The Benny Hill Show - Season 1

ITV (ended 1989)




Episode Guide

  • Eddie in August (30 min.)
    In this one-off half-hour silent film, Benny stars as the title character, a "born loser" who is unlucky in everything - especially love. He fancies a pretty nurse who walks by the park, but ends up with a plainer girl.
  • Show 4
    Show 4
    Episode 4
    Benny sings a ballad about his "Garden of Love"; in "The Hitch-Hiker", Patricia Hayes picks up Benny and takes him home to live with her and her husband; Nicholas Parsons interviews Fred Scuttle, who asseses the views and offers a sneak peek of some "racy" new programmes, including "Rogue Nudist"; The Ladybirds sing "This Girl's In Love With You"; Country-Western star Dickie Dido (Benny) sings "Golden Days" with Eira Heath; and the show closes with a Hammer horror parody "The Sound of Frankenstein."moreless
  • Show 3
    Episode 3
    Jackie Wright takes his “bit of stuff” to the Hotel Sordide and has to contend with the intrusive staff (Rita Webb and Benny); Hill also appears as a tour guide to Paris, France; musical numbers from Luis Alberto del Paraná & Los Paraguayos (“Colorado”) and Eira Heath (“Carnival”); Benny tells the audience a story about those “girl in a bathtub” commercials; vignettes showing things that go wrong on TV shows and “Tommy Tupper Time”; plus Benny and the Ladybirds sing about the “Girls of the Sousa Bar.”moreless
  • Show 2
    Episode 2
    Benny opens with "Juanita Bonita Dolores." Also featured: "Holiday Sport Spectacular," "The Short Happy Life of Maurice Dribble," and a parody of "This Is Your Life"; plus more things that go wrong on television, and musical numbers from The Ladybirds ("Can't Take My Eyes Off You") and Eira Heath ("Wedding Cake").moreless
  • Show 1
    Episode 1
    Sketches include "European Song Contest" with Benny playing all the parts (including hostess Katie Boiler), a tribute to the Lower Tidmarsh Volunteer Hospital Service (with Jackie Wright as the unlucky patient), and a newlywed couple (Hill, Eira Heath) whose honeymoon suite is divided between American and Russian zones. Also: The Ladybirds sing "Goin' Out of My Head."moreless