The Bedford Diaries

Season 1 Episode 8

Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 10, 2006 on The WB
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Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Professor Macklin decides that abstinence will be the topic of the week. Owen and Natalie begin to rethink their relationship after she will not allow him to stay with her for a few days. This makes Natalie think about giving Richard a second chance. Lee, however, is having problems abstaining from gambling and sex and must take a loan from Richard to pay his gambling debt. Richard decides to hire Zoe to be the school newspaper’s new sex columnist, and Sarah almost gives her former professor/lover another chance, that is until she discovers that she's not the only student he has eyes for still.moreless

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  • Natile and owen break up after owen feels second best after richard spends the night at natiles

    I love this show and if this is the series finale i will be soo mad and i think that i will cry i mean this 2 hour finale was amazing, and Katrina and Pr. Maklin getting back together is something that i want to see happen. Something that i didnt see coming though was Natile and Owen breaking up, richard is always getting in the way. But when Owen\\\'s sister tells natile that she shouldnt be with her brother i mean what does she care its her brothers love life and he should be able to spend it with whoever he wants. And what was the deal with owen chopping off all of his hair, i mean i love that hair all curly and messy but i think he did that to look more like richard but i didnt see the after cutmoreless

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    • Professor Cole: I read your paper. It's good. Well-written, impeccably researched.
      Lee: I'm glad you liked it.
      Professor Cole: Indeed I did. In fact, I've enjoyed this paper every time I've read it. Which according to my computer cheat check is three times before.

    • Cynthia: Who's this? He's cute.
      Sarah: Well, this is my little brother, Owen.
      Owen: I'm Owen. Younger, not little.
      Cynthia: Owen. I love words with O and W in them. Like cowboy and rowdy and growl... rowr. How 'bout I buy you a drink?
      Owen: You know what, I already have a date, so—
      Cynthia: Incest. Now that's... trendy.

    • Annie: This round's on me.
      Natalie: Thank you. Why the donation?
      Annie: My boss screwed me. Took away my best shift so now he's buying my favorite customers drinks. Enjoy.
      Natalie: I love this woman.
      Zoe: And I love her boss.

    • Zoe: Don't hire Cynthia back.
      Gunther: Reason: sanity. Logic: from the mouths of proofreaders.
      Richard: Why not?
      Zoe: Because I wrote this column.
      Richard: You? How long did it take you to write this?
      Zoe: About an hour.
      Richard: You're hired. Gunther, get her a desk.
      Gunther: She already has a desk.
      Richard: Get her a chair, get her something. I want this woman working on her next column now.
      Zoe: Gunther, I don't want this job.
      Gunther: Fine. You tell Richard.

    • Lee: Abstinence. Rachel and I are not having sex. So why is having sex with Zoe the only thing I think about?

    • Maklin: It must be exhausting, trying to control everything all the time.
      Sarah: What's the alternative?
      Maklin: Well, not trying to control everything, I guess.

    • Sarah: I'm a little surpised you're not staying with Natalie.
      Owen: (clears throat) No, Natalie's room smells like eucalyptus.
      Sarah: Can I make you something to eat?
      Owen: Yeah. Those Hot Pockets with pepperoni.

    • Richard: Hey Zoe, you seen Cynthia?
      Zoe: Our new financial reporter?
      Richard: I made a mistake.
      Zoe: She can't add?
      Richard: Can't add, can't write.
      Zoe: Then why'd you hire her? (look from Richard.) Oh.
      Richard: Yeah, but she and I agreed to stop sleeping together when she started writing for the paper.
      Zoe: So you made two mistakes.

    • Owen: Where is my roommate and what have you done with him?
      Roommate: Betrice, my girlfriend from high school, is coming into town and she's gonna be staying here—
      Owen: I'm sorry. Here? As in our very tiny little dormroom?
      Roommate: Just close your eyes. And... ears.
      Owen: Are you high?
      Roommate: Or just think of us as a live action porno.
      Owen: I'm outta here.

    • Richard: This is about sex!
      Molly: This is about romance.
      Richard: This is about you're fired.

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    • After this episode, the show was cancelled only because the CW, the mergering of UPN and the WB, didn't have enough timeslots on their schedule for next year.