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  • It could have been great.

    Starts out slow. But with time, grabs your attention. Interesting concept. The show centers around a human sexuality class. Seems taboo on a station as teen friendly as the WB. And I suppose it was too adult considering they had to edit a lot of the material. A couple of the characters had the potential to be great: Richard and Natalie. I'm baffled as to why this quality show was cancelled, and shows like 7th Heaven and Smallville are being kept around. It's a shame it ended before it's time. It could have been great had they given it the opportunity.
  • Why did they cancel this show?

    Why did they cancel this show? Really, why did they cancel
    this show?
    I thought they some great material here. To bad they didn't get more time for this show!
    The storyline was really good.. Everything in the show seemed 'honest'. Also loved Milo Ventimiglia in this show!
    He is soo cute.
    After the first episode I was hooked to the show,
    the show really amazed me, and I was really sad when I first heared that the show was
    canceled. I really hope that some day, they will continue this show.
    But for now, we just have to wait for that moment,
    SADLY enough! But when it comes..
  • what a pity that show got cancelled!

    I knew that show was not gonna to be on the cw, because the cw has no interesting to renewed this season thus far and I have come to respect it.

    I'm very happy to know that series has come to end that well, not terribly badly!

    I hope that we can get to see the dvd of this show, so I can reenjoyed this show once more.
  • great show.

    I think that The Bedford Diaries is a really good show. Why did the wb cancelled it??? I think that Milo Ventimiglia is a really really good and handsome actor who has been desprecied I do not know why. In Gilmore Girls he was the best boyfriend of Rory and now he is the one saving her from a life without her dreams. He is the best. I think that the bedford diaries explores the sexuality in really good terms. each student has a different point of view and no one lets the others see what are they. I think you should see it.
  • What a shame the WB didn't give "The Bedford Diaries" a better time slot. The program had great potential as a progressive, influential work of art.

    With Milo Ventimiglia as a rich boy college newspaper editor, I looked forward for every episode. Ventimiglia was excellent. He absolutely scorched as the former womanizing, alcoholic. He gave up alcohol. He was trying to repair his relationship with women. (It would have been great if he had played gay - since he did it so well in "Boy's Life 2: Must Be the Music.") The show introduced a gay character in the newspaper just before the show was cancelled - pity.

    If the romances in "The Bedford Diaries" hadn't been so ridiculously clichéd, the series might have had better luck.

    Matthew Modine as a professor overseeing a sexuality class was really rich!
  • Going where most shows are scared to go.

    The Bedford Diaries is a show about love, sex, and pushing yourself. Censorship is pushed to the limit and I think it's about time a show tests it's boundries. Moving past all that, it's worth watching. It carries important elements about real life, it makes you think with the characters. It makes you say "well what if that were me, what would I do?" The acting is good too, it's not one of those awful mid-season replacements.
    Now for the downside, sometimes it was all over the place and the storyline became hard to follow.
  • This new show is one of a kind. It follows the life of about six students in a particular class at Bedford university in New York. The class is entitled Human Behavior and Sexuality. You will find these students lives midly interesting as they explore the

    I have to admit I first began to watch this show solely because of one of the main characters not because I though the show looked interesting, but I watched never the less. I think this is a good show because
    it never ceases to suprise you. This show is fun to watch but needs a little improvement. I find it interesting but I never am on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what will happen next. There is only so much that can happen in college and hopefully the show will not get old even though I have a sinking suspicion that it will.
  • after finally asking Natile on a date Owen has not idea what they are going to do for their date. at the same time Richard and Sara end up going to the OAR concert only to meet Professor Maklin and Katrina

    Amazing!!!! i thought that when sara and richard got close it showed that he might actually be into her, maybe then they wont be arch enimes! but Owen is falling head over heals for natile and that is soo great. What sucks is how Lee decides to go to online poker instead of a real job( i dont think that his coffee house gig will last much longer after he smashed that dudes guitar into a million little pieces) and what bugs me about this show is that Rachel girl... whats the deal with her anyways i dont know why but i just dont like her charcter But when Zoe kisses that gay guy simply Hilarious!!!!!!
  • This show is based around a course at a college and the students that take it.

    Before anybody really judges this show, they should watch it first. It might seem like some stereotypical teen show about sex, but its so much more than that. I admit, the reason i started watching is because of milo but ive grown to love it. Its sad that there is barely any talk of a second season.
    The show is more of the way people think about and deal with sex, instead of a "who slept with who". Im getting sick of shows like that, so watching the bedford diaries reminds me of why i even watch tv in the first place. If you have no seen this show, i advise you to watch it.
    Each character has good and bad qualities about them, thats another reason i like it. Every character is different and has a different past. Its like i have to find out more and i have to keep watching every epsiode or ill miss something important. the show definetly keeps my interest.
  • The Bedford Diaries emphasizes on a sex discussion class at Bedford College. The professor, Professor Macklin, of the class assigns each student a video diary where they discuss their personal feelings towards the week's sex related topic.

    I have to say that I really enjoy the show because on television latey all I see is unoriginal ideas and movies all I see are remakes. The show pushes a new concept for the WB, which indeed involves themes, ideas, and relations of sex. It's probably one of the few original ideas on any network nowadays. The show has some strong character development that is shown throughout an episode. There is that sense in the beginning where all you think is that all the characters will have sex in the first thirty minutes. But infact, it is deeper than that. Each character's sexual experience is complex and that is what makes it interesting. Because they are all complex, it shows that sex is that. It even shows, going deeper, that life is complicated.
  • Yeah well...

    Being such a big Gilmore Girls fan as I am - living in Germany though, it isn't always easy to keep up with fast spoken english and I'm not at all spoiled with good shows here - and trying out any show I get to see in its original language, I was naturally interested in the bedford diaries.

    As far as I remember, I didn't like any pilot I have watched so far: Every time you get to watch it a second time (I'm talking about any series) you sort of can't feel the thing between the characters that developes season after season... what I mean is, in a pilot they try to sell you a lot of people with a lot of problems and a lot of scandals behind them. You couldn't possibly buy it if you wanted to, expectations are always too high.

    I hope they're getting to a point where the audience is not put in such a vouyeur-position but can be part of a more believable real-life-college situation.

    Anyhow, I haven't seen the following episodes, so maybe I'm wrong, but Richard sure is a fun character to watch (especially because Milo Ventimiglia makes you totally forget about Jess after only a few words)
  • My WB addiction seriously makes me feel bad about myself.

    This show is no different. Although it does not have the appeal of Supernatural or One Tree Hill for me, it's a fairly decent show.

    College kids talking about sex in complete honesty? The thought actually terrifies me. Milo Ventimiglia bothers me. I don't know why. Maybe I'm still bitter about the Dean/Rory/Jess triangle from Gilmore Girls. I don't know. There's just something about that kid that I don't like.

    And though it's alright to watch when I've got nothing better to do, it's not really entertaining, or funny. It's just.. average. It's an average WB show that will probably outlast something else new that's [in my opinion] better, like, say Pepper Dennis.

    I have the weirdest taste in pop culture.
  • The Bedford Diaries is a very good show for the fact that it has only been on for two episodes. It informs you about sex and how people see it other shows try to stay away from that and it is all about showing what rally is.

    The Benford Diaries is about teens and how they view sex and life. Other shows say showing sex and talking about sex is wrong where as The Benford Diaries just comes out and says stuff that happens in real life. In real life there is no PG13 its all real no cut and Benford Diaries is the first show in a long time that shows you what is real. Benford Diaries talks about suicide and sex and how people see it and how it effects teens. It is real things not like other shows that have perfect people with problems that aren't real everyday problems. So far it has been a real cool show and I plan to keep watching it.
  • Sexy Coeds Take A Naughty Course

    "The Bedford Diaries" is escapism entertainment at it's best. It's not trying to be anything more than that, and it succeeds with it's attractive cast and it's 'naughty' premise. A select group of students take a class on Sexual Behavior where they videotape their thoughts on their sex lives, or lack thereof. Throw in lucrative elements like a perky blonde who tried (unsuccessfully) a suicide leap, a rich brat stirring up trouble as the editor if the school paper, and a goody-good carrying on an affair with a lecherous professor - you've got a fun show! I think the critics are taking the whole concept too seriously. The FCC also edited out some scenes that were deemed too risque for The WB - but there were glimpses of bare flesh in the pilot. I'll also tune in because I think Milo Ventimiglia is great, and Corri English is an added plus as the pretty, troubled student. But then again, aren't they all troubled? Those crazy kids!
  • A review of THE BEDFORD DIARIES pilot episode and its censorship.

    I recently wrote a review of the pilot episode, and its censorship by the WB network, over at my blog MERE WORDS, which you can read at:

    Any and all comments are welcome. Please feel free to visit the rest of my posts, as well, by clicking on \"Archive\" or \"Recent Entries.\"

  • Does anyone else feel this ripped off "Naked Josh"?

    I wonder if anyone else feels this show is, um, strongly derivative of "Naked Josh," the show on Oxygen about a young, hip anthropology professor studying the "mating rituals" of his friends and students?

    Were these ideas just floating around in the wind, or did the creators of this show simply swipe the concept of the other show and twist it a bit?
  • This show is going to be about teens and high school. The teen years are the hardest and the best all at the same time, going through them right now, I would know. I hope this show addresses issues and questions we all care about.

    I am looking so forward to the premiere of this show!I think that it\'s so cool that there can be a show that is about teens and their opinions on everything. Also, its nice that its in a high school setting. There are so many shows like that now, but I think this one will be better. It is also a major plus that Milo Ventimiglia is in it! Can you say \"hottie\". I loved him as Jess on Gilmore Girls because of his bad boy/silent type attitude. He also had the rare smile that made me melt all the way to the floor. I know he\'ll be as good if not better in this show than he was in Gilmore Girls.
  • godd show,hopefully wil stay around for a while.

    After watching an advanced screening of the show,I must admit that I had some thoughts in my head about a teenage "Sex and the City", man was I wrong. The show is very well written and the casting was done almost flawlessly.The show had some funny moments, but it was definitely more of a serious show. I will not lie the main reason I was watching this show was because my girlfriend is a HUGE Milo Ventimiglia fan, I saw him in Cursed and on Gikmore Girls and in the unfortunately cancelled American Dreams. He seems like his character will evolve into the main reason to watch the show. All in all the show will hopefully be around for a long time good crisp writing and very strong performances will hopefully make this show a serious one to watch.
  • The Bedford Diaries.A show about collage kids talking about there sex lives.By saying that you may yawn but when you watch it you get hooked fast.

    Now by only seeing the piolt I can't say that it is a truly great show.But the pilot was great and the actors are amazing.And to tell you the truth even if it wasnt good I would watch it anyway..Milo's it..need I say more??The characters arent that orginal but they bring them out in a diffrent way I havent seen t.v. shows do.I love it and will be watching it on January 1.
  • this show is well worth watching and i cant wait until midseason for it to start. i just saw the pilot and it was AMAZING. the actors are absolutely AMAZING. finally we have a college show for thewb viewers who arent in high school anymore! its smart and

    this show is well worth watching and i cant wait until midseason for it to start. i just saw the pilot and it was AMAZING. the actors are absolutely AMAZING. finally we have a college show for thewb viewers who arent in high school anymore! its smart and funny. it should have been picked up for a full season instead of midseason, and now its 13 episodes have been reduced to 8. im sure it will do well though, after all dawsons creek was also midseason. so we can hopefully expect lots more episodes of this great show!
  • Very nice show! A mixture of "Boston Public", "The Opposite Sex" and "Life as we know it". Interesting characters, well told though not very original...

    My review is based on the pilot.
    I was very surprised by the good quality of this series. The show is about students who take part in a class where they have to film themselves talking about their sexual past, what they would change, what they wouldn't and how all of this forms their identity. Clips of this "confessions" are shown thoughout the show to set up the characters and tell us their deeper emotions.
    This is very well done. It doesn't get (too) cheesy and seems honest. The actors/actresses do an excellent job, there wasn't a performance I didn't like.
    As I mentioned in the summary the show reminded me of "Boston Public". This is - of course - of the setting but also because of the plot. The first episode is about a teacher having an affair with a student, the preview of episode 2 was about a girl getting pregnant (unwanted) with her boyfriend she just broke up with. This is the only thing that bothered me: There isn't much "new" to the show, as someone who has seen all episodes of "Boston Public" I'm a little afraid, that I could get a little bored by the storyline. But I don't wanna judge about that with just one episode seen so far.
    Another thing I'm afraid about is the number of characters on the show. I fear that - with about 6 or 7 main-characters (not including the adults) - the show will have a hard time setting up each character. There just isn't enough time in a 40-minute show if you also want to tell a story.
    But overall, I really really liked it. This finally is a show I didn't turn off after a few minutes because I was already bored to death or was angry about the stupidity of the story ;)
    I definately recommend it :)
  • Just watched the first episode is great, the characters are interesting and the story line is very good too.

    Just watched the first episode is great, the characters are interesting and the story line is very good too.

    Definately check it out :)
    Hmm it says my review has to be 50 words long but I don't really have much else to say, I guess the girls are hot. The suicidal girl is cute in a devious kind of way and the smart girl is sexy in an innocent kinda way? Hey look at that 53 words I'm good to go.

    Oh and my highschool was also called Bedford too, so I thought that was cool.