The Bedford Diaries

Season 1 Episode 6

The Passion of the Beaver

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 03, 2006 on The WB
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The Passion of the Beaver
After Professor Macklin selects passion as the topic for the week, Zoe complains to him that she has nothing to be passionate about. Richard decides to use his family name to get his lover, Katrina, access to city officials. Natalie and Owen decide to try and help save the school's health clinic, although Owen is only in it to try and get Natalie. However, soon Owen's sister, Sarah, decides to oppose the heath clinic, placing Owen in an awkward situation.moreless

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    Dagmara Dominczyk

    Dagmara Dominczyk


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    Aaron Yoo

    Aaron Yoo

    James Fong

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    Tom Mason

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    Aasif Mandvi

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      • Owen: Annie, tell me what will make clear the woman psyche?
        Annie: Tequila. In a dirty glass.

      • Katrina: If I didn't know you were too mature for games, I'd say you just put the ball on the fifty-yard line.
        Jake: Hut hut.

      • Dean: Oh Ms. Lopez? That speech you had planned? You had more planned?
        Zoe: Lots.
        Dean: Next time, I'd skip the part about the fallopian tubes.

      • Zoe: I wanna be the new Bedford beaver.
        Dean: Well then you should try out like everyone else.
        Zoe: Exactly! But that weasel Peter Wartman is saying there's never been a female beaver and I can't audition.
        Dean: Tell me, did I fall asleep and wake up in the fifties?
        Zoe: No.
        Dean: Well then good luck at the tryouts.

      • Sarah: Next order of business: the spirit commitee. Peter Wartman and Chris Hernandez have the floor.
        Chris: We lost our beaver.
        Peter: Evan Stroll has quit as the Bedford mascot. He's hung up his beaver tail.
        Dean: A tragedy of epic proportions.
        Sarah: What happened?
        Chris: It started the first week of the semester.
        Peter: He was drinking on duty. He danced on a pool table with a football player's girlfriend. Took a beating.
        Chris: Then just last week, he was pummeled by the Carlsberg State shark.
        Peter: This is just two days after being practically violated by the St. Elmo Friar.

      • Jake: Life rule #6: You can't anticipate passion. Or a panther attack.

      • Natalie (about the clinic closing): How can Bedford not have enough money? This school has a huge endowment. They're always fundraising, the alums are cash cows.
        Doctor Sharif: Campus security is the new black.

      • Jake: So no passion is bad. And too much is bad. Sure. If you're passionate about Maker's Mark.

      • Mr. Thorne: You know you should grab your girl and get the hell out of here. You two haven't spend any time together at all.
        Richard: You know she's networking, it's fine.
        Mr. Thorne: It doesn't look to be your style to be the wall flower.

      • (Owen is disappointed because Sara doesn't want to help him)
        Owen: (to Sara) You only want to help people, when they can do something you. I knew, you're such a great politician. (pause) Well you're a lousy sister! And a not to great human being.

      • Richard: ..So what if she liked more what I could do for her more than she actually liked me? I set it up. I asked her. How does that mean that she used me? I guess she was just never as passionate about me as I was about her. Passion is pain.

      • Katrina: I used you!
        Richard: For sex? because I'm alright with that.

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