the one, the only, The Beatles. Say No More.

    It's The Beatles what more needs to be said. This TV cartoon, along with HARD DAYS NIGHT, HELP, AND YELLOW SUBMARINE, showed that these chaps were just as talanted in the art of wry whit and humor as they were at turning out number one hits. No, they couldn't act, but then again they really didn't have to. They were THE BEATLES. This brings me to this; Who was the REAL genius behind their success? Brian Epstein! A marketing genius that used every medium available, including animation, to make The Fab Four as big as they were. Thanks for the memories guys!
  • Cute I think as I love the Beatles!

    This was a cute cartoon if you were a big Beatles fan like I was as I was introduced to the cartoon as I first loved the Beatles back in 1989 at 15. But just came across the cartoon only the second time just recently. It is based on the hit movie "A Hard Day's Night." John was the smart one, Paul was the cute one, George the quiet one, & Ringo the funny one. And despite the band not having anything to do with the cartoon. Still, it is a treat. As it is cute as it could be. Examining the "day in the life" of the group.
  • A small little moment in TV history

    Okay, yeah, I know it's the Beatles, they're the best band ever, etc, but...there's this! After The Beatles became the biggest thing on Earth, everyone tried to cash in. This was one of those things. The animation is no spectacular, and the real lads from Liverpool hated the show because of the lackluster animation also because of bad voices (provided by Paul Frees and Lance Perceval) and the musical segments featured the members of the band playing the wrong instruments and singing the wrong parts. You can watch this show if you like, but I say take a look and than check out "Yellow Submarine" which is a much better cartoon about the Beatles.
  • I love the Beatles, but this is just corny!

    When I first heard there was a cartoon about this band, I thought it was kind of weird, but then again, it was all about the Beatles when it came to popular music in the 60's. I saw a few episodes of this show and I can see why the actual members didn't like it. I can point out a few things about the members, especially the voices. George sounds like this Asian guy I met once, Ringo is incredibly idiotic and his nose is freaking huge (actually in reality his nose is kinda big), John sounds just plain weird, and Paul, well actually did a good job with his character. I didn't hate the show, in fact, I favorited the show because I thought it was amusing and it's about a band I like (not as much as They Might Be Giants) but it was just so damn corny for me. That's okay, a lot of shows during that time were corny and it's normal that the Beatletoons were like that as well. At least it's better than some shows I've seen that were just plain crap.
  • Fab four made my Day!

    I didn't listern to the radio much as a kid, but it's the TV show "the Beatles" that introduced me to Beatles music. sone of the tunes from the show I learned by heart. when the last episode was shown in 1967, the Beatles are less than three years from being broke up. the voiceover are not by the Beatles, but who cares? I love the show. their mjusic has changed the world. And I was very happy bying being part of the Beatles revolution. I watch the show when I was a kid and those memories keep coming back to me.
  • The best animated show ever!!!!!

    "The Beatles" is one of the best music shows in the history of TV. It was as great as sucess as their film, "A Hard Day's Night". Even though the Beatles didn't like it, many kids at that time did. It was one of those shows people told you to tune in to every day, like "Batman" and all those other 60's and 70's shows. Many other shows at that time were like that, like "The Monkees" and "The Partridge Family". The Beatles were great at playing their music, and starring in films, and performing on TV shows that everyone at the time watched. "The Beatles" are just one of those TV shows.
  • Huh Huh Huh Yeah!

    I love the Beatles and the Cartoon, I wish they'll bring it back to MTV, or bring it to MTV2. My favorite character on the was Ringo Starr (He's also my favorite Beatle!) I loved that quote too "Huh Huh Huh Yeah". If they bring it back I would watch it, I hope they don't put it on early in the morning (like 2:00 Am or something like that) This show was better than the Monkees (I never listened to their music or watched their show, but I don't really care) My first episode I ever watched was A Hard Days Night, but wasn't my favorite episode, my favorite episode was Strawberry Fields Forever (Very Trippy Episode) Maybe one day MTV will decide to bring back, one day, but for now we can dream.
  • The Random Adventures of the Fab Four!

    Very silly and very cute! The Beatles have silly adventures together in the space of 15 minutes, set to their wonderful songs. Quite funny, especially the singalong parts, when Ringo really starts being his goofy self. I wonder what an episode set to I am the Walrus would have been like?
  • Es una lástima que no haya seguido por unos cuantos años más; habría sido genial ver un dibujo animado de Hey Jude, Something o Let it be, y hasta de Revolución #9, pasando por todo el Sargento Pimienta, etc. Queda el reto hacer una serie que cubra toda s

    He podido conseguir casi todos los capítulos, gracias al Emule, y de esta forma he podido recordar algo que cuando era niño vi, solo tenía una idea muy vaga de ello. Ha sido emocionante volver a verlos, escuchar su música, sumergirse en el mundo de sus canciones y fantasías. No en balde, como muchos, debido a los Beatles terminé haciéndome músico.
  • It deserves at least one season.

    This was a good show. I've seen a few episode clips. It should go back on TV. I don't care what channel (except if it's a channel I don't have). They had funny jokes in it. That's why I watched it. I also watched it because it played Beatle songs, and by the profile name, you would assume that I like the Beatles. Funny jokes, Beatle music, should be brought back.
  • Atimated Beatles In Some Silly Adventures

    As a Beatle fanatic,I should love this show,and I just gave it a 5. Basically the charecters looks somewhat like our rocking heros.
    The plots were simple, some girls or villians go after the Beatles.Usally, Ringo is the one that usally gets into trouble.
    Ringo and one of the other Beatles lead us in a sing a longin the middle of the show,usally a cut down of the song.
    Classic 1960's type cartoon, poorly drawn and scripted,it worked because of the Beatles was in it.