The Benny Hill Show

ITV (ended 1989)




Episode Guide

    • Show 47
      Show 47
      Season 15 - Episode 2
      Cavemen invent the pogo stick, Brother Benny leads "The League of Helping Hands" congregation in song, "The Vagabond," the Angels do a choreographed aerobics workout and later take on street punks in "The Boys Are Back in Town"; also, a takeoff on "The Hot Shoe Show" (with Len Keyes as Wayne Sleep!), and the show ends with the opening of St. John Thomas Hospital.moreless
    • Show 38
      Season 11 - Episode 3
      Fred Scuttle puts Dimpton-on-Sea on the cultural map with his new Arts Centre, Benny spoofs the game show "Name That Tune," Hill takes a dig at the Montreux Festival, "The Three Musketeers" and Hill's Angels do a dance number in celebration of New York.
    • Show 58
      Show 58
      Season 19 - Episode 3
      Benny opens with the final appearance of "Pepys's Diary"; a new breed of police squad is depicted in "The Good Guys"; a look at a marriage counselor; Hill's Angels perform television title sequences from "The Bill" to "Tales of the Unexpected"; and Hill goes fishing with the Little Angels.
    • Show 40
      Show 40
      Season 12 - Episode 2
      Benny opens with "Down on the Farm"; Hill's love for a girl on a poster; an Undercover Sanitary Inspector sets out to clean up the world; and a tribute to the Lower Tidmarsh Fire Brigade. Also, Hill's Angels exercise to "Keep Young and Beautiful," are on a deserted island in "An Occasional Man," and bare all for "Ease On Down the Road."moreless
    • Show 39
      Show 39
      Season 12 - Episode 1
      Super-hero parody "Wondergran", with the character (played by Hill's Angel Sue Upton) taking on Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hide; plus young French schoolboy Gaston LeClerc confuses Henry McGee with his views on London; Hill's Angels perform a workout (and then some); and Benny impersonates his old The Italian Job co-star Michael Caine.moreless
    • Show 2
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Benny opens with "Juanita Bonita Dolores." Also featured: "Holiday Sport Spectacular," "The Short Happy Life of Maurice Dribble," and a parody of "This Is Your Life"; plus more things that go wrong on television, and musical numbers from The Ladybirds ("Can't Take My Eyes Off You") and Eira Heath ("Wedding Cake").moreless
    • Show 10
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Hill opens with a song at the Café St. Tropez; "Heart to Heart" featuring Hill as a priest; Bob Todd is thrown in the stock for impure thoughts in 1635 New England, only to have Hill come along with some of his own; and we go "At Home with Henry McGee" for an interview with Chow Mein. Also: a parody of a husband-and-wife cooking team; and "The Movie Shakers", with Mervyn Cruddy discussing his film career with Andree Melly.moreless
    • Show 7
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Hill starts off with "Flying South." Also: Shameful Moments of Sport, a spoof of "Bob & Carol and Ted & Alice", Benny appears as a happy hippie on "Top of the Tops", and Nicholas Parsons interviews police spokesman Fred Scuttle; plus musical numbers from Petticoat and Vine ("Welcome to the World of Love and Laughter") and Kiki Dee ("You've Made Me So Very Happy").moreless
    • Show 9
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Benny opens with "The Egg Marketing Board Tango." Also: French for Starters; Hill plays a hapless messenger; Andree Melly interviews chorus boy Mervyn Cruddy on "The Grass is Greener"; a supermarket ballet accompanied by piped-in music; The Ladybirds sing "Close to You"; classic cinema spoof "Passengers of Love"; and we find Chow Mein working in a restaurant.moreless
    • Show 1
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Sketches include "European Song Contest" with Benny playing all the parts (including hostess Katie Boiler), a tribute to the Lower Tidmarsh Volunteer Hospital Service (with Jackie Wright as the unlucky patient), and a newlywed couple (Hill, Eira Heath) whose honeymoon suite is divided between American and Russian zones. Also: The Ladybirds sing "Goin' Out of My Head."moreless
    • Show 23
      Season 6 - Episode 2
      Benny sings a song about old El Paso; an interview with Fred Scuttle, Thames TV producer; Hill in a barbershop sketch; Diana Darvey sings a medley about world travel (including many costume changes); "Great Mysteries with Orson Buggy" presents "The Catch"; "Film Talk" with Henry McGee and Kung Fu film director J. Arthur Mein, showing his "Behind The Bamboo Certain" (complete with a grizzly bear who knows martial arts); and the show closes with a look at "Midnight in Soho."moreless
    • Show 4
      Show 4
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Benny sings a ballad about his "Garden of Love"; in "The Hitch-Hiker", Patricia Hayes picks up Benny and takes him home to live with her and her husband; Nicholas Parsons interviews Fred Scuttle, who asseses the views and offers a sneak peek of some "racy" new programmes, including "Rogue Nudist"; The Ladybirds sing "This Girl's In Love With You"; Country-Western star Dickie Dido (Benny) sings "Golden Days" with Eira Heath; and the show closes with a Hammer horror parody "The Sound of Frankenstein."moreless
    • Benny Hill - Unseen (1) (30 min.)
      Benny Hill - Unseen (1) (30 min.)
      Season 20 - Episode 1
      Part 1 of a one-off special Benny taped in 1990, with outdoor scenes made in New York. Highlights of this part include Hill as head of a common cold research center musical choir, a visual guide to "How to Meet Beautiful Women," and "A Streetcar Named Desirée" (with Benny as both the Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh characters).moreless
    • Show 54
      Show 54
      Season 18 - Episode 1
      "Brooklyn Benny" leads things off with an elaborate opening number, "It's a Hard Life." Other highlights include "The Halitosis Kid," Celebrity Menu and Hill's Angels at the Playgirl Club; Benny goes outdoors with the Little Angels; and ends with a look at "National Smile Week."
    • Show 48
      Season 16 - Episode 1
      Benny plays a schoolteacher, then we see a vignette of caveman antics, followed by Benny and Bob Todd as two angels chatting outside the pearly gates. Hill (in drag) also plays a shop clerk who can't stop working product names into the conversation. Finally, he has a go at "The A Team" by playing Hannibal and B.A.!moreless
    • Show 17
      Show 17
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      Quiz show spoof "Confrontation" with Benny as Mervyn Cruddy, Benny takes a turn as a ballerina's mirror reflection, Lee Gibson and Jon Jon Keefe duet on "Happy Together," the musical delights of a Railway Porter Choir, Hill in the Wild West as "The Deputy," Benny as a blue-collar American lecturing on the generation gap, and Poetry Corner.moreless
    • Show 25
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      Benny (as W.C. Fields) sings "Lovely Lulubelle," then introduces a spoof of cinema adverts, "Pearl & Plain Prevents: Shopping Centre"; Dilys Watling sings "Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady"; Hill plays Meg Richardson from "Crossroads", Esther Rantzen from "That's Life", and "Kojak" (and Det. Stavros); and Fred Scuttle, mind reader, is interviewed on "Is There Anything In It?"moreless
    • Show 22
      Season 6 - Episode 1
      Benny starts off with "The Beach of Waikiki." Also: Hill portrays the life and times of Gavin Blod, Lee Gibson sings "The Moment of Truth", "The Long Dry Summer" (a Tennessee Williams spoof), and a takeoff of the talent show "New Faces" with Benny as host Derek Hobson, the leader of an inept family act, and the entire panel of judges (Ted Ray, Mickie Most, Clifford Davis and Tony Hatch).moreless
    • Benny Hill Down Under
      Benny Hill Down Under
      Season 9 - Episode 1
      Includes a sketch about "Benny Kelly," son of infamous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly; "Hold Back the Wind" (a Tennessee Williams parody); "Archie's Angels" (a spoof of Charlie's Angels); and "Lady Godiva." Also: a vagabond dreams of moving up to the high life; an interview with Chow Mein; a dance routine set to the themes from The Avengers, M*A*S*H and Hawaii Five-O; and closing hijinks around the beach.moreless
    • Show 46
      Season 15 - Episode 1
      Benny opens with musical number "Home for the Summer"; Fred Scuttle launches "Scuttlevision"; Hill plays Cupid; a cabaret turn at the Club Bizarre; Benny plays bank robber Fingers McNee, with Bob Todd as Inspector Dibbs, hot on his trail; and Hill tends to a little girl while at the beach.
    • Show 34
      Season 10 - Episode 2
      Benny sings the appropriately-titled "Benny's Place." Also featured are a comic look at National Health Service; an evening of Leprechaun Television (including sport with Dickie O'Davies and "Masterbrane"); a high-speed look at married life with Hill and a gold-digging bride; Irish singer Geraldine performs "Casablanca"; Hill's recitation of a poem that was written on a typewriter with a faulty "H" key; "Hot Gossamer" (with Henry McGee impersonating Kenny Everett); and an adventure with elderly superheroine "Wondergran" who battles Count Dracula.moreless
    • Show 24
      Season 6 - Episode 3
      On "The Dream Makers", Henry McGee interviews Clyde Jarrow. Benny plays the mother in "That Family" and Eddie Buchanan sings "Going Nowhere", after which Fred Scuttle brings out a "backing group" for Eddie called Arsenic and Old Lace. Benny is kidnapped by a well-to-do older woman in "The Stamp Collector", a spoof of "Parkinson", "Tex Cymbal: Golden Boy" and "The Old Grey Whistle Tester."moreless
    • Show 52
      Show 52
      Season 17 - Episode 2
      Benny's suggestion of a see-through blouse gets unexpected results; '50s rock-'n'-roll style opening number with "I'll Never Know," "Those Days" and "In the Papers"; Hill plays a middle-aged man whose ghost constantly frequents the Passion Flower Hotel; parody of US soap opera "The Herd"; and a parody of UK soaps in German with strategically-placed subtitles. Also, a Hill's Angels segment with songs from "Cabaret," a quickie sketch about sexual harassment in the workplace, and a would-be artist tangles with a little girl.moreless
    • Show 19
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      A vintage disappearance case performed in handed-down rhyme and in the style of popular TV, Anne Shelton sings "Put Your Hand in the Hand," Scuttle lectures on the Channel tunnel, Benny plays both the host and one of the contestants of a ballroom dance competition, Andree Melly interviews expatriate-to-be Mervyn Cruddy on "Departure Lounge," and The Ladybirds perform a Broadway medley.moreless
    • Show 16
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      Show opens with the filming of "Dearest Heart" and Hill in a rather noisy leather suit. Hill also sings a square dance number, Chow Mein acts as an interpreter to Bob Todd, Jackie Wright goes on holiday the cheap way, Fred Scuttle tries his hand at being a Security Guard, The Orange Blossom Sound performs "What Am I Doing Hangin' 'Round", and Benny and Pat Ashton duet on "Lover, Come Back To Me."moreless
    • Show 12
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Sylvia McNeil has a singing interlude. Also, Fred Scuttle's "Health and Keep Fit Group"; Benny as French "avant-garde" film director Pierre de Tierre; a reading of "Fam and Fufan" by Folomon Faint John; Chow-Mein dealing with airport customs and immigration; and a star-studded goodnight with Hill as Shirley Bassey, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Dorothy Squires, David Kossoff, Nana Moskouri, Moira Anderson and all three Beverley sisters.moreless
    • Show 33
      Season 10 - Episode 1
      Hill sings "Coconut Milk," Henry McGee interviews Fred Scuttle in "Man vs. Machine", a wheelchair race at a retirement home, Benny as a Victorian-era telephone operator, "Holiday Time" where Hill looks at vacations, Henry and Jenny Lee-Wright sample the food served by waiter Benny at the Toulouse-Waldorf restaurant in Costa Patatas, Felicity Buirski sings, Hill does a parody of Bob Dylan (as Bob Hillyn), and the sketch "Friday Night Fever."moreless
    • Show 5
      Show 5
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Includes "Fred Scuttle's Entertainment News", "East Meets West" with Chow Mein and a look at the "Underworld Water of Jacques Custard"; plus musical numbers from Two's Company ("Try to Remember") and Los Zafiros ("Maria Isabel").
    • Show 32
      Season 9 - Episode 2
      Benny sings about being married, Australian detective "Digger Blue", Benny and Jackie are two Irishmen being interviewed by Henry McGee, Benny plays a hapless hotel waiter who gets caught up between a cheating husband, his mistress, their spouses and the waiter's own wife. Henry also interviews Fred Scuttle, who has worked on a lot of TV programmes; musical guests The Cotton Mill Boys perform "Orange Blossom Special"; and a parody of "The South Bank Show."moreless
    • Show 6
      Show 6
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Includes a sketch with Fred Scuttle as a cut-price holiday tycoon, an early version of the doings of the Lower Tidmarsh Volunteer Fire Brigade, and a parody of "Opportunity Knocks!" with Hill as the host and all the talent acts (with the first performance of his song "Ernie, The Fastest Milkman in the West"). Also: Trisha Noble performs "Leavin' on a Jet Plane."moreless
    • Show 31
      Season 8 - Episode 3
      Includes the famous "Starsky and Hutch" parody with Hill as both characters, and Jackie Wright as Huggy Bear, "Casanova" and a look at package holidays with Chow Mein. Dilys Watling sings "Fever" with Hill improvising all of the percussion parts; the "Granny Show Jumping" competition; a humourous look at a CinemaScope film that is being "panned and scanned" on the TV screen; "Girls, Girls, Girls", in which band member Benny daydreams about the various girls he sees on the dance floor, and a Punch and Judy show featuring Margaret Thatcher (and other politicians); plus Benny strikes up the band to perform "At the Streaker's Ball" (with little Jackie Wright playing trombone).moreless
    • Show 3
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Jackie Wright takes his “bit of stuff” to the Hotel Sordide and has to contend with the intrusive staff (Rita Webb and Benny); Hill also appears as a tour guide to Paris, France; musical numbers from Luis Alberto del Paraná & Los Paraguayos (“Colorado”) and Eira Heath (“Carnival”); Benny tells the audience a story about those “girl in a bathtub” commercials; vignettes showing things that go wrong on TV shows and “Tommy Tupper Time”; plus Benny and the Ladybirds sing about the “Girls of the Sousa Bar.”moreless
    • Show 29
      Season 8 - Episode 1
      Benny leads things off with the song "Bianca Malone," then on to the "Sum Awards" with a "New Avengers" spoof and parodies of "Mastermind" and "I, Claudius." Also: Benny and Jackie Wright accompany Diana Darvey in a continental cabaret; Hill as a nearsighted TV newsreader; musical guests Reflections perform a swinging rendition of "Higher and Higher"; and "The Bionic Baby."moreless
    • Show 21
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      Brother Benny leads things off with a sermon from "The Good Book." Also: awful moments of TV including Fanny & Johnny Craddock and Hill demonstrating hair products, Fred Scuttle's Escort Agency, "Match of the Week", "Coalpits" (Colditz parody), film sketch: "The Short and Unhappy Romance of Ted Tingle"; plus musical numbers from Judith Durham and the Hottest Band in Town ("I Wanna Dance to Your Music" leading into "Cakewalkin' Babies From Home"), The Ladybirds ("Yesterday Once More"), and a Mexican medley with Benny, Diana Darvey, Jackie Wright and flamenco guitarist Guillermo Basilisco.moreless
    • Show 20
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      Musical numbers from Design and Diana Darvey, plus Hill recreates the classic "Baby Doll" scenario with Darvey and revives his W.C. Fields-Mae West "My Little Chickadee" parody with Cheryl Gilham. Also featured: "Mervyn Cruddy, Spy Catcher"; a tale of a minstrel boy in the Middle Ages; and the Mr. TV Times Contest.moreless
    • Show 53
      Show 53
      Season 17 - Episode 3
      Henry tries to get out of paying for dinner; Benny resurrects the style of Vaudeville at the Bijou Burlesque; "A Funny Old World"; Benny and Henry discuss wife swapping; film editors Henry and Jon Jon at work discussing what to cut from a sketch with Benny as a sign painter; and a parody of "Cagney and Lacey," with Benny playing both parts!moreless
    • Show 13
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      Chow Mein puts in an appearance along with his wife (played by Zienia Merton), Fred Scuttle unveils his plans for a proposed fourth TV channel, Hill sings a song about the women in his life, Nicholas Parsons interviews the children at St. Solomon's School, Benny trespasses at Lakeside Park and "Down Memory Lane" in a hospital ward.moreless
    • Show 18
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      Includes “Spot Black” with a matchup between pool players Hurricane Hill and Henry McGee; an outdoor band concert; “Phone-In with Ludovic Kennedy” (McGee) and guest Humphrey Bumphrey (Hill); and songs from Los Zafiros (“Y Viva España”) and Berry Cornish (“Questions”).
    • Show 30
      Season 8 - Episode 2
      Benny tells the tale of "Eskimo Nell," Henry McGee drops in on the "Villain of the Year Award" ceremony (with Fred Scuttle giving his opinion on the subject), Benny's nervous bridegroom has second thoughts about being wed to his rich bride (Rita Webb), Love Machine sings "Think of the Boys," Benny plays butler to a pair of rich aristocrats in "Victorian Scandals," and Benny and the lads don their raincoats to do "The Flash."moreless
    • Show 55
      Show 55
      Season 18 - Episode 2
      Bronco Benny does a country/western number, a look at joggers, "Tanya and Her Performing Men," the Angels dance to a medley of "(Theme From) New York, New York" and "There's No Place Like London," and we see a Mexican revolution in a graffiti-covered town.
    • Show 35
      Season 10 - Episode 3
      Benny sings "Maria, Maria", mock adverts for "Mold" detergent and the "Sum" newspaper, Fred Scuttle talks to Henry about the International TV Festival where programmes are bought and sold, including French TV's "Carmen" and Irish TV's cop show, "O'Jack"; then it's bath time with Pan's People as they dance to "Love for Sale"; an American serial drama parody "Yield to the Dawn" follows (this week's episode: 'Lean on My Crutch'); also, Cheapo Films' "The Police Raid in Waterloo Station", about two jewel thieves pulling one last heist.moreless
    • Show 27
      Season 7 - Episode 3
      "Murder on the Oregon Express" with Hill as McCloud, Ironside, Cannon, Poirot and Kojak, Bob Todd as Barnaby Jones, Jackie Wright as Lt. Columbo and Jenny Lee-Wright as "Police Woman" Sgt. Pepper; plus Captain Scuttle - Space Ace, Fanee and Johnee Claddock, Robin Hood, and Brenda Arnau sings "Tell It Like It Is."moreless
    • Show 44
      Show 44
      Season 14 - Episode 1
      An Australian lifeguard attacked by bikini babes with oars; Benny creates much mischief with his shadow; the return of Chow Mein; Hill's Angels entertain on a cruise ship; and a bumbling school teacher becomes "Superteech."
    • Show 11
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Benny opens with a festive polka. Also includes the Ladybirds singing "I Say a Little Prayer"; a parody of ITN's "News at Ten"; a commoner kidnapped to impersonate a king; and Nicholas Parsons' interview with Fred Scuttle: Drama Director and Dialogue Coach.
    • Benny Hill - Unseen (2) (30 min.)
      Benny Hill - Unseen (2) (30 min.)
      Season 20 - Episode 2
      Part 2 of a one-off special Benny taped in 1990, with outdoor scenes made in New York. Highlights of this part include Hill playing Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Roseanne Barr and an audience member in a parody of "Ask Dr. Ruth," Chow Mein showing up for an audition, and Benny getting into a tangle with gangsters.moreless
    • Show 8
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Hill takes on spy flicks as an undercover sanitary inspector, musical guest Nanette performs "Everybody's Singing, Like Now," Benny plays a foreigner in an early version of "Learning All the Time," and "Uplift With Humphrey Bumphrey" which features Fred Scuttle as an art gallery curator, Benny as poet St. John Bossom, and "Pepys' Diary."moreless
    • Show 14
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      A Woodstock-style pop festival for old age pensioners; also "Meeting People with Hugh Paddick," with Hugh interviewing Benny as a catering colonel, a TV-addicted housewife, and a movie cowboy; Hill performs "Dustbins of Your Mind" and "Fad-Eyed Fal," and leads a German youth choir.
    • Show 28
      Season 7 - Episode 4
      Includes "Sale of the Half Century" game show parody with Benny as his old straight man Nicholas Parsons, "Movin' On," "Supersonic" parody, "Who's Afraid of Virgin Wool?" with Hill as "Rich Burt" and "Eliza Tayl"; plus, Eddie Buchanan and Love Machine perform the musical number "Dancing in the Nude," and Paul Eddington interviews Benny as palmist/phrenologist Emily Grimley on another edition of "Is There Anything In It?"moreless
    • Show 26
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      Highlights include "World of Sport" spoof with Hill as Dickie Davies, a female show jumper, a cyclist and other sportsmen; Benny and Jackie Wright as 'Luke and Tinker' singing nursery rhymes; Hill reciting a poem, "Fatricia and Feter: The Pinal Foem op Faul Pinch"; a parody of "Bonnie & Clyde"; a dance routine from the Love Machine; and mimes of street scenes to the sound of a transistor radio.moreless
    • Show 15
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      A visit to the Funboy Club with Fred Scuttle's commissionaire interviewed by Nicholas Parsons, a German version of "Jackanory," Benny sings about a "Portable TV Set" (with parodies of Ironside, a cooking show, Stars on Sunday, and Hill, Bob Todd and Jimmy Thompson in drag impersonating the Ladybirds), and the musical number "Common Market Square Dance."moreless
    • Show 42
      Season 13 - Episode 1
      Benny sings about Paradise Island. Also: a high-speed look at school days, holidays, traffic wardens and the pleasures of the Riviera; a parody of "The Monte Carlo Show," with Benny as host Patrick Wayne and singer Kenny Rogers; and finally, Alison Bell as a female vampire.
    • Eddie in August (30 min.)
      Eddie in August (30 min.)
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      In this one-off half-hour silent film, Benny stars as the title character, a "born loser" who is unlucky in everything - especially love. He fancies a pretty nurse who walks by the park, but ends up with a plainer girl.
    • Show 57
      Show 57
      Season 19 - Episode 2
      Benny sings about Cafe Ole, looks at heroes throughout the ages, Mr. Chow Mein caters a party, suitcases are on the attack in the street, Benny and Hill's Angels perform a Kabaret, Sue Upton plays Stan Laurel to Hill's Oliver Hardy, and Benny as an unlucky jungle explorer.
    • Show 36
      Season 11 - Episode 1
      "The Scarlet Pimple" and his sidekick set out to rescue a woman from the Bastille, followed by the pseudo-documentary "Hollywood Grates: Chubby Dodds." Hill's Angels dance by the beach, then gyrate to disco music in the Chez Ben night club. WLT (Women's Lib Television) then comes on the air with Sale of the Century hosted by Nicola Parsons, some sport and finally, "Charlene's Angels."moreless
    • Show 41
      Season 12 - Episode 3
      Benny sings about the lovely girls from Crete, the return of French schoolboy Gaston LeClerc (with Louise English as his sister), "Big Poppa", behind the scenes in a news TV studio, and Hill as a penniless handyman wooing a squire's daughter.
    • Show 49
      Show 49
      Season 16 - Episode 2
      Benny sings "What a World, What a Place", scenes from the romantic music album "For Ever Love", seaside cabaret by Hill's Angels and Fred Scuttle tries to save the British cinema industry. Film: "Hullo Sailor."
    • Show 56
      Show 56
      Season 19 - Episode 1
      Benny as a country singer, Jade Westbrook's birthday party, "The Daily Scuttle", Hill's Angels in "Sport", Dining Etiquette and "The Crook Report."
    • Show 43
      Show 43
      Season 13 - Episode 2
      Benny pretends he's a foreigner in "Learning All The Time!", The Little Dimpton street party, Benny as a schoolgirl, complaining about Miss Potts, life as a TV fanatic in "The Video Machine", Benny as a striptease clown and hijinx between the police and robbers.
    • Show 45
      Season 14 - Episode 2
      Benny sings "The Gay Caballero." Then, a look at budget holidays, "Sit Up and Learn" with Rev. John McFudpucker, Wild West antics to the tune of "Hey, Lady Godiva," Hill's accident prone clown "rips" through a clothes shop and a look at Benny's schoolboy and his trusty slingshot.
    • Show 37
      Season 11 - Episode 2
      Benny the Court Jester, Butch Cafferty and the Fundance Kid, and Chow Mein trapped in the British legal system during an industrial tribunal; plus, Hill's Angels model fashions from the "Madame Louise Summer Collection," and "The Fudpuckers: God Bless My Father (Whoever He Was)."
    • Show 51
      Show 51
      Season 17 - Episode 1
      Song and dance on a 1930's cruise ship with Benny as the captain, "The Bucket," a meeting of Hollywood producers at the 1986 Cannes festival brings about the idea of doing a Biblical soap opera, Hill's Angels dance and sing at the "Chez When" outdoor nightclub (including Louise English singing "La Vie en Rose"), Hill takes on the questions about his "sexist" reputation, and then appears as a nearsighted handyman doing work at an all-girls' school.moreless
    • Show 50
      Show 50
      Season 16 - Episode 3
      Benny sings about the town of Costa Coco; a woman's bird starts talking naughty when the Vicar pops round to visit; weather house man meeting weather house girl; Hill as a lovelorn Scotsman; a version of "Carmen" with Bizet's music and Hill's lyrics; and for the close "Little Angel" Jade Westbrook drags Benny to a health farm.moreless
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