The Benny Hill Show

Season 14 Episode 2

Show 45

Aired Unknown Mar 16, 1983 on ITV



  • Notes

    • Thames repeated this episode on August 27, 1984, and again (according to Robert Ross' book Merry Master of Mirth) on December 4, 1984.

      For many years, the complete Hill's Angels "Wild, Wild West" (a.k.a. "Lady Godiva") routine was unseen after this show's original U.K. airing, due to the fact that two of the personalities Louise English had impersonated in her musical number, Tommy Cooper and Leonard Rossiter, had died within a few months of each other in 1984. (In that segment, she had impersonated Cooper, Rossiter, and the comedy team of [Tommy] Cannon and [Bobby] Ball.) For many years thereafter, the routine went from Benny introducing Louise and the Angels, and the audience taking their seats at their tables, to the Angels doing their "slap, slap," dance number which, in the original routine, had come after Louise's number. It was in this truncated configuration that the routine was presented in the 1985 HBO Video compilation The Benny Hill Show - Vol. 6 (later repackaged as Benny Hill's Video Spotlight), the British home video compilation It's Benny Hill!, and airings in U.S. syndication and on Comedy Central in the 1990's. The entire sketch, complete with Louise's impressions, would be part of this show as on A&E's Set 5 DVD which was released in September of 2006.

      Besides the edits to the above routine, much of what was left of that bit, plus the last shot of the "Sit Up & Listen" sketch were also cut from Comedy Central's repeat airings.