The Benny Hill Show

ITV (ended 1989)





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  • One of the best quality shows I`ve ever seen

    This is an almost perfect show. I just love how Benny Hill came through with all the effort to make original comedy. His show probally won an award for best comedy for his clever acting. Also, practiclly every co-star is memorable. Is a shame to see that show comedies cant reah thier funny potential like this one did during its run. It had a convincing feeling and a steady and perfect paced way of acting.
  • The Benny Hill Show was a comedy/variety show best known for its beautiful dancers known as the Hill's Angels and the shorts and sketches it did based on sexually explicit material and less for the comedic brillance of its main star.

    There was a time on Earth when all of the world stopped to watch The Benny Hill Show. Businesses would close, people stayed home and every tv in the world in every house tuned in to watch this man who just wanted to make us laugh. And laugh we did. The world died when his show stopped, and it cried when he left this mortal realm. Labeled a dirty old man for the content of the material in less than a quarter of his sketches, he was considered a genius by his fans and his peers for the other seventy-five percent. Even Thames Television admitted far too late that cancelling the show was the worst mistake they had ever made. Letting it go was a knife in Benny's side, a heartbreak that led to his death, but what a great legacy of humor! The series might have been criticized for treating women as sex objects, but no one noticed it also made men look like idiots for doing so and also giving women a bit of power over those men. I don't think they could ever be another sketch comedy series as great as this one; only "Dave Allen At Large" came reasonably close.