The Benny Hill Show

Season 14 Episode 1

Show 44

Aired Unknown Jan 05, 1983 on ITV

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  • The last part, that is . . . (Read On)

    * Caution: This may have spoilers. *

    While the 1982 series seemed to show Benny and his cohorts running on autopilot and the show becoming increasingly rote and formulaic, this season seemed to reach a particular nadir in terms of taste (or lack thereof). I'm talking specifically about the "Superteech" sketch. While ordinarily Benny playing an inept, ridiculously-costumed superhero would have potential for a laugh riot, it's who he's battling that is the issue here - and may well have been the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back, in the sense of the "politically correct's" escalating war against Mr. Hill and his show; it may not be a coincidence that after this season the programme came under increasing scrutiny from censors and, with a new choreographer in tow, began toning down the racier parts of the Hill's Angels act (as exemplified in this year by the double-jointed Corinne Russell) - not that it did any good in the end, mind you, given his disappearance from the airwaves in his own country after 1989. You see, here "Superteech" is battling, in essence, an S&M dominatrix who has guards goosestepping a la the Nazis. And the crux of the plot - a princess from a (fictitious) Middle Eastern country who's enrolled in the school where Benny's professor is on faculty, being abducted by said dominatrix - also served to make this perhaps my least favorite moment out of the entire series. It's also, I.M.H.O., one of two examples of how comedy and S&M don't mix - the other being the misbegotten Dan Aykroyd / Rosie O'Donnell movie "Exit to Eden."