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New Fremantle / BCI DVD Publishing Deal - What Does It Mean . . .

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    . . . other than the news contained in this release:

    It should be noted that as of the time this deal was concluded, the only one of Hill's shows from his 1969-1989 Thames years not issued on DVD was his Australian special from 1977, Benny Hill Down Under (a.k.a. Benny Hill In Australia).  Given what is listed on the docket, I suppose we'll have to wait and see if and/or when they get around to putting out BHDU on DVD (being that:  a. FremantleMedia owns the British rights to this show, b. Certain contents of this show were in the HBO Video VHS compilation Benny Hill's Video Sideshow [formerly Best of The Benny Hill Show, Vol. 3], and c. Those contents plus a few others were scattered among several episodes of the U.S. half-hour syndicated package, with a few of those sketches - i.e. "Hold Back the Wind" with Benny as Big Daddy bellowing, "Cut out the middleman! That's how I made my money, by cuttin' out the middleman!"; the "Benny Kelly" sketch with the only known case of outright nudity on any Hill show; and the TV parody "Archie's Angels" - becoming particular fan favorites in the States).

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