The Benny Hill Show - Season 10

ITV (ended 1989)




Episode Guide

  • Show 35
    Episode 3
    Benny sings "Maria, Maria", mock adverts for "Mold" detergent and the "Sum" newspaper, Fred Scuttle talks to Henry about the International TV Festival where programmes are bought and sold, including French TV's "Carmen" and Irish TV's cop show, "O'Jack"; then it's bath time with Pan's People as they dance to "Love for Sale"; an American serial drama parody "Yield to the Dawn" follows (this week's episode: 'Lean on My Crutch'); also, Cheapo Films' "The Police Raid in Waterloo Station", about two jewel thieves pulling one last heist.moreless
  • Show 34
    Episode 2
    Benny sings the appropriately-titled "Benny's Place." Also featured are a comic look at National Health Service; an evening of Leprechaun Television (including sport with Dickie O'Davies and "Masterbrane"); a high-speed look at married life with Hill and a gold-digging bride; Irish singer Geraldine performs "Casablanca"; Hill's recitation of a poem that was written on a typewriter with a faulty "H" key; "Hot Gossamer" (with Henry McGee impersonating Kenny Everett); and an adventure with elderly superheroine "Wondergran" who battles Count Dracula.moreless
  • Show 33
    Episode 1
    Hill sings "Coconut Milk," Henry McGee interviews Fred Scuttle in "Man vs. Machine", a wheelchair race at a retirement home, Benny as a Victorian-era telephone operator, "Holiday Time" where Hill looks at vacations, Henry and Jenny Lee-Wright sample the food served by waiter Benny at the Toulouse-Waldorf restaurant in Costa Patatas, Felicity Buirski sings, Hill does a parody of Bob Dylan (as Bob Hillyn), and the sketch "Friday Night Fever."moreless