The Bedford Diaries

The WB (ended 2006)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
      Professor Macklin decides that abstinence will be the topic of the week. Owen and Natalie begin to rethink their relationship after she will not allow him to stay with her for a few days. This makes Natalie think about giving Richard a second chance. Lee, however, is having problems abstaining from gambling and sex and must take a loan from Richard to pay his gambling debt. Richard decides to hire Zoe to be the school newspaper’s new sex columnist, and Sarah almost gives her former professor/lover another chance, that is until she discovers that she's not the only student he has eyes for still.moreless
    • Risky Business
      Risky Business
      Episode 7
      Richard is still depressed over the loss of Katrina after she decides to go back to Professor Macklin. He soon ends up in the arms of ex-girlfriend, Natalie, which makes Owen extremely jealous. Meanwhile, Lee continues his gambling addiction and has to buy a term paper for his most important class. Zoe begins to contemplate losing her virginity just so she can make Lee jealous.moreless
    • The Passion of the Beaver
      After Professor Macklin selects passion as the topic for the week, Zoe complains to him that she has nothing to be passionate about. Richard decides to use his family name to get his lover, Katrina, access to city officials. Natalie and Owen decide to try and help save the school's health clinic, although Owen is only in it to try and get Natalie. However, soon Owen's sister, Sarah, decides to oppose the heath clinic, placing Owen in an awkward situation.moreless
    • Love and the Tenth Planet
      The class discusses the difference between sex and love while Owen does his best to plan an impressive date for Natalie. Sarah dumps the athlete that she's been dating when she finds out the truth about why he's with her. Meanwhile, Lee gets sucked into the world of online gambling. Richard attends the same concert as Professor Macklin and his wife.moreless
    • Zen and the Art of Manipulation
      Richard has no idea that the older woman in his new relationship is none other than Professor Macklin's ex wife, Katrina. Owen and Natalie volunteer at a psychiatric center and Natalie begins to think differently of him. Meanwhile, all the students are learning about sexual manipulation, both in and out of the seminar.moreless
    • Tell Me No Secrets
      Professor Macklin decides to make the theme of the class confidentiality after Lee's personal life ends up in the school paper. However, Richard claims free speech as his reasoning for publishing the information. Meanwhile, Sarah starts dating a hot athlete but she is unaware that he is just using her to help fund his team.moreless
    • The Truth About Sex
      The ethics committee decides to meet about Professor Dixon's sleeping with two of his students and whether he should be censured. Soon, his wife asks Sarah if she is sleeping with him and she denies it. After inviting Natalie to a dorm party, Owen is shocked when she shows up with another man on her arm. Rachel shocks Lee with her news.moreless
    • I'm Gonna Love College (Pilot)
      At Bedford University, Professor Macklin presides over a “sex and the human condition” seminar and asks the students to videotape their feelings. It is soon revealed however that President Sarah had an affair with a professor, the fact is about to be made public by the school newspaper's editor, Richard, who happens to be a recovering alcoholic. Meanwhile, Sarah is upset over the fact that her younger brother, Owen, is also a part of the sex seminar, which means he will hear all about her sex life.moreless