The Ben Stiller Show

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1: The Pilot

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 27, 1992 on FOX

Episode Recap

Intro with Ben Stiller Ben's standing on the lot and asks if anyone has any ideas on how to start the show. A writer approaches him (Bruce) and suggests that Ben start with a writer approaching him. Ben hem and haws, then asks if anyone else has any ideas. Cut to skit U2: The Early Years part 1 (Guest star: Dave Madden) Ben Stiller as Bono in Ben Stiller's Rockumentary. Bono claims the early years were tough, U2 had a horrible old manager (Dave Madden as Mr. KinKaid) who didn't understand what the band wanted to do with its music. The manager used to drive them in an old school bus. Cut to Mr. Kinkaid interview. Mentions the Joel Wasserstein Bar Mitzvah. cut to Wasserstein Bar Mitzvah Long Island, New York, 1980—U2 on stage, Bono singing. Joel's guests look bored and/or disturbed. Joel comes on stage with Bono. Edge plays Hava Nagila while party guests read the Torah and pray. Joel is uncomfortable. Cut to Mr. Kincaid, "So it wasn't Carnegie Hall. You gotta start somewhere." Cut to opening credits Opening shot on handheld camera. Quick shots of cast holding paper signs, acting silly, etc. Theme music plays. Cut to Ben on the lot: Ben chatting with Bruce, the head writer. Who likes "movie stuff better." Cut to Movie Trailer Cape Munster Lots of quick shots setting up the parody of Eddie Munster in the Robert Dinero role from Cape Fear. Bob Odenkirk plays a network executive who cancelled the Munsters years ago. Janeane Garofalo appears as the Juliette Lewis teenage character. Almost a shot by shot parody of the move trailers. Eddie Munster follows the family around town. Andy Dick plays a policeman. Ends with "Coming Soon to a theatre near you." Cut to Ben and Andy Ben and Andy are buying food at a street vendor. Ben introduces Andy and then introduces video diary of prom night. Andy argues that it's not prom night. Cut to… Ben's Video Diary Ben talking to camera that he's ok, it's been 8 days since she left. Ex walks in the door with her defense instructor who threatens Ben. Ben starts questioning. Defense instructor attacks. Camera cuts off. Cut to Ben and Andy Ben upset about video diary clip and asks to go to commercial. Cut to Commercial parody What is Sexy? Ben's shirtless with long hair. Pretty girl dancing. Andy's running around. Parody of popular jeans/perfume commercials. Ends with "Wilson Garden Hose" – "What Sexy is." Ben and model playing in water. Cut to Rockumentary U2,The Early years,Part 2 Mr. Kincaid compares Bono to Danny Partridge. Bono complains about Kincaid being materialistic. Finally, admits to being about power and money. Competing clips of Kinkaid and Bono. Product Endorsement Bono singing for Lucky Clovers cereal. Music video for One Bowl, instead of One world. Features band, Andy, leprechaun, cereal, etc. Mr. Kincaid talks about quitting business. Cut to Janeanne and Ben The two talk about agents. Janeanne figures out that a Hollywood agent sketch is coming. Cut to skit Michael Pheret, Agent Guest Stars: Roseanne and Tom Arnold Slick agent trying to advise the Arnolds. They want to fire him. They argue back and forth. They leave. Garry Shandling walks in and talks with agent. Cut to Ben and Bob Ben and Bob discuss the lot and what's filmed where. Cut to HBO commercial Last Stand of Yakov Smirnoff Ben Stiller as Yakov. Uncomfortable, bombing jokes because the Soviet Union has failed. Shows Yakov becoming progressively more uncomfortable and upset, until eventually he's in the fetal position. Cut to Commercial parody What is Sexy? Bob and dancing model playing with garden hose. The Wilson garden hose. Cut to Ben and Bruce Ben says goodbye, Bruce suggests catch phrases and Ben drives away. Credits Additional scenes from sketches on the show/ bloopers