The Benny Hill Show - Season 7

ITV (ended 1989)




Episode Guide

  • Show 28
    Episode 4
    Includes "Sale of the Half Century" game show parody with Benny as his old straight man Nicholas Parsons, "Movin' On," "Supersonic" parody, "Who's Afraid of Virgin Wool?" with Hill as "Rich Burt" and "Eliza Tayl"; plus, Eddie Buchanan and Love Machine perform the musical number "Dancing in the Nude," and Paul Eddington interviews Benny as palmist/phrenologist Emily Grimley on another edition of "Is There Anything In It?"moreless
  • Show 27
    Episode 3
    "Murder on the Oregon Express" with Hill as McCloud, Ironside, Cannon, Poirot and Kojak, Bob Todd as Barnaby Jones, Jackie Wright as Lt. Columbo and Jenny Lee-Wright as "Police Woman" Sgt. Pepper; plus Captain Scuttle - Space Ace, Fanee and Johnee Claddock, Robin Hood, and Brenda Arnau sings "Tell It Like It Is."moreless
  • Show 26
    Episode 2
    Highlights include "World of Sport" spoof with Hill as Dickie Davies, a female show jumper, a cyclist and other sportsmen; Benny and Jackie Wright as 'Luke and Tinker' singing nursery rhymes; Hill reciting a poem, "Fatricia and Feter: The Pinal Foem op Faul Pinch"; a parody of "Bonnie & Clyde"; a dance routine from the Love Machine; and mimes of street scenes to the sound of a transistor radio.moreless
  • Show 25
    Episode 1
    Benny (as W.C. Fields) sings "Lovely Lulubelle," then introduces a spoof of cinema adverts, "Pearl & Plain Prevents: Shopping Centre"; Dilys Watling sings "Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady"; Hill plays Meg Richardson from "Crossroads", Esther Rantzen from "That's Life", and "Kojak" (and Det. Stavros); and Fred Scuttle, mind reader, is interviewed on "Is There Anything In It?"moreless