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Benny Hill Show 18th February 1976

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    Hi, can someone explain why a certain sketch was omitted out of the Benny Hill Show Series 7 Episode 27, the show was originally transmitted on 18thFebruary 1976 and featured Eddie Buchanan, Love Machine and Moira Foot. According to Benny Hill The Complete Companion Book by Robert Ross there was supposed to be a sketch - 'and Moira Foot as historic sexpots Delilah, Salomeetal'. I've viewed this Benny Hill Show from beginning to end but i can't find this sketch, was this sketch edited out because it was too risque?

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    Many times, TVTimessynopses of Hill shows would have little or nothing to do with what actually made it to air - and this is one such case. If such a sketch was made, it was probably edited for time and/or content issues.

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