The Beatles

Season 3 Episode 6

Wait / I'm Only Sleeping

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 21, 1967 on ABC

Episode Recap

Wait: The announcer introduces the Prince of Krapotkin, who seems to be a bored young man that wants to be the leader of a band. He plays a comb and tissue paper as his musical instrument. The Prime Minister is a wicked man who hates the Prince and his music, but loves the Princess Amanda of Kalkamania. Amana loves the Prince but hates his music. The Prime Minister lies to the Prince, saying his music is great and than sends him out into the world to lose himself and enjoy his music. The Prince leaves the Princess to be promised in marriage to the Prime Minister, of which she does not approve. Enter the Beatles in their car, heading towards the castle. Their car overheats, they pull over. Meanwhile, the Princess throws a message in a bottle out of the castle window. The bottle hits Ringo in the head. The lads read the message, she wants them to find the Prince and bring him back in time to stop the wedding between her and the wicked Prime Minister. They find the Prince, who plays some music for them. They hate it. They throw him in the backseat of the car and bring him back to the castle, while singing "Wait". The Prime Minister try to foil their efforts to get to the castle. They make it to the castle but the Prime minister tries to keep the Princess from them. They catch up with the Prime Minister and the Prince gets the Princess. Sing-A-Long Section: George introduces the first sing-a-long of the day, while Ringo tries to literally set the stage for the song. George says the first song starts off with a bang, so Ringo sets the stage with an old calvary look than lights the fuse on a cannon. The first sing-a-long song is "Penny Lane". George tells Ringo the next song should really take off. Ringo assembles an airplane on stage than takes off in it. The second sing-a-long song is "Eleanor Rigby". I'm Only Sleeping: The cartoon opens with John reading the Legend or King Arthur to a small group of children. John falls asleep while reading. He dreams he meets Merlin. Merlin brings John to meet King Arthur. The King needs help slaying a dragon and he appoints John and Merlin to the task. While out in the woods they find the dragon. Arthur attacks the dragon again and again, this has no effect on the dragon. Merlin suggests that John sing to the dragon. John says he is part of a group and needs the other members. Merlin conjures up Paul, George and Ringo. They begin singing "I'm Only Sleeping". The dragon calms down and falls asleep. John wakes up.