The Beatles

Season 3 Episode 5

Tomorrow Never Knows/I've Just Seen A Face

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 14, 1967 on ABC

Episode Recap

Tomorrow Never Knows: The lads are hiking up a hill, they decide to rest at the top near a Stonehenge type structure. Ringo finds a well and falls in, the others go to help but they fall in too. George speculates that they are at the inner world. John suggests they look around. They enter a huge Inca like statue and look out the eyes of the statue. They see natives and ask for the way out. The natives hear voices coming from the statue and they panic. All but one of the natives flee. The Beatles begin to sing "Tomorrow Never Knows". The lone female native begins to dance. All the other natives than begin to dance. All of the natives and the animals of the inner world enjoyed the song. The tribe leader talks to them but only Ringo can understand the language. The leader wants them to stay and get married. The lads run and jump into the well and end up back where the belong. Sing-A-Long Section: John introduces the first sing-a-long for the day, while Ringo tries to literally set the stage for the song. John says the first song has a really wild rhythm, so Ringo sets the stage to look like a wild jungle. The first sing-a-long is "She Said, She Said". John tells Ringo the next song is a knock out. Ringo sets up a boxing ring and gets himself knocked out. The second sing-a-long is "Long Tall Sally". I've Just Seen a Face: The Beatles are in the studio about to record a song when Ringo loses his singing voice. John examines Ringo's throat. He sprays something down Ringo's throat to relax it. They begin to record a song and again Ringo can't sing, his voice sounds slurred. John tries spraying something down Ringo's throat to make it tighter. They try recording a third time. This time Ringo's voice sounds like a squeaking mouse. The lads all examine Ringo and decide he needs shock treatment. The bring him to a haunted house to scare this voice back. While in the house a mop head falls onto Ringo's head than he gets covered in flour. He sees his reflection in a mirror and believes he sees a beautiful woman. He falls in love and begins chasing after her, while the other Beatles start singing "I've Just Seen a Face". Ringo falls into water and the flour comes off, but than he sees a female ghost that looks like him. The other lads also see female ghosts that look like them. They all run from the haunted house in terror.