The Beatles

Season 3 Episode 4

Taxman/Eleanor Rigby

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 07, 1967 on ABC

Episode Recap

taxman: The lads stand outside the Bureau of Internal Revenue building, their car is loaded with stacks of cash and bags of coins. John explains to the lads that taxes has been collected even back during Robin Hood's time. They begin unloading the car, John tosses the bags to George, who tosses the bags to Paul, who tosses the bags to Ringo, who tosses the bags into the building. They do this faster and faster until one of the bags hit Ringo in the head and knock him out, the same thing happens to Paul, than George. Than John falls off of the car and gets knocked out. They dream they are back in time with Robin Hood. Ringo says he just received his tax bill, but doesn't have the money to pay it. Little John tells him there is a jousting, archery and wrestling contest in Nottingham. Robin Hood decides to enter the contest in disguise. During the contest his disguise falls off and he is noticed. The Sheriff and his men run after Robin Hood and his merry men. The Beatles begin to sing "Taxman". Robin and his merry men start collecting tax money during the song. They take off with all the money. The Beatles follow and run into Little John's fist. They get knocked out and wake up in front of the Internal Revenue building. Sing-A-Long Section: George introduces the first sing-a-long for the day, while Ringo tries to literally set the stage for the song. George says the first song starts off with a bang, so Ringo sets the stage with an old calvary look than lights the fuse on a cannon. The first sing-a-long is "Got To Get You Into My Life". George tells Ringo the next song should really take off. Ringo assembles an airplane and takes off. The second sing-a-long is "Here, There, and Everywhere". Eleanor Rigby: While the Beatles are being chauffeured around, their driver slams on the breaks. A large group of children run past the car yelling and taunting an old lady. The lads got out of the car and begin to follow the old lady. The children run by again calling her a witch. John and Paul argue about whether or not witches are real. They ask their chauffeur if the old lady is a witch. He says she is just a sad, bitter old lady. Again the children run by, the chauffeur stops them and to ask them what they are doing. They tell him that old lady Rigby is a witch, she hates children and she is ugly. The chauffeur tells them they are mistaken, she is just lonely and shy. To change the children's attitude about the old lady, the Beatles start to sing "Eleanor Rigby". The children begin to think about all the lonely people in their town. They begin to do good deeds for the old lady. They find she is actually a nice lady. The children and the chauffeur throw a party for all the lonely people in town. The Beatles begin to sing "I feel fine" as the story ends.