The Benny Hill Show (1955)

BBC (ended 1968)




Episode Guide

  • Season 8
    • Show 32
      Show 32
      Episode 4

      Highlights of this final BBC edition include Benny arriving late at the studio for the opening and hitching a ride on an old lady; Mervyn Thud announcing his plans to radically alter the tone and content of Radio Times; the worst example of an editing job for television of a cheesy monster movie; Hill as a thoroughly soused radio DJ doing his shift after attending an all-night disk jockeys' convention; musical guest Tammy Jones performs "Summertime"; Henry McGee interviews Benny as French avant-garde film director Claude Le Twit, which is followed by an art-film parody, "See Saw, Roundabout and Swing," with Hill in a dual role as two brothers of opposite fates; an actor in a theatrical play has major trouble switching costumes from character to character; the misadventures of a little old man (Jackie Wright) being served at a seedy barber shop; and for the close, Benny leading a Russian song and dance troupe.

    • Show 31
      Show 31
      Episode 3
      Includes an early version of the life story of composer Gavin Blod.
    • Show 30
      Show 30
      Episode 2
    • Show 29
      Show 29
      Episode 1
      Includes a look at Hollywood screen partnerships over the decades (with Hill as the Marx Brothers, Marlon Brando and Rod Steiger from "On the Waterfront", Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, and W.C. Fields and Mae West, plus a Laurel & Hardy moment and a musical number with Benny as Nelson Eddy and Janie Marden as Jeanette MacDonald); also featured are parodies of "Whicker's World" (with a look at divorce laws in different European countries) and of the news broadcast "24 Hours," plus Hill as Esther and Abi Ofarim; Benny as a man terrorized in his own home by three wild women; and "Mondo Rompo."moreless
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